I received this e mail yesterday. Are people  trolling  the site  and are the able to get our E mail address. here is the e mail


Hello, How are you doing today hope fine.My name is evelyn.I came accross your profile here and after going through here http(www.connect.legacy.com ) i found you so intresting hope you don't mind.You can contact me with this email addresse so that l can send you my pic mail to (evelyn.baby52@yahoo.com) Hope to hear from you soon,have a nice day & stay blessed. miss evelyn.

    I replied and got another e mail stating she was a 24 yo  living in a refugee  camp in Africa

 Sounds fishy to me.

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Jerry, you need to report this to legacy a s a p
I will try to send something to legacy.com right now.
I will try to send something to legacy.com right now.
Jerry, I got something like that a few months ago and reported it to Legacy. They thanked me and immediately blocked them.
It is such a shame that we can't feel safe even on a site like this. I don't know how people get our e-mails but these women (and some men do it to guys) are looking for vulnerable people they can try to get to be their "sugar daddies". So sorry this is happening.
Took me a while to find out where to report this. I sent it to info@legacy.com
Took me a while to find out where to report this. I sent it to info@legacy.com
Jerry, I went to my profile and set my privacy setting to members only to view. Don't know if you have done this or if it even helps. Just a suggestion.
Thanks, Debbie, I went and did just that.
It's always a good thing to double check your privacy settings. When I tried to see the discussions before I joined it said I had to join to see anything so I assumed that meant everything was private. Guess thats not so cus I did see it said anyone on my settings. So strange. Many tell us that on Facebook alot cus they go and change the defaults every so often. Best to keep up on it just in case that happens here.
I contacted Legacy,they informed me our Email address is not able to be accesed . The problem occured because I had posted a reply to another member and included my e maill in the post,that is how the person that sent me the letter found it.
I was thinking you might have posted it and not realized because I looked everywhere and didn't see anyplace our e-mails are visible. I think our inbox is private though if u need to send something private to someone.


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