Do you believe in the supernatural? Do you think that anyone has ever tried to contact you or send you signs from the other side?

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I have a few stories I can share after my wife died. One is;when a van loaded with my kids was called to the hospital 45 miles away to come see their mother as she was not expected to live very long. They were 10 mins. away from the hospital and could see it. I went out to the parking lot to meet them. Thats when my wife of 44 years died. She was an Ozzie Osborne fan. The radio station was on and playing terrible music the whole time until then. The kids said their phone rang and they were told 'mom' just died. Just then, the radio played an Ozzie song called "Over The Mountain". If you can print the words to that song, it was from my wife, to all of the family. I have a couple more stories, at a later time.
Randolph Schrader
Another story is; a couple of nights after my wife died, I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and a tune was playing in my head until the last part of the verse which I then sang out loud. The Beatle's song "Let It Be". The part I sang out loud was "there will be an answer, let it be. I dont even like that song. I knew it was my wife saying that to me. After 10 months I still wake up in the early morning during the time she died, even with a sleeping aid. She also waited 6 hours from her heart attack to die on her birthday. I never had a chance to give her the birthday card that night and here is what it said, " an angel came to be one I married her". Little did I know she would really become one......Randolph Schrader
I must start this story by telling you that we have a "Billy Bass" that sings "Take Me To The River". I know you all know who Billy Bass is, the singing fish? We've had it for 10 years. I kept trying to give it to the Goodwill but my husband said no. So I stuck it under an end table and left it there, dusting around it for 10 years. Three days after my husband passed away, I received a call from the Mortuary informing me that I could either pick up my husband's ashes that day or wait until I pick up his death certificate a week later. I must also tell you that Bill wanted his ashes to be spread in a River in Northern CA. I hung up the phone, not knowing what to do when I noticed something strange on the carpet. when I bent down to pick it up, it disappeared and Billy Bass started singing Take Me To The River Put Me In The Water. I picked it up, turned it over and it was turned off. I had to take out two batteries before it would stop singing. I had my answer. I immediately went down and picked up his ashes!
I will write a book soon about all of my visits from the other side. If there were just 1 thing they would want you to know is thaat they are still with you. They are in another dimention and when you die they do not float up in the sky and play harps! They are with us in the car, at at get togethers. I have picture's of my whole deceased family, all line up for the photo. It also contains an angel. Look around. Listen closely. They are always trying to get your attention!
Such a gift to have a fabulous last memory of your daughter & a gift left for you her rainbow flashing phone! She sounds so sweet and eternally happy! Hugs to you K
I find a general thread of beliefs as I read. I can't help but think now....back before my son died I prayed multiple times daily my faith was strong I'm not evangelical & didn't push my beliefs on others & now I realize that I haven't relied on my faith as before. I do say often: WE MAKE PLANS & GOD LAUGHS!Now I struggle with what next,how do I learn to trust God again,how do I begin to have faiht again?
I have these questions too. Especially during the time of my mom being ill. My faith wavered while she lay in a coma and at that point, God didn't take her home~ i never thought i would have prayed for this ever, but at that time, her agony needed to end. I think my anger is coming out now~ however, i feel God is at the Gates waiting, some are scared to go and stay during horrendous situations. Sometimes i feel my prayers are futile. "They" say God has plans for all of us, then i would like to know why when we pray for people that are in a bad situation, does it get worse? Bang, Bang, Bang, we've been knocked down over and over again. In losing loved ones. We lost another distant friend last week and there is absolutely no sence to what happened. We just keep trying each and every morning to get back up, just to get more emergency calls of tragedy. I so want to heal, but im tired of even getting up in the mornings now.
Each one takes us back to my moms agonizing passing. But yet.. i keep praying.
Two beautiful young sisters took their lives within 7 months of each other.
I HAVE to make something good out of the devistation! Im compelled.
So here i go. My plea is to parents. Please keep an eye on your childrens emotional being. I see that we can get all wrapped up in our own grief and sorrows and unfortunately some feel the kids will raise themselves. NOT true. Everyone please beware of these two horrible subculture groups~ Gothic and Emo. Many kids express their own individual styles in dress, music, body piercings.. however these "groups" condone and encourage suicide and praise death. They have a secret language that only they understand. They actually rally when one of them dies! Its a disease thats sweeping our towns. If anyone feels their kids belong to this please research everything on the subject. GET EDUCATED and then take action! Thank u for allowing me to put this warning here~~ My prayers continue for all of us here.

Karen ~ Kenny's Mom said:
I find a general thread of beliefs as I read. I can't help but think now....back before my son died I prayed multiple times daily my faith was strong I'm not evangelical & didn't push my beliefs on others & now I realize that I haven't relied on my faith as before. I do say often: WE MAKE PLANS & GOD LAUGHS!Now I struggle with what next,how do I learn to trust God again,how do I begin to have faiht again?
My husband passed on March 5, 2008 about 2 weeks later i had a dream that i was with another man and my husband and his parents were behind us in another car. My husband Matt said give your boyfriend a kiss and lets go. I thought this was very strange. I could not see the guys face only from the neck down. well months went by and then i started talking to an old friend online from school. I had not seen him since school. Well to make a long story short he is the man that was in my dream. I also went to a pyscic before i started talking to him and she said i would be dating a friend. I thought it was a friend of my husbands becuase the message came from Matt. Now that my son is gone I believe that my husband had a lot to do with me dating Ed. I think matt knew what was going to happen to my son and he knew i would need someone to help me get through this.
Dr Gayle

my son got an ipod about a month before he passed. he really loved it. he got it with his christmas money which he got early ( i thank God he got his christmas money early). Now when i use my ipod and i am listening to a book on tape that might make me sad it just stops playing and goes back to the main screen. sometimes i put it back on and it will do it again. i also hear songs that remind me of my son or a message i think he might be sending me when ever i am having a bad day. to me it is a sign from him that he loves me. yes it makes me cry but i love it. that is very special that you have her phone and it does that. that is really cool.

the other day i was laying in bed trying to go to sleep and i felt a finger go across my hip. I thought what was that. it happend again I said John if that is you do it again. And it happend again it was amazing. It mad me cry becuase i was happy and i knew he was with me.
It is a nice thought that the person or people you love can contact you or give you a sign that they are okay after they have died. I think I have had a few signs from my son. Unfortunately they haven't been received directly by me, but I have read that it is often the mother who will be the last person to receive a sign...

The day after my son died my father, had a lucid dream that Matthew was standing at the bottom of his bed. He looked at my dad, nodded his head and said, "I know mom, it's ok". That made me feel lighter and helped me believe that he is ok.

He has also "spoken" to my mother.

And I think he spoke to our dog. We were watching tv one night when the dog suddenly got very agitated. She eventually got up and walked over to the picture of Matthew we have next to the tv and growled at it. It gave me chills and my heart started beating very fast.

He has also been "playing" with one of his little friends. All of a sudden Matthew's friend started telling his mom that he was playing with Matthew. And then he started taking the same toys to bed that Matthew used to take to bed. They never shared that between the 2 of them.

It is comforting to feel that my son is still ere.
first i feel bad for the people you give false hope to , i would never try to profit from a loved ones death , i wouldn't doubt it if you don't even have a son named billy ,i could say more but i wont. shame on you.
i wish that all the time.


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