Do you believe in the supernatural? Do you think that anyone has ever tried to contact you or send you signs from the other side?

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Hi Jennifer!

Thanks for your kind words.  It actually helps me to believe that it's a sign, if others believe it too, as strange as it sounds.  One other odd thing - since I found the pin, I've actually been keeping an eye out for other lobsters in my life, to see if they pop up.  I haven't seen *any* more lobsters in almost two weeks (I haven't even passed any seafood restaurants like Red Lobster!).  So, to have three lobsters show up in my life so quickly, and then absolutely nothing, I really do believe now that it's more than just a massive coincidence, and that gives me comfort that she's on the other side, waiting for me.

jennifer sutton said:

Hi George!  My name is Jennifer!  I believe, and it is whether or not, and or what one chooses to accept when loved one's family member   or significant other passes!..... They say that when we are open,and accepting, that departed loved one's do send messages from the other side!  I don't think it is coincidence at all!...... Your Lady friend, of whom you shared feelings for, wanted you to know, that it is indeed her, and sent  this lobster pin with letters  in a form of recognition, that only you would know!

Hi Jane -

Thank you as well for your kind words - I think you're right, I've been so dulled and overwhelmed by my grief that I couldn't "hear" her any other way (even though I've been asking her nightly to appear in my dreams), so the lobster is (I think) intended to be a concrete and physical reminder to me that she's there and waiting for me on the other side.  The amount of comfort I take from that is inexpressible.  As strange as this may sound, if I know she's waiting for me, I can wait the lifetime it will take to see her again.

Jane Linda Roberts-Feeney said:

Hi George,

I also have been in a position like yourself, there are no such things as coincidence, people or things are placed in your path at certain times for you to acknowledge or dismiss, as you choose.  The Spirit world have an amazing intelligence and work to help you through difficult times and times of great loss, your loved ones do not enjoy seeing your pain or feeling your despair so they try to attract your attention, to give you subtle signs.  This of course if you are open to believing that the Spirit continues to live in another dimension, a beautiful and loving place, the place you were before being 'born' into a human body.  So many people feel as though they are 'drowning' in their grief, this causes the aura to become thick and foggy blocking feelings and your Spirit - the real you - becomes dulled by the grief.  It takes time for this to adjust again and as time goes on the pain does become easier to live with and the Spirit does shine again, and the fog clears from the aura - it is then that your loved one see the opportunity to try and impress upon you a sense or feeling or even knowing that they are around, never doubt that they are, love never dies, it is eternal.  I can say this with confidence and knowledge as I am a Spiritual Medium and work with many people bring them evidence of their loved ones survival in the Spirit world, bringing them undeniable proof that their loved ones and friends survive the death of the physical body. That on passing to the Spirit world, they take with them all the memories and experiences they had in this life - back to the world from where they chose to begin their journey into the physical.

Hi George,

I know that this lovely lady will be waiting for you when it is your time to pass to the Spirit world.  The power of the Spirit is amazing and great happenings can be orchestrated by them in the Spirit world . . . I have experienced a great deal during my years of being able to unfold and develop my gift . . . . Love is the key . . . Love is more powerful that anything else. I feel a great sense of flowers as I write ? perhaps you will know what that means ? x

Hi Judy, Have answered on your wall. luv Jane x

this is in response to mellisa. im so terribly sorry for your loss. i just lost my mother in law to an incurable but rare form of brain cancer. she had a ten month battle with a recurring Glioblastoma Multiforme Stage lV, no one has ever lived past 14 months, so i feel your pain. i was her caregiver for the 10 months and she passed away in my arms. when i read your story about your boyfriend it melted my heart. thats the sweetest thing i think i have heard in some time. just like my mother in law, who was also my best friend, confidant, my best girl, she too gives signs that shes here always watching over us. since her passing on the 12th of jan. 2012 we have a memorial set up in each of our bedrooms, living room, and family room, with her pictures and candles, and all her special mementos she wanted around her when she was ill. every night before i go  to bed i make sure her things are all dusted off, and in order and the candles are still going. to my surprise, every couple of days i will wake up and her things are moved around on the tables. we dont have any children here to be rearranging the items. so i was standing at the table in the living room wondering out loud how they were moved around, when out of nowhere 3 out of the 7 candles went out, one by one she blew them out, that is her way of telling me shes here. we are very blessed with her decision to be cremated because we have her here with us. it just makes it easier to grieve her death, because she is still physically here with us, and in "SPIRIT" also. thank you for your story, i enjoyed it very much, and your boyfriend loves you dearly still.  your friend, tawnya 

Okay, this is too freaky, in a cool way...  I just did a search on Google for "What does a lobster mean", and discovered that there was an episode of the old TV show "Friends" where Phoebe said Ross was Rachel's "lobster".  When asked what that meant, she said "It's a known fact that lobsters fall in love and mate for life. You know what? You can actually see old lobster couples walkin' around their tank, you know, holding claws like..." (Season 2 episode "The One with the Prom Video)  So yet another meaning and message in the lobsters!

(It turns out lobsters don't actually mate for life, but I know she was a fan of the show.)

Hello George, Its Jane here, thought you may be interested in the LOBSTER as depicted in the Tarot Cards.

' Crustaceous creatures are a symbol of hidden psychic power, they live in water - which is a symbol of the subconscious - when they emerge from the depths of the water, it is an expression of coming out of the dark or coming out of hiding.  These creatures are usually equipped with a hard exoskeleton which is a symbol of armor, this protects the tender beauty we carry inside our souls.  A lobster is representative of us on our pilgrimage to carry out our (most ofter hidden ) divine purpose '.

I hope this gives you some more understanding of your lobster signs, I feel it is very applicable to you and your situation. Luv Jane x x

Elaine ....  That was a wonderful post.  My husband died April 27, 2011 from pancreatic cancer so I do know how you feel.  I too have looked for signs from my husband and only had one that I can say I felt was him.  The day he died I came home so down and crying, but decided to walk to the side of the house where one of our gardens is.  My husband was always a bird lover.  I was dazed and staring at the garden when a Blue Jay suddenly swooped down right towards me and dropped one single blue feather and I still have it sitting on my window sill.  Do our loved ones come back?  Grief counseling dispells this theory and it's considered 'hoping and wishing' but my thoughts are, no one can disprove it and many of us have heard stories of spouse coming to warn their loved ones and so if you can't disprove it then they can't say it isn't real.  I find it all odd because I found out when my husband's uncle was dying and asked to see us both that there were two nurses sitting at the foot of his bed taking notes.  I asked them what they were doing and they said they were taking notes when a terminal patient was in the process of dying.  I asked if it was for medical purposes (throws of death) and they told me that it was to find out if the dying patient actually saw someone to lead them to the other side.  I was shocked.  I also learned that in the hospital after a person dies they leave the body there for an hour or more and one of the nurses said it was to be sure the soul was released.  I think your messages were real and no one can say otherwise.  I still talk to my husband and ask him to be there with me through tough times and suddenly I feel peace instead of the heart-breaking sorrow I generally feel.  Every single night I say goodnight to him and if that makes me crazy so be it!  Hang onto your belief system as far as signs from your husband.  I have been reading a couple of books on the 'clinically dead' and their experiences and the doctors have to agree they simply don't have all the answers, thus, it cannot be proven that our loved ones can't come back to be sure we are OK or to protect us.  I am a Christian and know the Bible says that our loved ones go into a deep sleep and are resurrected later, but, sometimes you just can't ignore the signs.




Elaine Wilkinson said:

My husband died on June 16/2011 from pancreatic cancer.  Before he died I asked him if he would send me a message that he as OK, if he could.  He said he would.  I reminded him of his promise a couple of hours before he died - he shook his head yes.  After the funeral, I was feeling really low and I had been looking for messages all over but I couldn't find any.  I went on my facebook page just to relax my mind and there was a message from Brian dated June 19, 2011 - three days after he died!  But the message was blank.  I was so discouraged but my visiting grandson said he thought he could get the message on another page.  He took me to it but before I could get the message I had to type two words which the program had given me.  The first word didn't make sense, it was just a bunch of letters.  The second word was "heaven".  With the thousands of words in the program, I knew this was my message.  We never could find the message page but I was very happy to get what I got.  I treasure that message with all my heart!  That was message #1.

Message #2 - My second daughter has had anxiety problems and a bit of nerve problems.  She was so bad that she never came up to the hospital because she could not stand watching her Dad die.  But this stayed with her and she could not shake the fact that she didn't see him before he died.  One night, she had a dream that my parents, her maternal grandparents came to her and told her that her Dad forgave her because he knew she couldn't handle it and they told her that her Dad was with them in heaven and not to worry about him because they were taking good care of him.  This really helped her to accept her Dad's death and not to agonize over it.  Needless to say, it really helped me too.

Message #3 - My first daughter has a tree in her yard that is about 20 ft. high.  Its a sugar maple that her Dad dug out of a ditch when it was only about 6 ft. high 19 years ago when they built a new home.  It was fall, and the tree was beautiful.  It had leaves that were bright floresent orange and red.  It has never been colourful again in 19 years.  This last fall, after her Dad passed away, it came out with the greatest colours, even brighter than when she first got it.  It was yellow, orange and red - all floresent and since it is much bigger, just beautiful.  She has taken this as a sign from her Dad that he is still helping his family even though we can't see him.

Message # 4 - My friend called me to tell me she had a message to give me from Brian.  She said she was looking at a message on her facebook page from me.  Of course it had a picture of me by the message.  While she was reading it, Brian's picture appeared on the page and it placed itself next to my picture.  She said it was big - but it shrunk down to the size of my picture.  She said she knew it was a message from Brian that he was always next to me to protect me.  Of course, she made me cry and I questioned her to see if she was making this up.  She said, no way, she wouldn't do that and play with my emotions.  She knew I was emotional enough since we have been friends for a long time and she knew how close we were.


Message # 5 - Our granddaughter was the only girl in the grandchildren until about 8 years ago.  All the time she was growing up, she was Grandpa's girl.  She sat on his knee well after she was sixteen!  At the cemetery, the 7 grandchildren sent blue balloons up to heaven to Grandpa to symbolize that he was now free from pain and he was in heaven.  One night when she was driving home from work, she could hardly see because it was foggy.  Suddenly, a blue balloon was in front of her car and it stayed there until she was home.  It was like the balloon led her home safely.  It disappeared as she pulled in the driveway and she never found it.  She cried for three days, because she knew it was a sign from Grandpa, that he was watching over her and helped her get through the fog.


And our only son, who was close to his father, recently had a dream about him being in his house.  He was standing at the door jamb going into the living room and talking about computers.  My son said it was so real and the voice was so loud, that it woke him and right away he felt a presence in his bedroom.  He got up, looked around the house and found nothing.  He went back to bed and had a difficult time getting to sleep because the feeling of a presence was still with him.  He finally fell asleep and he dreamt about his Dad again.  He doesn't remember what that dream was about but the first dream has stayed with him.



That's all I have to share. I keep asking myself, where we all watching for signs and we created them in our minds?  I find that hard to believe but because I am a doubting Thomas, I want to question all the signs we got.  I hope they are real, because that would mean that we DO have an afterlife and he will be waiting for me when I die.  That means I will get to see him and be with him.  That's the only thing that keeps me going.

I can't believe as I was searching the web to come to this site and this page.  The first entry tells of a blue heron sign.  That is the sign that my son first sent to me.  I was not a believer in signs, mediums etc until his death and his constant and dramatic efforts to get my attention.  My story is unique in that my son has formed a very strong bond with a medium. I didn't even really know the true definition of a medium..before. At first the medium told me over the phone as we were speaking; where I was standing, what I was wearing and the color of the coffee cup in my hand.  These messages were from my son to help me trust that it was truly him, there by my side. I know in my heart that the messages that I have received are meant to be shared to help others heal.  I have written about my messages and started a blog to post my miracles and those of others too.. it helps us all heal.  He said that I would write a book of all of my messages and miracles to help others.  Current postings of messages can be found on my blog along with other stories.  I can't wait to share this site with my followers too.  See my posts at 

Hi Elaine ... we certainly do have much in common with the long painful journey we took with our husbands.  Yes, pancreatic cancer is a terrible disease and if in luck with the 'whipple surgery' the life expectancy is 5 years and to me that is cruel for my husband at least as there would only be a 70% quality of life after the Whipple surgery and I know Ernie would have felt like he was waiting for the death penalty if he made it that long.  Not only that, but our husbands would have been on strong pain medications until they passed away.  The specialist we had made one big error after the other not to mention how arrogant and unfeeling he was.  The specialist for pancreatic cancer at our major hospital that made the diagnosis said Ernie had a 6.2 cm mass and the look on his face made me realize Ernie and I were not going to win this battle like the other health issues we battled and won.  When he saw the specialist who was doing the Whipple Surgery and gave us so much hope little did we know that he reversed the size of tumor to 2.6 instead of 6.2 cm.  We had to wait for Ernie's surgery and they said it would be 4 - 6 weeks, but it turned into 8 weeks.  All that time Ernie had terrible pain mainly across his stomach and each time he saw a doctor he would ask what was causing it and if it was the mass on his pancreas and each time they said no!  It wasn't until he was going for his bloodwork before his surgery that the anaestheologist told him it was the cancer on the pancreas causing the pain.  Ernie was so very thin when he went into hospital.  Like your husband, Ernie was willing to do anything and once they put him under to do the Whipple surgery they realized the cancer had spread to his liver as well so they couldn't do the surgery, but, while inside of Ernie they decided to take out a very bad gall bladder and it made me wonder why they hadn't picked that up on one of the CT's or other tests.  After that the pain grew worse and he had to have stents put in and that didn't relieve it.  I was like a mad dog and hunted this arrogant surgeon down in the hospital and let him know in one heck of a hurry to find out how to relieve his pain and suggested they look for a blockage.  I was surprised the surgeon took me up on it and lo and behold Ernie had a blockage of the aorta to the stomach (which I didn't know about an aorta to the stomach .. made me think of the aorta to the heart.)  Things got worse and Ernie was on very heavy medications and the specialist came and told him that he was terminal.  We got no support; the specialist ignored me until I got angry with him out in the hall and I wanted Ernie to have dignity and get him into a Hospice ASAP.  The surgeon kept promising us that Ernie could come home soon, but he had to see the onconologist first.  Weeks went by and Ernie began to bloat and get jaundiced and it tore me apart to see him this way.  He got to the point he couldn't even get out of bed with help from the nurses and myself.  Ernie and I had some good cries.  A week before he died the oncologist came in and told us in a matter of fact tone that Ernie was not a candidate for chemo because he was too thin and frail (just like that!  No sympathy in his voice).  Ernie's spirits went down right there and then although I tried my best to keep hope up for both of us until Ernie asked how long he had to live.  The oncologist said about 2 weeks and Ernie looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, 'Marcy, I have only 2 weeks to live!'  We both had a good cry together.  He just became 'soul weary' and I fought the medical system and managed to get him into the Hospice on April 26, 2011, but the move gave him even more pain.  I was with him and wanted to stay the night, but Ernie urged me to go home and didn't want me to stay.  I asked if I could stay with him the next night and he smiled and said 'yes.'  His breathing was labored so I asked him if he wanted oxygen and he said no.  It didn't hit me until halfway home that Ernie had given up and was preparing to die and he died at 6:30 AM the next morning.  I got there as fast as I could and wished I had been there for him, but now realize he picked his own time to die.  There was a wonderful nurse there so he at least didn't die alone.  I am so upset over the treatment Ernie got; no dignity given or even the truth given to him or myself at the hospital and when I got him into Hospice is when I found out the cancer had ravaged his body.  Before he died I told him how much I loved him and not to be afraid and to 'let go' and I would be OK.  It was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life ... loving him so much, yet asking him to go so he wouldn't be in anymore pain.  I knew I would fall to pieces without him.


Your poor husband!  They should have never started Chemo on him, but I guess your husband wanted to try anything and keep hoping.  Elaine, your husband didn't feel the pain because they give them very potent pain medications so don't let that worry you.  I know Ernie saw everything from a face on the curtain at the bottom of his bed; a woman standing over by the wall (I would like to think it was an angel) and moths were fluttering around.  I told him to be at peace with it because the pain medications could cause him to see some things that weren't real and what I said seemed to calm him.  The thing that has bothered me for a long time is I was so busy chasing that blasted specialist and trying to keep Ernie alive that I never got to tell him all the things I wanted to tell him, but now I realize he would know how much I loved him.  I wrote a letter to the B.C. Physicians and Surgeons along with the pathology reports which my GP said didn't add up and formed a complaint against the specialist.


I am so happy your son saw his dad.  He should not be upset about it.  Elaine, your husband is with you and your son even though you can't see him.  I wish I could say I had seen Ernie, but nothing so far.  Only on Christmas Eve (Ernie and I always celebrated a private Christmas Eve between us) did I honestly feel a presence to the right of me.  I was wrapping gifts for family so I wasn't even thinking of seeing or feeling Ernie.  I know it was him and I immediately looked to the left, but couldn't see him.  That was the last I have experienced.  Grief counseling generally includes grieving as 'seeing that person' and along with that scientists and doctors disagree that you cannot actually have these feelings; seeing the person who passed on or get messages from them and it's wishful hoping , but they can't prove it and, in fact, I found out in our hospitals here when someone is dying nurses will take notes of what the dying person is saying to study the process of death and also they leave the deceased in their room for an hour to let the soul pass.  There are just too many unexplained things after the death of a loved one.


No, I don't think misery loves company, we just know what it is to lose someone to pancreatic cancer and whether it is that or some other disease that is why we are all here to lend support; discuss our feelings and know we are not alone.  Anytime you want to talk just let me know and I'll be there for you Elaine.


Big hugs


When my grandson died i contacted  a medium and to be real i had her ask Isaiah something that we both know just me and him. he nick name that i call him in his ear. this mediun asked me whos gamma guma nama, i said im gamma but Isaiah says gumma because he was missing his front teeth, he was calling me from the other side he couldnt find me i cried so hard i told him that i was sorry and Isaiah was telling me sorry, that she hurted him.

i try to stay in touch but it becoms to costly. But my grandson whn he near he plays with my phone and goes tto utube and his songs are on my phone. he said he loves me and misses me and his mommy. but i believe mesages from the other side, and signs.  My grandson said that god visit him and he flew to the stars and back he had fun. Then one night i dream of a bus dont know why, i was coming from LA with my boyfriend and i looked in the sky and i saw a bus, i thought i was seeing things and i shook my head and looked up again the bus was still in the sky and i sn my Isaiah with other people young and old, he was just looking like he was on a bus ride, i cred so hard i told my boyfriend to look in the sky and he told me he couldnt see it but it was just meant for me to se it and to let me know hes still here watching over me. Isaiah talk through this medium and said hes my guardian angel and that he is waiting for me. I will contact Isaiah soon i wish i could do this on my own but dont have the full ability to summon Isaiah., but this is my story about a message from the other side


That is so great you found a good medium, we went to a physic but really i think somethings were corect but she was so vague in most areas and I don't know what i had told her over the phone, I wish I could find a good medium here around houston texas but there are so many fakes out there its hard to trust.


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