On this day at 12:32 p.m., nine months ago, The Good Lord took my Baby gently in his arms and carried him home. I miss you with a passion Babe and I love you with all my heart.

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I guess I have no support today. Aloha everyone. May you all find peace in your lives.......Linda
Hello Linda,
I'm sorry i didn't respond to you earlier.
I've been having a bad couple of days, My worst ever.
I don't think I knew it has been 9 months for you.
I can only hope you are O.K. and the days ahead will be better for you.
You deserve better than what's been given you these last 9 months, and that's my wish for you. We all here don't deserve to have to live like this. I need to find real peace, and I'm praying this for you too ! I'd like to go to church again but I'm afraid to and I don't know why. Maybe it's because Loni won't be with me to do all the small talk with people there. My spirit is really low right now in anycase.
On a scale of 1 to 10, I'm a zero. I think I've been at a 6 at the best. I've got to find my way out of this feeling so bad for so long. The kitties know I'm feeling down too, and they have been with me constantly the last few days. My furry little buddies are so loving. They took care of Loni everyday. I think my mind has been keeping me from hurting and is worn out. Now it's time for my heart to do what's right and feel what it should. Like you wrote; I miss my Loni and I love her with all my heart ! Take care Linda, and I wish you well. Tom
Linda, please don't ever feel that I don't care. Some days (like yesterday) I just don't have the strength to come to this site and read of all the heart break. I cried most of the day away ( it was 42 weeks since Larry passed away) and I don't feel much better today. We are on this journey that we never imagined would be so difficult. I wish I had some uplifting words but I just can't do it today. I know how alone you feel and it really sucks. I hope we all can find better days ahead, until then take care and big hugs to you and everyone on this journey.
Yester day I had few friends over for a cookout.Had a few too many beers and got the D&D's(DRUNK AND DIALING)Called people that I haven't seen since Ernie died.Laid a few guilt trips out and then went to the cemetery.Watered the gardenia tree.Then the car wouldn't start.Now my friend that was with me,flagged down someone and tried to jump the car.Without success.Now mind you we were in our bathing suits,had no purses with us and a little tipsy.So we left the car and piled into this vehicle with 3strangers and a pitbull named Gus.Now Gus wouldn't budge and the 3 others piled into the front,2 of which were huge young guys.So thanks to the kindness of strangers we made it home safely.Went back to the cemetery this A.M.and jumped started the car and it has started fine all day.Happy Memorial Day!!Like I said before,Everyday is Memorial Day for us.Hope you all feel better soon,Kathy
Linda, you never alone as Loni is always with you and for the support please for give me. I have been reading but lately this is what I only can do just read and feel the pain. Nine month that is a long time and I am not looking forward to nine month I will be having on my husband. My pain is three month but it is the longest by far for me. I totally understand what you mean by going out or talking to people when the other half is not there with you and the people topic is you but I have taken control by accident. Linda, there is no ways to get better or how to survive without the love of our lives. I am sure Loni is always by your side what ever you do.

with lots of hugs



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