Do you believe in the supernatural? Do you think that anyone has ever tried to contact you or send you signs from the other side?

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I have been reading books after my daughter Shirley died 25 years old from a car accident in New York.. She died on February 6 2008... Its the only thing that keeps me going.. I wish I was one of those people who without a doubt believed in the afterlife because it would make my life alot easier... I feel like I have gotten signs,, but I am still looking for that big one from Shirl so I will really believe that I will see her when I die...

I feel like the pain just gets worse not better... I just sit at this computer day and night to keep my mind occupied.. My younger daughter Lacey calls me and says, Mommy I need my sister.. It breaks my heart even more to see Lace suffering... I wish there was something to take the pain away, but there is not.. Each day goes by without me living anymore... It is just so hard.. The pain will never go away we just have to learn to live and manage the pain.. My heart goes out to all Mothers who have lost a child.. God Bless
I am so sorry for the loss of your daughter, and while I have not experienced the loss of a child, so in no way can know what you are going through, I do know that the Lord will help you. He has helped me through so many rough times in my life. Times when I thought I just didn't want to wake up again, and I use to pray so much, but I was always praying the wrong prayers. My daughter was born with Downs Syndrome, and it was the saddest experience of my life. I would hold her and say God please touch her tonight, please make her normal, please touch her. One night when I was holding her and saying this same prayer..Touch her, please touch her Lord, He answered! A voice so sweet, simply said "I have already touched her! And for a split second my heart felt like it was coming right out of my body, and I looked at her to see if she had changed, but then almost immediatley the voice said "She is as I meant her to be" Our little girl has been such a blessing to us. She is sweet, kind hearted and so special, and the one thing I do know, is that when her life here is over, she will return to the God that created her as He wanted her.
I wish I could beleive the same for my 3 sons, who are "normal".
God Bless You and my prayers are with you.
Yes I do believe that our loved ones give us signs that they are ok. My Sweet grandmother, who we call called Mommie gave us what we believed to be signs. One strange one was the window in her bedroom would not stay up. Back in those days we had to put some kind of stick under the windows to keep them up, but even a stick didn't help. No matter how many times we raised that window and walked away, in just a short time, we would hear it fall. She was very cold natured, and we always thought she kept her room to hot, so sometimes we would open it after she fell asleep, but she would get up and close it. That was just one of the things that we noticed after she died.
Also, I am wondering if anyone beleives in death angels or has ever seen one. My Mother told us that when she was sitting up one night with a friend that was very ill ( again in those days,neighbors took turns sitting with the ill in their home) She said the only light in the room was a small lamp and suddenly she noticed the room seem to be much brighter and then she saw a small angel hovering over the head of the bed. She said it was a beautiful sight, but scared her as well. She went and got her friends sister and told her about it. Mother thought the woman would think she crazy, but instead, she took Mother's hand and said Edna, you just saw a death angel. In the early morning hours, Mother's friend went to be with the Lord.
Thanks for reading and let me know if any of you or anyone you know has every seen a death angel.
and was just beautiful
I don't know about seeing death angels but I do know that about 2 hours before my mother passed away, she was talking to my sister who had passed away 8 years ago from breast cancer. My youngest sister and I were sitting with mom and when she started talking to my deceased sister, my youngest sister saw my sister. She asked mom if Peggy was there and mama said yes, she has come to take me home. I could feel a different presence in the room but I did not see her as my sister did. We have had so many spiritual things happen since the death of my sister, my mother and my father so I truly believe there is life after death and that they are able to contact us in many different ways.
Kathy, thank you so much for responding. What a wonderful story. I do believe that someone we have loved in life comes to carry us home. Isn't it wonderful to know that someday we will be with them again. Thanks again, I appreciate your story so much.
Hi Kathy:

Kathy, I'm so so sorry about your sister. I too just lost mine at age 54 and of breast cancer as well this past December so can feel for what you must be going through. This cancer thing is such an awful disease! How old was your sister if I may ask? Donna had had it for 10 years and just kept spreading throughout her since her chemo drugs weren't really working just keeping the cancer at bay the best they could. Unfortunately, her latest catscan didn't show this huge spread sheet tumour around her stomach so finally when her surgeon found it, it was too late. It was really heartbreaking for all of us. Anyways, I am still hoping she'll contact me one day and I trust she will and I think your sister will too.

God Bless you and your family,

Dear Kathy

I hope you are right about life after death. My husband committed suicide in August of 2008. He left no note or reason, only our speculation. Since then I have been overwhelmed with grief and questions and have begged God to send me some sort of answer or sign that, at least, he is at rest. So far nothing. I just can't except that he is just dead and gone forever. I loved him very much and would like to know I will see him again someday and would also like to know why he did such an awful thing to, not only me, but to the rest of his family. He was not that old and had so much to live for. I feel like he has missed so much life just in the last 6 months. If anyone has an answer please let me know. Thanks Ellie
Dear Ellie,
I truly am sorry about your husband. I don't think we will ever really know why someone commits suicide, but for the most part I don't think it is because of anything someone done to them, and I don't believe that they do it to hurt anyone. I think that probably in a moment of desperation, they do the unthinkable, but please believe that there is life after death, and someday you will see him again, and probably then know the reason he chose this way. A very dear friends of mine, his wife commited suicide and it destoyed him. Please don't let that happen to you. Remember all of the good times, and watch for a sign from him.You are in my prayers.

Thank you, Gloria for you reply. No I'm not going to let this destroy me because I have children and grandchildren that say they want me around but I can tell you, this is the hardest thing God has ever asked me to endure. My husband was such a good man, he was always there for everyone and I do believe he loved me. For 20 years we never fought. He always said I was his best friend. How do you do this to your best friend? I would have done anything to save him if he had just told me he had a problem.

Thank you for your prayers. Maybe God will listen to you because he doesn't seem to be listening to me. Maybe this is some sort of punishment for me here on earth. I just hope eventually I will know he is at rest and I can move on.

Thank you again,

Good Morning Ellie
Please remember that God always listens to us. He may not answer us in the way we want Him to, but He is listening. My Mother use to tell me that she thought I expected God to actually come down and peck me on the shoulder and say Its me talking to you Gloria and here is your answer, but of course that is not the way it works with God. So Ellie continue to pray and I will continue to pray for you in this awful struggle you are going through. And continue to look for little signs from your husband. My daughter in law passed away 3 years ago. She was only 41. She loved windchimes and butterflies. At her grave site, my son kept saying, I wish I knew she was resting now, and suddenly a beautiful butterfly lit on the windchime that we had hung in the tree and made the softest of sound and then in an instant was gone. So please look for signs in the things your husband loved and maybe in some small way, you will see something that lets you know he is fine and he wants you to be fine too. Much Love
Again I must thank you, Gloria. You have tried to give me support and hope and now I see that your life has not been a bed of roses ,either. I'm so sorry about your daughter-in-law and I feel for your son. Hopefully he is moving on and doing well. I do know he has a terrific mother to help him.

My husband loved motorcycles so every time I hear one I think of him. Maybe this is his sign. I don't know. I 'm pretty much of a skeptic so maybe I am waiting for God or my husband to come down and tap me on the shoulder and I guess that's not going to happen.

I do appreciate your responses and prayers and I will include you in mine. Will let you know if anything happens that is unusual.

Thank you for your kind words Ellie. I will let you know what is happening in my life, and you please do the same. I am very interested in knowing how things are with you. God Bless!
With Love Gloria


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