I'm new to this group. And while I haven't lost a sibling please tell me if it is inappropriate for me to be here.

Me ex girlfriend (28 years) has lost her brother to suicide 2 years ago. I (34 years) have met her 1 year after it happened.

We have had the most wonderful relationship for almost 1 year. She has told me very early that she had difficulties opening up to another person which is something I fully understand. I have told her that I will be there when she wants to open up. We fell in love with each other and loved each other.

Then one day we had an argument and something must have happened. But she wouldn't be able to tell me how she feels. She would try to be happy and act normal and tell me everything was alright.

She has left me 4 days ago. She said she wanted me to be the person she can spent the rest of her life with but she just can't talk to me.

I just need to know what I could have done differently. Should I have been more persistent when she was down? Was I too passive?

I'm in so much pain because I feel like I messed up the best thing that has ever happened to me. And I don't know what I could have done.

Is it just that she was not ready for a relationship? Is there anything I can still do for her?

Thanks for listening,

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Hi Kai-- I just joined this site so I am not aware of the guidelines for members. However I will resond to your questions.
First I am glad that you are checking resources to help with your issuses. Is your g.f. a member or any suicide discussion boards ?
I was thinking maybe you could ask her the questions from your note above. It sounds like she is giving mixed messages. Stating she wants to spend her life with you but then stating she can't talk to you. If she can't/won't talk to you I guess the ball is in your court.


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