If there is an afterlife, who are you most looking forward to seeing again? Is it a friend or relative? What would be the first thing that you'd say to them?

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My beloved Son and best friend. Passed away Nov. 26, 2009 of unexpecte cardiac arrest. The loss is unbearable. I am only drawing strength from God and family. When I seem my son again I will hold him and say finally we are together again. Do a lot of catching up.
My beloved Son and best friend. Passed away Nov. 26, 2009 of unexpecte cardiac arrest. The loss is unbearable. I am only drawing strength from God and family. When I seem my son again I will hold him and say finally we are together again. Do a lot of catching up. Any advice on getting through this will be appreciated.
What helps me is understanding why people die:
Romans 3:23, 6:23....I look forward to the time when death will be no more"
-Revelation 21:3,4....and John 5:28,29
I believe in life after death, heaven. I recently read the small book (he has two books) called 90 Minutes in Heaven. I read the part where he spent 90 minutes in Heaven. I have never heard or read this version of Heaven before. It made me feel good, happy that my parents are in such a lovely place. Even though Catholics believe in Pergatory, I am not sure it that belief is still today. I really believe that people who are dieing have conversations with God, and make it write with God before they pass. When they die they can go straight to Heaven. To have that glorious reunion with God and their loved ones. The first thing I would say is I Love You to each and every one of my loved ones.
When I get to heaven the first one I want to see is Jesus to thank Him for all He has done for me in my life. Through extreme fear, He tought me to trust in Him. When my infant son died, He came right down and sat in a chair when I asked Him to one day. I felt His presence as I wept and told Him what I was feeling. He taught me how to forgive and let go of hurts and He walks with me through this valley I'm currently walking through. Next I want to see Jon, running up to me, so excited to be free from wheelchairs and needing help with everything. The joy there will be of being reunited with both of my children. There's also a Christian author that I would really like to meet so I can tell her how much her books have helped to look for sparkles of Joy in the cesspools of life. Barbara Johnson, who also had two deposits waiting for her there. To Jesus, I would probably be speechless. To Jon, I would ask him to show me around and take a WALK with me. A good deal of my time is now on heaven and I don't think it will be long now. Hallelujah! I believe that if we have accepted Christ as our Saviour, when we die, our body returns to the ground but the real us, the spirit man will be ushered into the presence of Jesus. The Bible says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. No one can convince me that heaven is empty. I believe that when Jesus comes back again, then the bodies will rise from the graves. If we could only grasp that what we are going through in this life is like a bleep in time compared to eternity. I can deal with the bleeps knowing what lies ahead. Darkness may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning. No more pain, no more tears, and so much love.
I whole heartedly agree with this pastor. He knows his Bible. There is not one thing that a human being can do to merit the kingdom of heaven. There is only one thing that can keep a human being out...that is the non believe in Jesus Christ as the savior.

Lauren McCabe said:
I was just baptised today at a Baptist church by a wonderful Christian pastor who goes stricktly by the bible. I asked him this: If someone commits suicide, would he be allowed to enter Heaven? Here's his response: “One's admittance into heaven is based completely on one's faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ. Salvation is a gift, which must be received, or else one is lost. If a believer were to commit suicide in a moment of extreme weakness, their salvation would not become forfeit.” I hope you find some comfort in his response. Love and God Bless...
Will you come back here, after you've gone to the hereafter? Or. will you be gone forever after?
Jerry Trujillo was my fiancee of 8yrs. He just took his life Jan. 23 through possibly Jan. 25, 2010. He was found On Jan. 27,2010. So I'm not too sure on the exact date of when he did this. We lived together all these years, and we were inseperable. However when he did this, I had been at my parents for a little over a week. When I found out, I felt as though my world would collapse. I never pictured my life without him, nor did I want to. He took care of his father for almost the last 2yrs of his dad's life. And when he lost his dad to Throat Cancer in 95' I believe his world changed. His father was his hero. We had many talks about how he felt that there was a better place. He truly believed that in his heart & his mind. I just didn't want to accept it. I'm dealing with this pain day by day. I just want to see him again. I pray that he is now resting and that God forgave him for him taking his own life. And I pray that he met up with his dad in heaven, or wherever he may be. He was thoughful, caring, handsome intelligent. I believed he had so much to offer this world, unfortunately he didn't believe so. He was my soulmate, my best friend, and the love of my life. When he left, he took a big part of me with him. I try not to be depressed, but I cannot help it at times. My family has been very supportive and loving. They just worry about me now. I feel in my heart that Jerry would want me to go on and live life. And I don't want his death to be in vain. I pray to God, and I live everyday waiting anxiously for the day that God re-unites us in the promised land. I feel like my priorities are so messed up at times, because when my time is done here on earth, I know I should be anxiously awaiting to meet our Lord and Saviour, (and I am) but honestly, I want to see Jerry. Please if someone can help me through this. They say time heals all, but I just want this life to be done so I can go with him.
When I moved to Philadelphia, PA, I learned to play pinochle and I love it!

Some years ago, a friend of mine tried to show me how to play, but I just could not get it. She died a few years later and I look forward to see her "in the new system" and playing pinochole!

No, it's not the afterlife, in fact, it's better than that. Can you imagine seeing Able, Noah, Lot, Abraham, Daniel Boone and so on. Well, it's possible. Where do I get this information from. Let's see turn your Bible to Revelations 21: 4,5. Isn't this interesting. No more pain; no more death.

If you want more information on this subject then click on this link: http://www.watchtower.org/e/200712/article_02.htm.

I hope this have given you a little more insight.

Take care.
Psalm 115:16...The heaven,even the heavens are the Lord's but the earth he given to the children of men....Psalms 31:29..The righteous shall inherit the land and thein forever..Interesting Acts 2:34 states David did not ascend to the heavens...However, Jesus did promise at John 5:28, 29 a ressurrection hope for those faiththful ones on earth...(graves are on earth not heaven)
John 5:28,29...Ps 37:29...Ps 37:11

Ken said:
Will you come back here, after you've gone to the hereafter? Or. will you be gone forever after?
I believe in an after life, Why because God tells un in his word (the Bible) that that those who die in him will recieve eternal life in heaven for ever. and I know that my Mother,Father,2 brothers and sister is there with him.I trust in the word of God and there is nothing that will change my mind.When my Mother died in 1977 I was in the church playing the organ,when my Mother spoke to me and told me that everything was fine.(I am allright) and boy I was scared, but somehow peace cam over me and at that point I knew somehow my mother was at peace now.There isn't a time go by that I don't think of my family,but now I know that someday I'll be with them and the family will once again become one.


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