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I like it very much! I keep adding to mine too. it is comforting. Daniel sure seemed to be very loved and also seems to be a funlovin guy. You should be proud. He will always be a part of you that no one can experience. To me that is worth the weight in gold. Keep writing to him and about him and you will feel close forever....Linda
Hi kristi,
I had another service today. another one of Daniels friend pass away Monday. It was from a motorcycle wreck. He was only 21. It broke my heart to see Josh parent. I cried and Daniel other friend came over and held my hand while the service was going on. These kids are so strong to have to go through this so close together. Thanks fro listening
hi susan,sorry to hear that you had another service.i hope next year gets better for you.we are finally getting snow i really get mad when it is snowing thinking my son is under the ground frozen and really gets me down.well thanks for listening and keep in touch.kristi
Hi Susan, I am sorry too. To much sadness! I have been trying to re-arrange Joes room. Getting rid of all the "sick" items. But it sure is hard. So many memories, and keepsakes. I have spent almost every minute for the past few years in there and now its like torture in a way. I guess I need to just do this slow. Your son is where its sunny and beautiful and always perfect weather! Maybe our boys are hanging out, watching football? we need something to hang on to, thats forsure. Linda
hi Linda,
I know how hard it is throw things out, because you feel like you are discarding them. I love the weather here. and Daniel love the Ga bulldogs. So maybe they are hanging out. Daniel is a fun loving guy. He never met a stranger. Living in small towns does have it plus. Because everyone know everyone kids. Thank God for the memories and picture. if it wasn't for that I don't think I could go on. Thanks for listening. Susan
Hi Kristi;
That why I can't put Daniel in the ground. he is two plots up from me and his Dad. because he wasn't married I got to put him in the Vet. part of the muselum. His Dad was in the Marines. That way I get to see both of them. it taking me twice as long to put up everything I put out for Christmas. Daniel always loved to have lights on all the trees. I hope I can finish up before Christmas. thanks for listening.
yes i hurt knowing that my son is in the husband always teases me because i said i never want to be in a coffin you creamate me because all the ants and bugs eat at you it drives me nuts.well thanks christmas is coming and my moods are really starting to hurts every christmas tree or lights up yet for me i cant seem to be in the christmas spirit.thanks for listening kristi
question? Does anyone ever feel like they should feel a certain way? Like what we feel is not normal?
i have been going throu a different for 2 years since my son passed away i lost my mind when he died i couldnt remember somethings and when holidays come around it seems like i loose my mind more maybe when christmas comes that is worse because i want to buy him presents and i dont know i go to a support group and they say it is normal what we are feeling now that thanksgiving is here and gone now christmas we have a right to feel this way they say.the crying i let it go on christmas that is the worse time for me.this will be his 3rd christmas gone and i still cant shake the feeling that i lost him.i hope this helps you.take care and thanks for listening and keep in touch kristi
Hi Linda, I lost my sister Abby last Sept. and she had mental illness. I cared for her for many years so it was like losing a child. I have really had a huge hole in my heart this last year and since the anniversary and her birthday and now the holidays it is so overwhelming. I am so frustrated because it is like the rest of our family think I should be over it. You know the old don't talk about it and I won't have to think about it. I decided to create her site so I would feel like I have a place to visit her and keep her memory alive. I have a supportive husband and good friends but it sure doesn't make up for my family's complacency. Feel free to visit her site it feels good to share with others who understand. Love and God Bless Stephanie
I was reading the entries and was compelled to write to you. I too just lost a son age 18, my youngest on Oct 13, 2008. I am still in disbelief and think that i do more putting it out of my mind than dealing with it. My husband is absolutely devasted and non-functioning. I felt that the two of you could possible comfort each other. He writes every single day in my son's Jermaine's guest book. Would you like to share your feelings with him. If so please contact me. You have my deepest sympathy. I can not say that I know how you feel even though I have lost a child because no one knows how you feel. I pray for you and the rest of us who have and are still going through this most awful thing that can happen to a parent. Annise
Dear Annise,

What your husband is normal for him to write and talk with your son. Get him a notebook and see if he will write to your son in it. My heart goes out to both of you. My deep sympathy to you and your husband. I hope he will find peace soon. I still have bad days. Just talking about Daniel and looking at his picture gave me alot comfort. And writting on this page help a lot. just sharing your story help. It doesn't matter how many time you tell it everyone here is a new person. I know my family start to go a different way and noone want to hear about Daniel.But on here it different. Know one get tried of talking about their love one.
Take care of yourself and your husband.


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