Do you believe in the supernatural? Do you think that anyone has ever tried to contact you or send you signs from the other side?

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Hi Anne, Im so sorry about the loss of ur sister. Shes in a better place, and she is happy. And she is watching over you,and keeping you safe,and im sure she has missed you too.Im sure she wanted to stay here on earth with her loved ones, But the lord needed her. You know, Anne, I lost my only son, who was only 24yrs old, may 15th 2005, to a motorcycle accident,and i know my son wouldnt have wanted things this way. He loved (mom) me, and would have never left me. Its been real hard, not haveing him here with me. He was my pride and joy. And when he left, so many strange things happend. I thought i was crazy, but im not, many people experince some of the same things i did,and the cell phone was one of many. another was a owel,that showed up, i have lived in my home for the past 15 years and have never seen a owel in my back yard?? So many strange things, and i know its my son letting me know, that when i talk to him, i cant see him, but he can hear me, the he is letting me know he is ok.. my sons girlfriend, has strange things happen with her, ladybugs ??? some times she sees 5 or 6 of them a day, and then have one on her shirt, or car, and she knows its my son letting her know that he loves her and misses her. Stay strong anne, thats what your sister wants. she will let you know in time that she is ok. Just watch for not normal things that happed??
Hi Karen:

Thank you Karen. But do you ever get mad that your son has gone besides grieve? I'm mad since my sister's time wasn't now. She fought with every new chemo drug on the market known to man and they still failed her (she even flew to North Carolina to try something new). Even to the end, she could never accept the fact that she was dying because she had fought so hard for so long and that no chemo drug could save her now. She really wanted to live and even my mom said so. I guess in time I'll deal with that but that's why I wish I could hear from her that she has finally accepted it. Take care.
Hey Anne,
You know,i was really mad at my son,and god,for what happed. I thought, how could they both do this to me? What did i ever do in my life that was bad, that i had to suffer a paid back like this? It was just his time to leave me, as was the same for your sister. We dont have a choice when its are time to go, no matter how hard we fight to stay. God needed her, and now she is pain free, and in a better place, she is home, and you will see her again soon. Like i say to my son when i talk to him, i tell him to save a spot for me.. Keep strong anne.. take it day by day, thats what im doing... your sis will come to you, may it be in a dream,rainbow,grasshopper, its always something,or some kinda way.. Give it time girl friend.. she will send you something in her own little way.. talk to you soon, stay strong.... kare
Karen, I would really want to meet you. I am crying right now again. You've been great. I live in Vancouver, BC Canada. Where do you live if I may ask?

Anger is just a natural part of all this. Even though I am so deeply sad, depresssed, and traumatized I do have my moments where I feel a rage build up because Bill died. I get mad because he knew he was supposed to be on medication and didn't take it and lied to me about needing to take it (which I found out from his mom after he died). I get angry because he told me he wanted me in his life. I get angry because he was the only person in my adult life who treated me like I should have been treated. I am enraged because he died on my bed, in my arms on Christmas Eve morning. Even if I can move on with my life, the Holidays will ALWAYS be horrible for me now. I just don't get mad at him though. I get mad at myself because the last thing he said to me was, 'I'm dying. Baby help me.' I looked at him, and my last words to him while he was conscious was, 'Baby, I can't help you.' That haunts me and makes me angry. He always said he wasn't scared to die. Boy, he sure had me fooled that last 20 minutes and that makes me mad....
Hi Melissa:

If you don't mind me asking, how did Bill die? Also, I am so truly sorry. I think in time we'll realize that Bill and Donna are okay where they are now and let us know then we'll be okay too. Take care.
Anne, Bill had Protein C and Protein S deficiencies. It is a hereditary clotting disorder which causes the blood to thicken and clot faster than normal. Bill had twisted his ankle at work on December 13th. He threw a blood clot to his lungs at 1:00 AM on Christmas Eve. I know, medically and professionally, that he died from a Pulmonary embolus (bllod clot to the lungs) but I requested a copy of his autopsy report so I can see it in writing. Just my thing, I have to see it in writing so when I get to the stage when I get past my demons I will know.
Hi Anne,
I also lost my sister to breast cancer at 51 years old. She had every treatment available and she was an angel while she was here on earth so I know she is still an angel only she's with God now. She waited until all of her family was at her side before she passed and you could feel God's spirit in the room. I believe He sent a very special angel to take her home. I too felt like you, that she should have lived and I should have been the one to go. I then developed breast cancer and I had surgery and I have been cancer free for 13 years. I guess there is more for me to do here. I also just lost my mom in August and 43 days later my father went to be with her. He just willed himself to die. He wanted to be with mama. It is so hard and I miss them but I know they are watching over me and I feel their presence still.
Thank you Karen. Yes, you're right. People who have never experienced it think we're crazy. There's no doubt that I am (hahaha) but it is comforting that he did that for me....Thanks again.
Hey melissa,
I cant tell you not to cry, cause i cry for the loss of my son, and my heart is just broken inside, just as yours is for your boy friend. Just stay strong girl friend, thats what he would want you to do. And just take it day by day. Im sure he is with every day, you just cant see him. I know that day traumatized you,and it will be with you for ever. I seen your reply to kelly, or one of them, about what happen that day, and how he was throwing up while they tryed to save him, no wounder its been hard to sleep in your room. I will keep you in my prayers,and send you some strength. I have my days when im just not good, and i just have to let it out. My life has changed forever, and will never be the same with out my son. every day is hard, and im sure its been that way for you too. You guys look so good together in your pic.. He looked very happy,and full of life, and so young. Im sure he will keep in touch with you, in his own little way, as my son does with me. Omg, It is so cold here, its like freakin 60 out. you think florida would stay warm all year, not... anyway, stay strong, but dont be afraid to let it out when you need to.. Keep in touch.. kare..
Thank you Karen. Bill had only been in Galveston for about a 6-7 months when I met him. I was told by everyone that knew him that he hadn't been as happy the entire time until I came along. He was young, he was only 34. That picture of us was taken 2 days before he died. I am traumatized. I know I will never be the same person I was before this happened. I try to take it day by day and it is SO hard. I have cried every day, except one day, for the past 4-1/2 weeks. I thank you for your prayers. I pray that some day I will find solice in knowing he died in my arms. But until then, his voice begging me to help him for those last minutes waiting for the ambulance torture my soul....
Hey u, :)
I cant belive Bill was 34, he looks so young, you know melissa you did everything you could do to save him. It was in gods hands, and god needed Bill. Just do ur best as thats what Bill would want you to do also. Day by Day, thats all you can do sweetie. I cant say that time will heal your heart, I dont think it does. Just try to stay strong. He is with you and always will be. Keep in touch .. kare


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