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It was hard losing the one that I loved to Suicide, just knowing that he was that depressed...He meant a lot to me and I know now that he's in a better place then me but yet I just want to know that reason behind him doing what he did...that is the question, but I know that I will never know.

My older sister committed suicide. She struggled for years with medical problems, chronic pain and depression.  I try to focus on the courage and determination that kept her going as long as she could.  I also suffer from depression and have periodically struggled with thoughts of suicide.  I use the admiration for my sisters struggles as inspiration to keep going.

Take Care!!!!!

Mark A

my boyfriend committed sucidie 4 weeks ago, and i dont know whats going on, the pain wont stop. it wont just ease up just a little bit. im lost, ive cycled off all my meds and now im in a state where i dont know a soul. im lost and not a dollar to my name,  i dont know what to do, its not suppose to be like this. this isnt how its suppose to happen

I am so sorry for your loss words can express the amount of pain this feels I lost my brother to suicide May 20th 2012 and it feels like yesterday you could go through every emotion imaginable your body your mind everything is trying to understand there are no true answers about why our loved ones do this. Please no that this is not your fault I know it's hard because you are trying to find an answer. I found that going to a suicide support group helped tremendously because unfortunately we are all there for the same reason. My group was through nami. Please reach out to me if you would like to talk I'm here for support as well
My husband took his life to sucuide after marriage of 36 years. He had PTSD from a truck/ train accident then diagnosed with tinnuitis leaving my daughter and myself with nothing. His brother stated he was a liar even through his young life that was tough at lowest point of our lives could not believe that . His close friends don't even call or come by I don't get it .
My 31 yo son committed suicide April 6th 2016. He was a solder of kuwait and iraq and diagnosed with PTSD. He came hpme with demons he couldnt get rid of. He had been taking meds but thought meds made him look like a " crazy person" i begged him to keep taking them but he didnt. Now i am beyond despair and each brrath i take is filled with tears and pain.
My Mother was lost 1 month ago...i feel numb, lost and alone. I keep getting this urge to call her and realize I can't....


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