There are hundreds of ways to memorialize somebody who has passed on. Have you attended a funeral or ceremony that was particularly memorable?

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My widowed grandfather married a wonderful woman when they were both in their 70s. They shared nearly 10 years together before she died. During her memorial service, everybody was invited to stand up and tell everybody about a good memory, a funny story, or just something nice about her. So many people said things about her and told stories that I had never heard. It was great! It was especially nice because my family had only known her toward the end of her life; we learned so many great things about her. It was nice to hear first-hand how loved she was by her friends and relatives, and I'm sure it made my grandpa feel better, too.
That was great. I had a picnic for my lost son, Angelo - 1 year ago today. All of his friends came to cook their speciality. It was great, but now I don't see many or any of his friends. That part is sad, but I have my son's cooking video's. I recommend that everyone, please do videos. You have that person's voice forever.
Its really very nice to hear about this woman. We have to need remember their memories because some times they teach us good lesson.
Karen, that is so great!! When Tom died we had a "celebration of his life service" at our church. He was cremated and his harmonicas, his choir robe, his bible and study book, and 8/10 picture were the only things there to represent him. The house was packed. The music was wonderful all by our bands in the church and most are performing artist. Then people told things about him and that was so wonderful because I learned things about him I didn't even know. Everyone said that was the greatest service they had ever been to. It was just how he would have wanted it. Then there was a carry in dinner so everyone could visit and meet each other in our family gym thing. The church did this all for me and I will remain every so blessed by that act of love. Also, his friend sang and played on the acostic a song my husband had written . It was one I hadn't even heard before. We also did a video and it was all about him smiling and doing things in the church and with his family. Wow, I was so blessed by it all. I just provided the pics and they did the slides and other video that had been picked out through things the church had videod. I told a little story on recorder about our song and the dancing in the middle of replastering the room. Our song was "the keeper of the stars" "I tip my hat to the keeper of the stars, he sure knew what he was doing, when he joined these two hearts. I hold everything when I hold you in my arms, I have all I"ll ever need, thanks to the keeper of the stars" They played that song as they ran the picture part of the video and it started with a pic of Tom and I slow dancing. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing yours. Suep
my granddaddy just died Sept. 7,2009 and i was really close to him what do i do..can someone give me advice on getting over the sadness.
HI talk as much as you can about your grandad.My kids are dealing with the
grief of losing their papa and we made a cd with pictures of his life.This helped alot.Be ready to cry but laugh to.My dad was like my best friend and this helps alot.Also keep a journal of things that happen that you want to share with him.This is one of the ways I deal with my grieving.
Aylissa Murphy Horton said:
my granddaddy just died Sept. 7,2009 and i was really close to him what do i do..can someone give me advice on getting over the sadness.
My Dad's funeral was the first funeral I have ever attended, so I don't have any others to compare it to but it certainly was memorable. He passed away last month and his funeral was February 16, 2010 in the middle of a big snowstorm. It was the most peaceful snow imaginable. There was enough snow so that the roads were empty and everything was beautifully white, but it wasn't windy or treacherous. We chose "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" as the recessional hymn because he loved baseball. It was perfect... I couldn't help but smile. At the cemetery, it was so pristine that I knew he was looking down on everything and smiling, too. A giant American flag was draped over his casket and an Army soldier played Taps. It looked like something out of a movie. As difficult and sad as that day was, there was something about it that made it almost comforting.
Losing a loved one can be an overwhelming experience – so much so that you may not realize all the options you have for planning their end-of-life services. (You can see our post here about different memorial service options: Personalizing a ceremony for your loved one is completely in your hands. You can choose whether or not to have a graveside service, and you can personally select the time, location and any speakers, songs or music you'd like to have. Some memorial ceremonies are informal times to share memories, others are silent, reflective services. The choice is up to you and your loved ones; the most important thing is to make sure the ceremony matches the memory of the person you're celebrating.
Aylissa Murphy Horton said:
my granddaddy just died Sept. 7,2009 and i was really close to him what do i do..can someone give me advice on getting over the sadness.
sorry for your loss. I feel that looking at pictures makes the sadness easier,bringing back happier times with your grandfather. He will always be in your heart, but he would not want you to live forever sad. Give yourself time to heal. Pics are very helpful.

Lori Chamberlain said:
Aylissa Murphy Horton said:
my granddaddy just died Sept. 7,2009 and i was really close to him what do i do..can someone give me advice on getting over the sadness.
Yes, the best funerals I have attended are the ones that assured me that my love one is just sleeping and and one day they will wake up in a paradise on earth no more pain no more tears no more outcries the former things will have pass away...(Rev 21:3,4 and John 5: 28, 29)
I think it's odd although some pastors preach about a burning hell...I never heard it at a funeral...And that person could be the badest person on the earth... God is love and he will not allow anyone to be tormented forever..I think that why you don't hear it at funerals
Funerals and end-of-life ceremonies are very personal, and should reflect the life of the person you're remembering. Choosing the right cemetery is just as important as choosing the program of a memorial ceremony. For example, if your loved one loved flowers and wildlife, a cemetery with beautiful foliage might be most appropriate.


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