Grief support: No matter what your age, losing your dad can be difficult. Share your grief and talk with others who are coping with the death of their fathers.

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Hi, I lost my dad to Lake Michigan two years ago. Here's an article on from the Huffington Post about it. I loved him so much and was so sad to have lost him. Because I found a lack of resources for bereaved teens who have lost a parent, I decided to create an online resource and site for people similar to my situation: hence was born! (SLAP'D: Surviving Life after Parent Dies)

It will be officially launched soon, but you can still check out the site. at

The Twitter is

Our Instagram is

Our Facebook is

Please do not hesitate to give me feedback, or ideas on how to improve it. We have forums, ask columns, interviews and articles, and a place to create a tribute page or memorialize your loved one. :)

Sorry, I don't mean to spam. I just want to help others like me. Loved my dad so much. 

Hearing stories of people who have lost their dad brings tears to my eyes.  I lost my dad when I was 7 years old.  He had cancer.  Even though this has been over 40 years ago, it still brings tears to my eyes when I think of him.  I loved him dearly even though he was only in my life for a short time.   What continues to help me daily is that I am able to find comfort in what the bible says.  At Acts 24:15 the bible says that “There is going to be a resurrection.”  This truly brings comfort to me, it brings me freedom from a morbid fear of death, and also it brings me an assurance and a real hope of being reunited with my dad and I wanted to share this hope with you.  God has resurrected humans in the past and he is eager to do it again and I pray that this message brings you and your family comfort.   

iv evn got wong coz of bean upset of lozin my dad evn ohrts i lozzin 2 on tip i got wong coz pf loss or grief all w we get told is 2 get over staye away or else i cnt 

i cnt get ovr it it it i wil not get vor ovr it thnx 2 wens webs lk thse i can vent so on i say sorry in case iv ofend any 1 on hear

i scream why me why did it hapn 2 me i do sorry if ov ofnd anyy 1 

You don't offend me at all. There's so right or wrong way to deal with loss. Forgive me if I don't know how to do this legacy connect very well. I am disabled and the stress of losing  four family members is so hard. My Dad was my teacher, my friend and my confidant. He would smile and cheer me up especially on those days when I was struggling so hard to keep it together. He somehow always knew that I needed him. This last Christmaas was so hard since losing my sister to suicide in August of last year. I didn't want to put up a tree, wrap gifts or even go to church. On Christmas eve I thought of him and how he would make any situation easier by making a joke or smiling that warm smile of his. As I focused on those good memories of my dad, the sadness of my sisters sudden death became lighter and I could look at the good around me and find a way to be thankful. I know now that his love for us, his children was the memory that I needed to hold onto. I had never really dealt with the losses of my dad, mom, sister and brother before this past holiday season. It doesn't sting as much and the tears still flow however I am stronger knowing that they will always be with me. Loss upon loss is so hard.


  I am new to this site. My name is Cherish and I lost my dad to numerous illnesses, but ultimately, his heart finally gave out on May 26th, 2016. I am dealing with many emotions as many do with the loss of their dad, but the guilt is probably the most apparent. I don't know how to deal with his death...especially because I've been dealing with many other issues in my personal life, such as chronic pain, loss of my job, and financial problems. I just miss him so much it hurts...I think of him of every moment of every day.

so sorry i am dad dieds in 2012 loss non non stp now mums got demsa ok 1 min verbl abusin me nxt u cud say wish i end up cryin lk a kid do wen it heets up u cud say

Loosing a love one is never easy; as it was never part of our Heavenly Father's plan to create mankind to die.  However, he has made available a hope to seeing our Love one again and to never feel the pain and suffering of today as stated as Revelation 21:3,4.   All of the beautiful memories that you have of your Dad are forever planted on your heart and it is those memories for now that will bring a beautiful smile to your face.  Remembering the many conversation and joy you shared together.The many beautiful memories of my Dad is what keep me moving forward in life now - knowing that I will see him again.  Trust in our Heavenly Father and the promise he made to all of us!  (Proverbs 3:5,6)


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