If there is an afterlife, who are you most looking forward to seeing again? Is it a friend or relative? What would be the first thing that you'd say to them?

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 If only to have a glimpse  , and to let them know that they were the greatest gift one could receive in life . A Wonderful Mother, Father and Sister who was also my Friend.   

To let them know I will  love them always and Forever  

I know that allot of it would be with out words , only tears of happiness of seeing them once again .

 even if  it is  only a glimpse I am granted  to see if they are ok and together again .



Tears that I have now are of sadness in the few months that they have been gone.  


To all , take care  


I know there is an after life my daughter came to me in a nightmare the night of her accident at about the time of her death as on the death certificate before the police came and in the nightmare she said she was in a horrible accident, that she was here with me now. I did not sleep much prior to the cops coming but this was real psychic communication from beyond.

 Jesus and Angels exist. There is an afterlife. In the afterlife there are levels.  There are good places and bad. Pray for the dead. Do not assume your loved one is in a better place.


I know too that when you pass if you are going to the same place as your loved ones you can be together forever.


Perhaps the dead communicate with us in our dreams  or something. 

Dianne said:

If there is an afterlife (and I believe there is), I would love to meet my Savior Jesus Christ, which I know I will. But as far as a relative or friend, I have not found in the scriptures where we will see our loved ones again. You know how it felt when you came into this world, you really did not know how you got here, but you know that you exist as of today. So it will be when we get to the other side. We will be in another world, just like we are today, but it will be a world free from any and all sickness, and we will never have to worry about dying again, because there will be no more death. That's what I'm talking about. We will be free.

Read your scripture this is out of context.. In Luke 23:42 Jesus says he we see them in paradise. He even mentions having seen Elijiah and Moses in Heaven..
Crimson B. said:

As a quasi buddhist and a christian, I believe that there is a conciousness. And if you read , The Tibetan Book of the Dead, you will be able to imagine another possibility. I believe that within us are the human, the soul, the spirit. The human is no longer. But, I do believe in the soul and the spirit and I believe that there is a possibility of conciousness after death. Read plato, soccrates, buddha. Interesting. I do not know the truth of the truth but I suppose I can hope that there is more to life, than just this human "short" existence.

Be well.

lMike Kile said:

IN A funeral parlor in New York City, friends and family quietly file by the open casket. They gaze at the body, that of a 17-year-old boy. His friends from school hardly recognize him. Chemotherapy has thinned his hair; cancer has caused him to lose weight. Can this really be their friend? Just months before, he was so full of ideas, of questions, of energy—of life! The heartbroken mother of the boy tries to find hope and solace in the idea that somehow her son still lives. Over and over she tearfully repeats what she has been taught: “Tommy’s happier now. God wanted Tommy in heaven with him.”

Is there life after death? is a question that has perplexed mankind for millenniums. “Even theologians are embarrassed when faced with [it],”

Belief in the immortality of the soul is all but universal in Christendom’s thousands of religions and sects. It is an official doctrine in Judaism too. In Hinduism this belief is the very foundation of the teaching of reincarnation. Muslims believe that the soul comes into being with the body but lives on after the body dies. Other faiths—African animism, Shinto, and even Buddhism—teach variations on this same theme.

The condition of the dead is made clear in the bible : “The dead know nothing . . . There is no pursuit, no plan, no knowledge or intelligence, within the grave.” (Moffatt) Death, therefore, is a state of nonexistence. The psalmist wrote that when a person dies, “he goes back to his ground; in that day his thoughts do perish.”—

So the dead are unconscious, inactive. When pronouncing sentence upon Adam, God stated: “Dust you are and to dust you will return.” Before God formed him from the dust of the ground and gave him life, Adam did not exist. When he died, Adam returned to that state. His punishment was death—not a transfer to another realm

If your son was afflicted with a mental illness he was hiding God would most certainly forgive him and welcome him into heaven.


I started out Catholic too and have joined a better church. In the visitation by  Mary at Fatima, Mary warned the Church of her apostasy-need to change.


The fact of suicide being a mortal sin is only for those who are not handicapped in someway. If someone is afflicted with severe depression, if they have a chemical imbalance, God understands and is almost all about love.

Pray for the dead..it is in the scriptures. While he no longer has a body and it shall turn to dust he has a soul that has been released.

All of us have guardian angels. Your son does. If he will allow the angels to hang out with his soul they can guide him. You continue to progress after you pass this realm. Pray every day. 

God Bless you.

chris said:

John Taylor said:
My biggest question to GOD is wether or not my son Brandon is OK, if he's been allowed into heaven after committing suicide in May 2008. Being raised a Catholic during my youth, we were taught that suicide is a mortal sin and those who end their life in such a manner, are destand to Purgatude(sic) until the end of time. You have to understand I was six when I was taught these teachings so I've probally mis-intrepted the majority of those teaching, if not misunderstood same. Can someone smarter than me explain GOD's true explanations for suicide?

Cheryl said:
Yes you are right about the condition of the dead, they are in a deep sleep that only Jehovah God can wake them. That is what he promises at John 5:28,29. And not only will the dead come back to life, but when they come back to life the earth will be like Psalms 37:9-11,29 says. Revelations 21:4 also good one.


I am watching the Perry Stone show. It is interesting.

Thank  you!


To Bonnie.... what a kind and compassonate answer to John Taylor's question.   I too believe the exact same thing.  When someone takes their life they are not in their right mind, which is a illness.  At the moment they feel that is the only solution.  Our God forgives that is what we were all taught all our lives.

You must have put some peace in John's mind that day.


To Bonnie.... what a kind and compassonate answer to John Taylor's question.   I too believe the exact same thing.  When someone takes their life they are not in their right mind, which is a illness.  At the moment they feel that is the only solution.  Our God forgives that is what we were all taught all our lives.

You must have put some peace in John's mind that day.


it gave me some peace. But I do say, we will also grieve and cry and go thru all the phases that come with being human when losing a loved one, especially a child. Its past two years and I still cry to think she is not coming home to this earth. Hope you are doing ok too.


also, read this short book, Heaven is for real, by Todd Burpo.

BONNIE said:


I am watching the Perry Stone show. It is interesting.

Thank  you!


Dear Luke , I am so sorry for the loss of your Brother , as only you can truly tell anyone how you feel , yet I some know this a life now with out my Sister as one of only PAIN .  I read what you had to share acutally yesterday , started to write back , but really did not know what or how to respond .  Not for anything you said or for what you believe for I am one who is accepting of " faith" .This I know is something I thing we all were granted some how no matter what it is we believe .  At least if it is to give us hope then to me it as much a different languages or colors or mankind it is what we all made to be .  So in saying as I want to refer back to my intial thought and question of is " my parents will ever see each other now that they are in heaven togeher "  In reading what you have shared it tell me there is really no right or wrong answer to this for we all find comfort in what we are able to read or hear or feel it just as maybe it was to be .. It is just at this point I have lost trust in all with all the guilt that I carry for wanting and wishing I did more for my Father and Mother and Sister while they were here now thinking if hoping is they are together they will be ok .   As I have felt such pain with all of the passing all together this has been one of the hopes that I have hung onto since nothing else seemed to be what I or we thought it woud be .  I shall though read what you have share so that I too can open myself up to what you see in you hope , this may give me more understanding as I have always saught in a world that I some how was not handed that manuel of what or how life was going to be .  What I know for sure if that My Parents and Sister are in heaven no matter where that is to be , Angels here on Earth as they lived as I know this is what they are today if it is up above me or beside , either way , my love for them will if only to say will always and forever be in my heart . 

  As I know this be for all that come here to share each and everyday for each of their loved ones as you have share with us today .

May comfort come to you .  

Please take care ,   

Luke Winters said:

We'll i look forward to seeing my brother who died several years ago .....I miss his so so much....And i know soon that i will see him through the ransom sacrifice that our father made  of his only begotton son........I look forward to that....It feels good to think about it...

you dont now me but my bother killd him salve to he was 39 is suck but you have to go non

i will miss him a lot and his son will to hes 8 years old i cant beleve hes gon 2 years

i feel you pain and ager love you and mis you mikel feniolo

Linda A. said:

John, I'm so sorry for your loss also. March 19th will be a year that Aaron left us. I miss him every moment of every day. I miss his laugh, his smile, his smell, his voice....EVERYTHING about him. Aaron's 24th birthday was 2 months after he passed away (May 22nd). He and I had been talking about his birthday coming up...why didn't I see what he was going to do? I ask myself this all the time. I know we all ask the same question. It's just so hard. God has given me the strength to endure, couldn't have done it without Him. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Thank you!!
Do we choose were we will be in our after life in how we live or is it something that only one will decide for us . This to me has been said in so many forms and answers . My conclusion for myself is that I have made a choice in this myself out of all the guilt I have wishing I had done more for my Sister , Mother and Father . Which to say I will never see them again . Which is extremely painful yet deserved . Interesting thing about this though I am living my life very much the same doing what I can for others hoping to do my best yet always feeling that I am missing the boat some how . " Never doing enough"

Have any of you ever wish if to be able to turn back the clock would you and what would you do different . This in particular with your loved ones . For me I would have wanted to know what to say , to always do the right thing , to know how to cure them when others where perplexed . For me I would have wanted my words to be heard even though they were coming out of my mouth yet others in the room went on with what they wanted and decided the fate of one I loved so very much . Why is it that I did not scream when I had a chance ..

Someone told me " it is not how you live rather what you read that will get you to heaven" hmmm I not sure for I always st rived so much to be present in life to be there for others .. Yet I must have not been present enough when it counted .

What I know is that all loved ones will be together again , though the question is as I ask is it that we make that decision here or then or who makes that for us . I always believed it was one that did . Yet for me . I believe I have already packed my bags for where I am to go .. As I mentioned that man maybe knew something I did not know that where I was destined to go was exactly what I deserve.
Painful but the truth .. Which sometimes as they say it hurts .

May all your Angels who are in Heaven or where you know them to be , may be waiting for you one day to come to be together again .

Take to all of you


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