When we lose someone close to us, it can help to have mementos of the times we spent together. Do you have a cherished keepsake of your loved one? What is it, and what does it mean to you?

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My father has his grandmother's rosary that she brought with her when she emigrated from Ireland. It's just a simple rosary, and the beads are all worn from decades of use. When my mother and my sister went to her town in Ireland a few years ago, they took the rosary with them and had it blessed by the parish priest. So even though my great-grandmother was never able to return to Ireland, the rosary made the journey back. I know that my dad still prays with it sometimes.

When my grandmother died, there were only a few posessions to divide up. I think that I was given the choice between some really unfortunate afghans and her watch. I chose her watch because it felt more personal. It was just a crummy Timex watch, but the band had the scent from her wrist. I got a new band for it and wore it for awhile, but I kept the old band in a box. Sometimes I still open it to remember what she smelled like. Like I said, it is kind of a crummy watch, but it will be in my jewelry box for the rest of my life.
Before my son Kris passed away he designed a pair of tennis to wear to the New Orleans Saints 1st football game in 2006. Kris did not get a chance to wear them. I purchased a glass box to place the tennis in,also his Kenny Cole watch that he purchased for his job as a firefighter that was on his arm doing the time of his auto accident and his firefighter work boots. Now my grandkids and I will always have something to remember him. Also I put a picture album together for my (2) grandsons pictures only of their dad from the age of 4months up until the time of his death. Since my grand kids were so young durning the time of their dad death I had a video made of their dad funeral and repass so that they can hear and see all the good words that was mention about their dad by one of the Field Captain,co-workers and friends. Also this will help them to remember what a great dad they had.
Just before I left for college, my mom presented me with a beautiful sapphire ring. It had belonged to my grandmother, who died when I was only two years old. She had left the ring with my mother to give to me someday, because the sapphire is my birthstone. I was so touched - I was barely a toddler when she died, and yet she thought of me when she knew her time was coming. I wear it every day. It's somewhat too big; I have to wear it on my middle finger, but I don't want to get it resized because I want it to be the actual, original ring Grandma wore.
When My brother died in miami,i realized that i didn't have anything that reminded me of him but only the good times we had when we saw each other...Nevertheless i was over my mom house and i asked "do you have a picture my brother" and she said "yes" but i assume she was still grieving,so i didn't ask anymore.However i went to my sister and she had a current Picture of my brother..I was so happy that i took it to the pharmacy and made a copy of it ..Framed it and put it on my wall....I mean its only a picture,but at least i can think of him as i pass through my hallway.I know soon that i will see him again through the hope we have .......
When my Dad died last month I went to my parents house and stood in front of his dreeser and just touched the things he had left there and cryed. My Mom told me that if there was somthing I wanted take whatever it was. After a while I left the room empty handed and as I walked down the hall to leave I spotted his house key hanging on the key rack. I plucked it off the rack and stared at the key chain. There in my hand I held a leather key tag with my Dads name etched in it. It was the key tag I had made for him when I was only about ten years old. The fact that he kept it and used it for all these years was his way of telling me he loved me. Somthing I very rarely if ever heard him say. This simple treasure will always be with me.
Hi Maxine, I am glad my father died before my mother because we all always told my dad that if our mom would go before him the next lady would not be happy in our house. He just look at us and laugh. But I really think he knew we was not kidding. I really don't see why your Mom or your brother picture had to be removed from the wall for her to replace them with her family pictures is wrong. Or maybe she could have bought a special desk or stand to put your mother and brother picture on. Its not like this will cause any confusion in the house hold. Because what can they do they are dead. He himself should want some memory after 45 yrs. I know he still feel something. He can also consider your feelings. what do you have to look forward to when you go to your parents home,no pictures,well with decorating I could see some changing in this because everyone do have different taste and styles. But leave the pictures there especially if there is being replaced with her family pictures that is wrong and that should have been a red light flashing. Her family pictures is people he barely knows. This is something that he should have taken care of himself. Your dad could have purchased a keep safe chest for your brother and mother pictures or anything that was related to them. Let his new wife know that is the only memories of them and this is what he wanted to do to keep the memories there always. I know that he has moved on,but this don't make him in any way or manner to forget about them. Maybe this is what the new wife was thinking. Maxine don't let this upset you. Every think will be OK just pray and ask God to handle this and you just leave it in the hands of the Lord. I will be praying with you and for you.
I think you probably know in your heart that the last thing your mom would want is for you to be unhappy. So try to gather up her strength and add it to yours. Your love and memories of your mom are bigger and stronger than this woman could ever be. I think your dad is just doing what it takes to try to fill the void in his world. No matter how hard she tries she could never take the memories from his heart either. He just wants to feel close to someone again and although he may seem to be persuaded by this woman, he knows whats always there in his heart. Don't let her dictact how you feel.
Carry your mom with you in your heart and together you will have the strength you need to ensure that peacful christmas season and well beyond.
God bless,
Karen B
This is about my Aunt Maxine. She was one of the classiest women I have ever known. I've never ever seen her "undone" and she was absolutely one of the most beautiful women in this world. When she passed away it was a very emotional time for us all. Her daughter, Karla got several pairs of her slippers together and gave them to me, no one else could fit them because she and I have very small feet and we wore the same size. I also received a few of her night gowns.

Aunt Maxine love pearls. She was very elegant and pearls fit her personality perfectly. Her talent for piano playing and her love of pearls is the most memorable thing our whole family remembers about. That love of pearls infected us all, especially me. Pearls are my absolute favorite jewel and that's all because of Aunt Maxine. I got flowers from her Going Home Service and I dried them and have them sitting upon my mantle. They are so beautiful, just like her and they are the keepsake I cherish more than anything else and whenever I look at them they give me very fond memories of my Aunt Maxine.
After my baby son died, the nurses were kind enough to give us a keepsake box, with a lock of his hair, and footprints of his tiny feet. I was so out of it and scared that I am sure if it were up to me, I wouldn't have taken any of this home with me. We also kept his tiny clothing and brought them home with us. I miss him so much!!
Hi my name is chearie weeks. I also lost a son his name was christopher harris. He was only 4 years old. When he died, I thought I would die also. My grandmother also had a son to passed away. and she told me a little story, This is what she had to say. chearie I want to give you a trunk, so that you could put all of chris"s things in the trunk. She told me that so I could go back and lookat his toys, clothes, . I put everything that I could get in the trunk of his after 23 years I still have the trunk. IT help me very much. I still cried often but I do know that he's in a better place. thank chearie
My Mother bought herself a blue diamond ring about 14 yrs ago. She never wore it, but she kept it in her purse at all times! She was proud of that ring! She never asked my dad to buy it for her either! She would hit on the lottery numbers for 40 dollars one time 290 the next and she kept that up til she got the ring! I remember looking at it and always admiring it. My Mom passed away on August 28th, 2009 and when my family was dividing up her belongings they asked me if I wanted it! I cant wear the ring, she had small fingers! But sometimes I wear it on a chain. It helps me keep her close. It serves as a reminder if you really want something, hard work and preserverance (and good numbers!) will help you attain your goal!
I have a bottle of wine that me and my friend Alex were going to share the night before his death. Also, I have a rainbow ribbon from my friend Chelsea that I carry with me everyday.


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