If there is an afterlife, who are you most looking forward to seeing again? Is it a friend or relative? What would be the first thing that you'd say to them?

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John Taylor said:
My biggest question to GOD is wether or not my son Brandon is OK, if he's been allowed into heaven after committing suicide in May 2008. Being raised a Catholic during my youth, we were taught that suicide is a mortal sin and those who end their life in such a manner, are destand to Purgatude(sic) until the end of time. You have to understand I was six when I was taught these teachings so I've probally mis-intrepted the majority of those teaching, if not misunderstood same. Can someone smarter than me explain GOD's true explanations for suicide?
I also was raised Catholic, but as I have gotten older, God is not fire and brimestone as we were taught to believe. The God that I believe is a very loving God. Your son for sure is with him. There is no purgatory, only heaven.
So many friends and relatives have died. I want to see them all. I guess I'd like to see Dad and my best friend at the same time. Dad died in 08, my friend died in 09.I know they're hanging out together, watching over me, so the first thing I'd say is "Thank you, both of you-I never stopped loving you and I always believed!" But they know that right now. I feel their presence all the time. I sence another presence too but do not yet know who it is.
My wife and I created a website called letterwishes to enable people to send emails to departed friends and family. She thought of this when she was about to forward an article to her father....then she remembered he had passed away about 12 years ago.

My father died at the end of 1998, and I still find that I want to tell him about things and to connect.

We know that we find relief when we visit our dads in the cemetery and we also feel better when we're able to send a message even if we get no reply. In an age of emails and text messages, we thought that people would benefit from being able to communicate electronically. Whether you would want to make your email public or private is entirely up to you.

Please take a look at http://www.letterwishes.com/ to see what you think.

If there is really life hereafter, I hope it's filled with fun and laughter. I've had my fill of grief and sorrow...Enough to last if I died tomorrow.
When my time on Earth comes to an end, the first person I want to see is my Dad. I would give him a big hug, a hug I couldn't give him when he was hooked up to all those tubes.
I am looking forward to several things:

Worshiping God in full knowledge, spirit and truth!

Creating a star out of billions of tons of hydrogen and helium (it will probably
be sort of brown and lumpy, though)

Studying all the scientific mysteries of Creation (the singularity, neutron
stars, gamma-ray bursts, black holes, etc, etc, etc!)

Seeing my sister Rica, who died at 2 months and 23 days (she was what they
called a "blue baby" - she had a congenital heart defect; they were taking her
to the operating room, and she died on the way there) in 1957

Talking to a lot of famous and interesting people!

Seeing the child I lost before my oldest son was born in 1987 through a

Smacking the gluetus maximus of my husband Byron Raymond Perkins, who
died on 29 June 2009 - when he died, he could no longer walk; he had severe,
crippling and agonizing psoriatic arthritis, cirrhosis, hepatic encephalopathy,
ascites, muscular dystrophy, etc. I believe that he is once again young,
handsome and _fine_ (oooh, that man was _fine_; he had long, curly brown
hair, beautiful light golden brown/hazel eyes, the most soothing, comforting
voice God ever gave a male human being). I intend for his gluetus maximus
to feel The Black Woman's Hand - I intend to chase him all through Heaven,
delighting in the fact that he can _run_, _leap_ and _jump_ once more!

Meeting his mom, who died some years earlier (and having a loooong
conversation about him, like what a _bad baby_ he must have been!)

Peace, healing and blessings be upon you all - Yaca Attwood Perkins
When Jehovah God made Adam and Eve, he told them to "be fruitful and become and many and fill the earth and subdue it" (Genesis 1:28) It was his original purpose that the paradise earth be filled with happy, perfect humans. However, when Adam and Eve disobeyed God's command, they passed on to us - their offspring - sin and death (Romans 5:12). That is why God's will still hasn't been done on earth. But Jehovah, the "God who cannot lie", will see to it that his original purpose be accomplished (Titus 1:2; Isaiah 55:11). Rest assured though, that God is not the CAUSE of the wickedness and the suffering we see around us today. Although he ALLOWS such things to continue, he provides us the only solution to mankind's problems. He has already taken the first step, by sending his only-begotten Son, Jesus, to die for all of us. By means of Jesus' ransom sacrifice, we have can once again have the hope of living forever on a paradise earth, as Jehovah originally intended it to be. The life we know now is filled with sorrow, but this life is not all there is. We are urged to "get a firm hold on the real life" by 'taking in knowledge of Jehovah and his Son, Jesus' (1 Timothy 6:19; John 17:3). So may we use our lives now to develop a personal relationship with Jehovah and bring praise to him, so that we can be there to welcome our dead loved ones back to life again here on a paradise earth!
I truly believe there is an afterlife, I def would like to see my Dad and all my relatives, but the first person I would like to see is Brad, have him grab my hand and be in his arms once again. I would say, I Love You, we are finally together once again...forever!
Linda A. said:
John 3:16 says ~~ For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
To be absent from the body is to be present with the lord
I'm really having a hard time with this greiving thing. I can't seem to get motivated with anything. I miss my son so much, and have so many "what ifs, and if only's". I can't seem to move on. I feel so stuck in this place I don't want to be. My whole life changed that day....I know Aaron is in Heaven, but it just hurts so very much. I just want to see him, touch him, talk to him. I want to tell him how sorry I am that he felt he had to do this. My heart is so broken. It's been a little over 2 years, and it still hurts so much. It should have been me......NOT him. Some days I feel I just can't go on.
Linda, I know how you feel and I feel the same way like you I also lost my son and I will never feel the same anymore. I just want to be with him. Deedee

Linda A. said:
I believe this also. I know my son is in Heaven...I'm just having a hard time without him here. As time goes by, it gets harder for me without him. I have a broken heart that is not healing with time. Time does not heal all. I know I will see Aaron again, it's just really hard right now. I thank God for the strength to get through every day without my son. I miss him and love him so much.


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