Do you believe in the supernatural? Do you think that anyone has ever tried to contact you or send you signs from the other side?

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Hello, I am so very sorry for your recent loss.. And yes I believe as you do, "there is just life". But I believe that our God given memories is what keeps us emotionally close to those who have fallen asleep in death. I also believe that this life is not all there is.. Not for the dead or the livening. My hope is in the promises made by our Father in the heavens. Soon we will see them again here on earth and have the chance to live forever according to John ch5 vs 28,29 and Psalm ch 37vs11 & 29. Romans ch 15vs4 actually says that the Bible was written to give us, his creation, comfort and hope... It also says to give instruction. This is why I have decided to spend more time in my Bible studies because some days I feel total sadness... I hope you get a chance to read those scriptures... I am sure it will help you to feel better too...
I lost my husband recently and the pain is unbearable. These holidays will kill me from depression. I am new to this site I love it. I'm running out the door right now, but I have some things to share later regarding signs from above. It is true! Thank you for this site. Talk soon. Cindy

I lost my 21 year old son four year ago.  I was introduced to a medium shortly afterward.  I was terrified as I did not know what to think.. Four years have changed my life in many ways and I have documented my amazing journey on my web site  Read for your self many miracles and stories that are true and as they have happened.  I have chosen to write about my journey to help others like me have hope and peace.  I hope that it helps you.

Wilela Trip said:

Has anyone been to a medium?  Do you believe in them?  I don't know what to think.  Since I am a doubting Thomas, I sometimes think that they researched the people and tell them what they know to get more out of them.  Then, I sometimes think that they are real.  I have an appointment with one on our anniversary.  I am scared and don't know if I will keep the appointment.  I don't want to hear bad things or not have the person that passed not send messages.  I'd like to know what everyone thinks.

I saw a medium two months after my best friend and Dad passed.  They passed 10 days apart.  The medium I saw did not know me from a bar of soap and nobody knew I was going.  I had seen her 12 years earlier.  

First my dad came through.  He thanked me for taking care of him and expressed his surprise at how quickly he passed.  Dad had Alzheimer's, fell and hurt his back, developed AD pneumonia in hospital.  He was bedridden for 3 weeks in total!  He also told me he did not pass from "that disease".  He told me he was happy and that I must not grieve too much.  He is happy to be reunited with my Mom.

The medium then said my sister was there.  I replied that it was impossible as my sister is still alive.  She then said my Dad is smiling and acknowledged that it was my sister who wanted to speak to me.

My BFF was a sister to me.  She have me a fridge magnet that reads "A sister is someone who understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you today just the way you are" a short while before she passed.  She told me she was where she always wanted to be.  She acknowledged relationship problems with her mom but said that she would sort it out when her mom passes.... 

When my first husband passed (12 years earlier) I saw the same medium.  Never in between.  My husband came through and spoke of very personal issues that nobody in the world knew about.

There is a spirit world.  It is a happy and peaceful place of retrospection.  I am a believer.

I want to repeat the following:  I saw the medium only twice in my life.  She is not a friend of a friend or even acquaintance.  She is a stranger.  

Thank you so much for those bible scriptures, I was just looking for that. I love thinking my husband will be there to greet me when I arrive. Cindy
This is going to sound crazy but I have a little cockatiel bird that I have had 10 years (they can live up to 30 plus) my mom was with me when we bought this little bird and she was trying to teach it to say pretty birdie and using syllables Iike saying pret eeee bird eeee. The bird unfortunately didn't learn it then !
Then when my mom was in the hospital she was on dialysis and very I'll. they let me spend the night at the hospital Around 1 am she sat straight up (this startled me because she was not able to sit up at all!) she looked straight ahead (she was unaware that I was even there) she looked into the wall and said "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Three times, then laid back down slowly. It was three days after this I got a phone call from the hospital and they said she didn't make it And passed away. I was crying and gave the phone to my husband and he was talking to the nurse. The little bird started saying (screming)pretty birdie like it was going crazy!! I started to tell my husband to make it stop, and it continued goings pretty pretty pretty birdie ...over and over !! Well, after this this special little bird out of nowhere gives me one clear as a bell "pretty
Birdie" the bird NEVER did this until my moms passing, and now I feel as if she is letting me know she is alright. If THATS not enough.....I just lost my husband 2 months ago, and now the little bird is doing the exact whistle my husband did when he was sweeping the bird seeds ! I feel so blessed that the Lord allowed me to see my mom actually talk to Jesus, (she could see HIm of course I couldn't,) and to have signs like this letting me know they are ok. I miss my entertainer comic impressionist husband SO much, I feel so empty and alone and it is so painful that nothing seems important to me, I just look forward to be with him and my whole family up in heaven again, only this time Forever! I want to share a book with you called "My time in Heaven" Also I have some other thing to share with you regarding a Butterfly and Rainbow .....but I thought this would be enough for now ! LOL I am looking forward to hear your signs. Hugs .. CIndy

Well with the impending first anniversary of my grandfathers passing looming my mum and two sisters went to see the same medium I have seen (as I was at work I could not go along) She asked about 'Maureen' this is my Nana who passed 10 years ago and said my mum had been waiting to hear from her for a long time, she mentioned 'Peter' who is my grandfather and said he was a big character (he was Scottish and a huge character) then she asked about 'Becca and Aimee' to my family I am known as Becca but no one else calls me this - she mentioned how close me and Aimee were but couldn't quite read what the link was - Aimee is my 20 year old sister who passed away suddenly in April. She also spoke to my sister and mentioned her childrens names and spoke about their characters.

She asked no questions not even a name you literally walk in, pay and sit down without really speaking so anything she does say HAS to be genuine when it all ties in like has been around 3-4 months since I last saw her and as she mainly des group sessions 2-3 times a week I very much doubt she will remember me so I am planning a return visit next wednesday! all being well I will have an update for yu all then!!

Also not medium related I have just bought a kitten and on my fireplace is my sisters photo and order of service from her funeral the kitten reacts in two ways to this area he either hisses and does not like it or will stare at it for a long time....maybe nothing but this is where I speak to Aimee and they do say the see more than us?!

Hi WIlela, my husband hd PC also, and went through similar symptoms. It was spread to bones ect.. Horrible ....I died when he died on JUly 31st. I don't know how I can possibly get through these holidays !,
I wish I could just sleep through them !
My husband was a commedian impressionist very well known here in Vegas. He was never sick in his life and full of energy on stage ect. Exercized and ate right. Almost a helth nut. It started out with a lower back pain and he thought he pulled a mussel. We went to chiropractor. He was also getting bloated abdomon which we thought was an impacted colon. It turned out to be urine retention. They put a cathiter in and the bloat was gone. Then we thought everything was ok except his intense back pain was still there.he was still performing om stage wearing a back belt to support. Then he wound up with sciatica which was excruciating. Now he started complaining of being short winded. And he was NEVER like this ! We went to the ER And they said he needed a blood transfusion. To get his energy back ect. During all this nightmear we had run into the stupidist doctors! First they said they thought he had a hard tumor in his belly. That was only the urine retention. THEN another Dr said kidney failure. Wrong again. His kidneys were fine. The last Dr. Did a PSA test and suspected prostate cance. They said a man can live a long time with prostate cancer is it stays contained in the prostate. However they said they suspected it had spread and to the bones, that why the back pain this time he nor I trusted the doctors, but he kept getting weaker and lost SO much weight! His appitite was ok though so I still had hope ! He decided to have no treatment because he was a health nut and juat did natural things! I thought he was gaining weight but it was just fluid. He had to have many blood transfusions and then I believe the cancer had spread to his lungs because the last day he said he couldn't breathe good. I guess the Lord took him quickly because he would have had nothing but pain in all his bones and fractures ect... I miss him so much. My life is over and I will just be a zombie. He wass a commedian so the laughs and joy are gone now. I'm just so sad.I was married 25 years..together 30 -over HAlf my life. I Thank Jesus for this site and people like you! Cindy
WIlela, I'm so sorry for all the typo mistakes on my long msg to you, but I was typing on my little phone lol

No I did not have to answer any questions!  The medium got annoyed with me for volunteering information at one stage of the reading.  I hope you have a good reading.

Wilela Trip said:

Thank you, Tersia.  When I read your message it makes me believe.  I am glad you had a good reading.  I hope I have the same on our anniversary.  Did you have to answer questions?  I believe if the medium is for real, that they shouldn't ask any questions, because that's how they get information.  I watch the show, Long Island Medium and she always asks questions.  Thank you again for your input.

My son Jon died at the age of 20,in 2003.  I have been blessed in that I have received messages from Jon and experienced signs  reassuring me that he is still alive in "spirit"  You may share your story on my website  I don't know how we continue on after the loss of a child, but somehow we are given the strength from the child we lost and our God.  Susan Casadei


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