Do you believe in the supernatural? Do you think that anyone has ever tried to contact you or send you signs from the other side?

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I believe that we all are able to receive signs from our loved ones. Sometimes I believe we just don't "see" them. And other times, I believe we try to hard. My mother passed 5 years ago and I have received signs from her. I think that our loved ones are always around us and pay special attention to dreams, that is one easy way for them to get through.
Julie, i agree with you. I think some of us are a little more "sensitive" than others.. in feeling... there has been a horrible tragedy in our town recently, where two sisters commited suicide 7 months apart. Both girls (in spirit) have already visited us..I have tried very hard to wake up their family members.. but im sure they think i belong in a looney bin so be it.. but i have asked them (the girls) to go where they need to go. I didn't "create" their environment that shook up their lives and honestly it's very very draining at this time. Blessings to them big time!! And i've prayed to God to send his Angels down, and open their huge wings and scoop these tortured souls up to him. Prayers for everyone here one day at a time.

Julie said:
I believe that we all are able to receive signs from our loved ones. Sometimes I believe we just don't "see" them. And other times, I believe we try to hard. My mother passed 5 years ago and I have received signs from her. I think that our loved ones are always around us and pay special attention to dreams, that is one easy way for them to get through.
My son died suddenly May 9, 2008. I was a believer before his death, but had never lost anyone close to me, so I had no experiences.
In November 2008, I had the pleasure of having a reading done by Spiritual Medium John Holland( Six months after Colby's death, I attended a Celebrate Your Life Conference in Pheonix and was in a group setting of about 400 people. I was chosen out of this group, John Holland spoke to me about Colby. He told me things about how he died, and mentioned things that my daughter and I had been doing since his death that noone would Know but Colby. It was just what I needed, I was in a pretty bad place at that time. It gave me validation that he is still with us. I am sure that he is in a safe place and wants us to be happy. Now when I do cry, I tell Colby, (as the song goes) I'm not crying for you, I'm crying for me.
I've had other experiences since that time with shadows, candles burning for days at a time, birds, lots of validation.

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In the last 12 years of my father's life we were very close again as we had been when I was young. When he was in the hospital that last time, we knew the end was coming but not even his doctor could estimate. My mother came over one afternoon and stayed through the evening. A few minutes after 1 a.m. I got up to fix coffee for her. As I walked from the living room to the kitchen for one second I thought I saw my father standing in my hallway. He was smiling at me very happily wearing his pajamas and a blue/white seersucker robe and his favorite slippers. He was healthy and standing very erect as he had been just before he became ill. It was a flash image and then it was gone. I made coffee and went to my bedroom to check messages from family or the hospital. There was a message that had come about 20 minutes before from the doctor. To tell me my father had died at a few minutes past 1 a.m. in the morning.

But on the other hand, I have felt a negative force in this house ever since my mother died. Our relationship was terrible. She had a violent temper and I was the recipient of it far too many times. Her last years were quieter and she spent the last 10 months of her life with my daughter and I here. But within a year of her death and up to now, there are bumps and noises and things falling and disappearing only to reappear elsewhere all over the house. One night alone I heard noises in my daughter's music room. I knew she was asleep. I heard a trumpet sound, one of hers, and her drums beat out a tune. But when I opened the door to the room nothing was there. It is not constant nor is it infrequent. It has become tiresome though.

It is strange that these two events mirror the personalities of the two people who may be causing them. It could be just me also.

Except that I've had inklings of things for years and years. All since a near fatal car crash in 1988. I've never been sure and an anonymous site like this is a safe place for me to unload my thoughts and experiences. The worst memory I have is seeing Cary Staynor in my mind before he was arrested. Not too long after that mother and the two girls went missing. Seeing in my mind like a memory a tall, good looking man who was older than he looked, dark haired, and in a job position where people would most likely trust him and in a community were he was thought to be rather harmless. I will never forget seeing the man I saw in my head being arrested. The similarities between who and what he was and I what I had been seeing in my head was chilling and made me wonder what this all meant. I regret never saying anything but at the same time I felt what I was seeing was so indistinct as to be meaningless and I loathe to cause notice of myself in any regard. Especially in something as awful as this was.
A few things have happened since my son passed away on January 30th. Had someone not been with me for them I would honestly believe I should be in a rubber room. The first thing that happened was the day after his death. The running joke between us was that one of us could never find our lighter. We were always asking each other for a light. The hospital gave me a bag with his belongings and it was tagged with "one black lighter, one key, gold necklace, 4 earrings" the bag was sealed. I always had bright color lighters and he always had black ones. We were leaving to meet everyone at my parents, I (as usual) couldnt find my lighter. I told my husband, I am taking Bryans lighter from the bag, please dont let me lose it or forget to put it back when we get home. I unsealed the bag, took the lighter, and left the house. On the way home I was so exhausted, I put the lighter in my coat pocket, came in, put my coat on the chair and went up to my room to cry myself to sleep. The next morning the funeral home called asking about earrings since they noticed my sons pierced ears. I said yes, let me get them, I went to the bag, picked it up and started hyperventalating. My husband ran to me, I held up the bag and couldnt speak. I ran to my coat, thinking I was so out of it the night before I forgot that I put the lighter back in the bag. I reached into my coat pocket and there was the lighter from the night before, complete with the scratches from the accident, and in the bag was another black lighter. I know it was my son telling me, here is a light for you mom. The second thing that happened was that my digital scale had not been working since October. Bryan asked what I wanted for Christmas, I said, fix the scale for me, it says LOW (battery) and I cant weigh myself. Well he got me something else for Christmas, and in January, for my birthday he again asked, and I said, fix the scale. He died in an accident before he could fix it. The day after the funeral, my step daughter was here with her 3 kids, and one by one they came out of the bathroom telling me how much they weigh. When their mother came out I asked why they were telling me their weights, she said, you fixed the scale, I just weighed each of them and myself. I said I didnt fix the scale, Bryan was supposed to fix it for my birthday and never got a chance. It is 6 weeks tonight that my son died and the scale is still working fine. I want to believe its my son letting me know he is ok.
"My mom died a year ago. A few weeks before that I asked her to promise to send
me a sign, a symbolic shout-out -- something to let me know she was okay after
she left the earth. She was feeling discouraged that particular day. Her
usually upbeat personality, hearty laugh, and glowing optimism were..." Just read this beautiful story on Janet Lansbury's site (she's not selling anything). Find it here: Http://
Liska- I definately believe. After my friend died a lot of sounds started happening in the house late-night or early in the a.m., like 4. Footsteps, voices, dog acting weird, lights acting weird, a cup moved by itself, things disapearing, other things appearing out of nowhere. Then one day I was alone waiting for a train. I talked out loud to my deceased friend. Suddenly, I not only saw my shadow, but his, too! He's just letting me know he's around, guarding me. He's also visited me in dreams, like my Dad who passed away.
The man that I love so much died one year ago on march 24 2009. I cannont get over it or stop missing him. It is so hard to believe he is gone !!! Deb
I just lost my son in November of 2009, I have been waiting for a sign or something, will I ever know he is okay and on the other side.

Karen Monsalve said:
Hi Melissa, my name is karen, and i just joined after i saw your story. my heart goes out to you, but most of all, i can relate to you, and i do understand what ur saying about the cell phone thing. I went thru that,after my only son was killed in a motorcycle accident. the love of my life, my pride and joy, gone. gone forever. And so many strange things happen with his cell phone, and so many other strange things. It made me feel better, knowing that other people go thru this stuff also, and im not crazy. . But to talk to people who have never gone thru, they just think ur crazy. I really think ur boyfriend was telling you he was ok, and is doing good,and will keep you safe, he was telling you not to cry. Have you ever read sylvia brown books? she is really good,and i belive her, cause of the grief,and all the strange things i went thru. I belive in what she says. She says this is hell,here on earth. Are love ones are in a great place,and they know how much we miss them. Stay strong melissa, he is looking over you at all times, and wants you to stay strong. God bless.
My husband passed away on November 9th, 2009. Before his passing he had a great difficulty walking which he attriuted to disc problems in his back. But anyway, he could barely walk from the living room to the bathroom and then into the bedroom.
We also had two dogs that are just too much for me to take care of because I have a physical disability. He woud always tell me to give the dogs away but I couldn't do it.
One night in a dream I had all kinds of dogs running around in my yard and my neighbors yard , hundreds of dogs and puppies. My husband walked from the front of our house to around the side where I was trying to catch these dogs and said to me "Honey, look I can walk and it doesn't hurt". He then went away and all the dogs went away and my two dogs came in the house. That was the only time that I saw and talked to him but I have felt him at night putting his arms around me while I sleep holding his picture.
Karen, I was told by someone that when they first pass they cannot communicate with you. It is almost like they are in a holding area before they go to heaven and then they can contact you. It took about three months before my husband first came to tell me that he was now able to walk without pain. I sleep holding his picture in my arms and sometimes I can feel him put his arms around me as though he were laying there next to me.
Connie thank you for your reply, I have cried so much begging god to let my son come to me. When my son died he had a girlfriend who keep everything of his but a bag of dirty clothes, I was so stupied I washed his laundry and folded it up like I used to do, now I have no smell. My husband who is not my son's father so I grieve alone, and this really hurts. I pray that sometime soon my son will come visit me, so hopefully son he will get out of that holding area.


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