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Kevin's memorial website is really nice. It shows how close you, Sarah and Kevin were. You and your daughter will remember, be saddened and appreciate those moments that are captured in the photos as well as the other memories you both cherish. Take care. Barry
Thank you so much for the kind words like all you have your good times and bad times but what it all comes down to is how much you love one another we did not always agree on what each other did or said but we could understand and listen to the other persons point of view and we worked it out Kevin was / is and always will one of the best Relationships I could ever have been in the love that I have for Kevin I can't ever see loving anyone like that again and I don't see anyone ever loving my Daughter Sarah and I like he did thank you again for all your kind words and you also take care of your self

Hi, I lost my 50 yr old husband Steve to Cancer, March 25th 2007, after being together for 36 yrs, we moved to USa together from Manchester and thought we would be together for the next 36 yrs. It has helped me a lot having a web site for Steve which you can check out at It helps us all to write messages on there and to read what others write .
Good luck and like it or not (Im an ER nurse ) I know that life goes on.
Thank you so much for caring I know life goes on trust me I have to have life go on days when I don't even want to because this is what Kevin would want not only for me but for his his step daughter ( my daughter ) Sarah it just is still a shock one day he is up breathing taking care of Sarah making dinner for us and the next day with no world he is gone it has only been 6 weeks and yes I know it will get easyer I told it gets better after the first year and other people say it never gets better but I do know that god only give you what you can handle and I know I will get stronger because I want to for my daughter thank you for caring I looked at you web page and it is just awesome you did a great job
I also opened one for Kevin if you get time please take a look at what I put together for Kevin my prays are with you and your family and I really am sorry for your loss but maybe Kevin are up in heaven together looking down at us and smiling
Happy Anniversary Kevin
I want the world to know I Love and Miss you Every minute of Everyday.
4 years ago today we had our first Date. And from that day on
We stared to be a family you made the last four years of my life so special I will never forget you all those days you made them the Happiest Day of My life. Thank You. And I will love you forever The 1st of September used to be such a Happy Month our Anniversary. I still have a hard time believing your gone from Us.
Well Kevin I got rid of a lot of my ring tones on my cell not it plays just how my hearts feels now without YOU
Without you I’m not okay And without you I’ve lost my wayMy hearts stuck
In second place ( because You always made me feel FIRST )Well I never thought I’d be Lying here without you by my side
God those words are so true I love you so much Kevin It’s really hard going on without you
I Love now and Always
This is the first time I have ever done something like this, and to be honest, I just need something, anything to help.It has not even been a month since my boyfriend of nearly 4 years passed away. And just talking about it makes me sick to my stomach. He truely was my world, my everything. The person I built all my dreams with, who encouraged me to never give up on what I beleived in. I beleived in a lot. Needless to say, I feel as though all those dreams and ambitions and nearly every day, my life, have slipped out of my hands. Sometimes, searching for the answers that will never be clear only makes me angrier. At 21 years of age, to feel as much pain as he did, I can only wish that it was me who carried it. I wish I could have taken every negative thought, and every last second of doubt, and every drop of sadness away from him. He was the kind of person that every person only dreams to encounter, and now it is only a dream to me, a blurry dream. A dream I wish I could wake up from and have him be by my side again.Having the person who is the closest thing to you, the one you love more than anyone or anything, and you would do anything for, be taken from you is the ultimate most unbareable sickening feeling in the world. To be taken from you by a chain of choices, not by somethingimpossible to change, kills me. Not to say any specific way could hurt more than another, but when you lose someone to something so... so unnatural, how can you ever heal? How can you ever, ever be able to accept. Throughout all the support and help it seems as though nothing can or will ever take away the pain. I have heard countless times how time will help, and time will heal, and I understand that. But time also doesn't allow you to forget, forget the torture, and guilt, and regret. I feel these things every day. Time cannot always help fix or mend the pain, hurt, confusion, anger; I could go on. To betruthful, I dont think I can fight this battle on my own. The battle within myself, and the world around me. And at this point nothing seems to work, all I do is try to forget. I try to forget how to feel, because maybe, by doing this all the thoughts, feelings, and just everything, will go away. But in all this, im scared to lose all of the memories we shared together. I will love you forever and always.
love your kaybay.
I do understand because i lost Kevin 8 weeks ago tomorrow and it has not gotton easyer to be honest it has gotton way worst I have to go on because I have a 10 yearold daughter and to be very honest i just go on like I am a robbot the pain hurts so bad I can't even begain to tell you and no matter what people say the pain will not go awy you just learn to deal with it in another way i am so sorry for you lost I also was with kevin for 4 years take care I will pray for you and beleive your boyfriend will come to you kevin does almost every day
Hello - I too lost my husband on 7/9/07. We had been together for 26 years married for 22 of those years. I miss him every day. He was my best friend also. I'll have to say, I'm doing better now that I was 6 months after his death. My life has changed so dramatically and I don't like it, but don't have a choice but to go on. A friend of mine sent me a link to this site and thought it might be good for me. Just wanted to post a note. Take care. Tammy
Tomorrow will be six months since I lost my best friend, soul mate and confidant of eighteen years. He was everything to me and I never realized all of the little things I would miss. It is amazing how fast time goes by - it's already Christmas and it only seems like yesterday that I lost him. The one thing I find comfort in is knowing he is with Jesus now and is not dealing with the pain and suffering we here on earth have to deal with and knowing that I too will see him again when it is my time to go home and be with all of the loved ones I have lost. This is where I find my peace.

While going through old emails hoping to find one of his I may have saved - I came across this one from him that read "I pray that you stay in peace, and not in pieces". I find it interesting that these little tid bits tell me that he is still with me and knows everything is going to be all right.

This is what I wish and pray for all of you suffering the loss of a loved one. That somewhere down this lonely road of grief - you will find peace.

God bless.
thank you steffanie for your heartfelt and inspiring wife marilyn passed away febuary 13 of this year and sometimes i have peace but now with the christmas seaeon approaching everything has become undone and i really do not know how i can manage.the loss and emptiness i feel is something i cannot even express.God bless you.from einars simons in ottawa
Hi Einars,

I am so sorry to hear of the pain you are experiencing. I know some days it feals like you can't bear it, but what I have found to work for me - even though difficult at times - is to close my eyes and imagine him sitting with me or holding my hand because I like to believe that he really is and it gives me such comfort. I can feel his presence when I open my heart and close my eyes. I believe what the bible says about their souls still being able to see what's happening on earth. And knowing he is looking upon me now and wanting me to move forward and be happy (because he is so happy) makes me want to make him proud. I was a mess for the first several months (sometimes still am) and felt like I could lose it at any given time. My sister introduced me to a meeting at her church called Grief Share. It has helped tremendously! They hold these meeting all over the US, Canada and beyond. Maybe you could find one of these meetings or just someone to talk to at a church that could help you through this Christmas season and beyond. Please write to me anytime - I would love to stay in touch and know how you're doing. The webite for the meetings is - see if there is one in your area. I wish you Godspead on your journey from mourning to joy again. I hope to hear from you soon.

May you have many of Gods blessings and healing coming your way.



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