My dad died due to cancer on 27 feb 2010. I thought I was doing better but his birthday is this saturday,21st august and i feel like i am losing it. I am 23-years-old and am trying my best to get through this but i couldn't even get out of bed this Monday. I have been having moodswings the past few days and crying spells. I am dreading Saturday, it is just sitting there, like a huge ball of pain waiting for me. It is just too painful.How do i get through this? Please give me some words of wisdom to make it through this day. is it always going to be like this on his birthday?Thank you

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Hey my mom died January 22,2010 and her birthday is also next week the 25th. I am dreading it also but I am going to celebrate her life. Me and my 4yr old son are going to let happy birthday balloons fly up in the sky for her. This weekend is also going to kill me bc we are spreading some of her ashes at her favorite spot. So I know what u mean abput being so sad about birthdays. I know this sounds cliche but just try to remember all the good times u had w your dad and just keep reminding yourself that he gets to be out of pain now. I just try to tell myself that when I'm having rough days but the fact is it sucks-death os horrible and the pain is even worse but we just have to cope w it and pray that one day we will all be reunited. Sorry I just rambled on about nothing but when I think about it all it just gets my mind going crazy! If u ever need anything please let me know :)
I just saw your post and realize by this time you made it past your dad's birthday. I just made it past my mom's birthday in August as well the first since she has been gone. Really the whole month was hard. I was glad when October came. I did cry a lot on her I cried on my dad's who has now been gone 24 years. It does not really get easier but I am able to cope with it as time goes on. I hope you are doing better since your post.


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