No two people experience grief in exactly the same way. Finding a variety of grief support resources can help you find the wisdom that's right for you as you cope with your loss. Share information about grief support books, websites, groups and other resources you've found helpful during your grief journey.

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Jehovah God is the Almigthy God and he is mercful more than we can know.
Kathy said:
What about a woman that was a saint most of her life and went thru a divorce, and emotionally lost it, and commited suicide. Wouldn't god fogive her?
Very soon Our enemy Death will be finished with and we will live forever like it was Jehovah God purpose in the begin ;when Adam and Eve disobeyed him.
The book, "Widow to Widow" was a great help to me. I've reread parts of it many time. The author is: Genevieve Davis Ginsburg, M.S.
The Bible definitely is the only book that can truly provide satisfying answers to life's questions. Some may be comforted by knowing that their dead loved ones are not suffering. But God's word does more than temporarily console us - it goes deeper. It shows us the reason why we grow old, get sick, and die, as well as the hope God holds out for our loved ones who have died. I have always found comfort in the hope of seeing our dead loved ones back to lfe again - here on a paradise earth, with eternal life in view. Jehovah, "the God of all comfort", is not only able to raise or resurrect the dead back to life, he also WANTS TO (2 Corinthians 1:3). In fact, Jehovah God YEARNS to do so (Job 14:14, 15)! So look into Jehovah's word, the Bible, and you will find true comfort.

Dear Legacy Community ,   As many as you may have found it difficult to share with ones that are close to you or may not have anyone at all .  Or that groups or not provided in all community as you would hope it is thank all of you that you have been a place for one to come to find insight if not only to hear the comforting words you share with one another and have such understanding .  I not one that easily shares nor have been open with feeling ever before other then with the family that have all passed . My Sister , Mother and Father all passed along with the beloved pets .    Standing on an Island alone , No rather swimming in a sea pain .  I have found that at the early morning hours that reading what others have shared has been something I never thought I would turn to . Not one to reach out , for my Sister was the only one I knew to truly trust and we could share what ever we wanted .  The gift of having someone like her in ones life was more then words will say . Though finding direction now is so difficult . There is no map to this journey of grief .  It seems to be the only director in my life now.  It feels as though all the dreams and hopes that were apart of our journey are gone . Gone because WE were going to do then together .  What I am learning that how make this passage through grief is so individual . Some may want to be apart of a group , or may need just another to talk to , or come to a place like this to be able to share at least a bit so that the island does not seem so far away and the sea of pain does not seem to be growing deeper .     I ponder is the lack of resources are that it is to close for comfort for some or is it that this type of pain is one that will never be explain .   No cure no band aid .  Just the willingness to be there sometimes thats all it takes .     


The Bible assures us: “Jehovah is near to those that are broken at heart; and those who are crushed in spirit he saves.” (Psalm 34:18)

Yes, more than anything else, a relationship with God can help you to cope with the death of someone you love.

In addition, do not underestimate the value of prayer. The Bible urges us: “Throw your burden upon Jehovah himself, and he himself will sustain you.” 

 If talking out your feelings with a sympathetic friend can help, how much more will pouring out your heart to “the God of all comfort” help you!

It is not that prayer simply makes us feel better. The “Hearer of prayer” promises to give holy spirit to his servants who sincerely ask for it.

) And God’s holy spirit, or active force, can equip you with “power beyond what is normal” to go from one day to the next.

Remember: God can help his faithful servants to endure any and every problem they may face.

No I would not advice this. Put a n ice picture of him up at funeral.

jackie2727 said:
Damon Anthony said:
PLease help I need advice my son just lost his father to a tragic accident on highway he died on impact my 13year son wants to see his fathers body. We are cremating him then nice memorial. Would it be a good idea in his grieving process for his father to see him before he is cremated we have already told him it will not be pretty and that his dad suffered head injuries please I need advice whats is best for my 13 year old son

I personally think choosing the urn for the ashes is a beautiful way to keep the family involved and help with their grief.  When we lost my grandmother five years ago we chose a beautiful wood urn to keep her and my grandfather's ashes in.  We looked at what the funeral home had to offer and a friend gave us a site that we eventually ended up ordering from.  All of us wrote down our top three choices and we went with majority rules.  It's nice that all of us had somewhat of a say in where we laid them to rest and the company was able to custom order the urn in companion size.  It's the first thing I look for when I go to my mom's house.  We ended up with the purpleheart and the pic doesn't do it justice.  wood urns  hope this helps.

This is one to think on, regarding the maturity of the son.  If he is mature enough to understand there is going to be his father who may not look like he did, then bringing closure may be good...but there will probably be denial that this is his father.  It could also be reality and let the boy grieve, and with help, move on.  My son lost his mother to breast cancer and had waisted away to skin and bones.  He didn't fair well by seeing her as he held her hand when she died.  

Not seeing the body will only prolong closure and may lead to extended grief and behavior problems.  As already said, everyone acts differently. I believe there is no way to win or lose here.

I personally thought the book "The Shack" is a wonderful way for parents that have lost children or anyone to a tragedy or before their time to get a different look on death.  It helps to put it in perspective and deal with the reality of loss and look at it in a different way.  I am very sorry for the loss of your son.  I can't begin to imagine the pain.  :( hugs

My thoughts and concern are with you. 

I sincerely offer my condolence for your son’s father.  Death has no doubt cast a shadow over him and you as you go about your daily life because death brings you face-to-face with the fact that he is gone too soon. His presence will be dearly missed. Despite the pain of grief, let it be your son’s resolve to continue to work his way through bereavement.  Bereavement is one of the most profound human experiences that it is possible to have.  There is sacredness in tears.  They reflect the heartfelt love he has for his Dad. 

There is “a time to weep.” (Ecclesiastes 3:4) Yet, Jesus said “Do not let your be troubled”.  (John 14:27)  Sometimes we may feel paralyzed by events such as this. Remember: God can help you to endure any and every problem you may face.  He will give you the “power beyond what is normal” to go from one day to the next. (2 Corinthians 4:7) 


"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal."  ~ Unknown

sue said:

Yes Kathy, because she is under grace. If she had at any time accepted Christ as her lord, I believe she is with him even now. I personally don't believe people are in their "right mind" when they commit suicide. The bible says that the only unforgivable sin is to deny christ. I am sorry I can't tell you where it is quoted but I promise it is. It is so sad especially for the loved ones left behind but I believe the lord takes them into his grace and loves them because they are wounded and just gave up. That is my opinion.
I am part of a group called "My friend community". It is a suicide awareness group and we hold classes and have professional people in the community teach them etc and hold fund raisers to get the word out for signs of suicide possibilities. Suicide is the most preventable death in this country and so many people do it. It is really high in the young and the old.
Be at peace for your friend.
I am so sorry your friend made this choice but there is nothing for anyone to be concerned with in regards to her. She is at peace. suep

I think any time we hit periods in our life, defining moments, life events, tragedies that one of the best things we can do for ourselves or for loved ones that are struggling at these times is get back to something that grounds us.  For many that may be church, for me personally it is running.  Having an outlet for the grief doesn't make you stop grieving per se but it does help days become more manageable.


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