I am 30 and just lost my husband of 6 years on July 30, his 33 birthday. We had a long battle with cancer that started while I was 5 months pregnant with our now 14 month old son. All my husband wanted in life was to be a stay at home Da. He was given this opportunity for all of 7 months before he became too ill. It is so hard to not be angry to see a man who never drank or smoked a day in his life loose the battle to stomach cancer! Now I am a single mother to a son who will never know his amazing Da. Looking for some help from those who understand what it is like to live a lifetime of pain and hurt by the age of 30.

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hi my name is stacey and i know exactly what your going through i so sorry for your loss. im 28 i lost my husband oct 7 i was 27 he was 29, they told me he had a heart attack but i dont have any definite answers yet. we have a 17 month old son almost 18 months, we were only married for 15 1/2 months, we didnt even know he was sick but i the day he died i saw something wrong in his eyes and he just kept telling me he was ok his back just hurt. i know what you mean about our sons not knowing their dads i couldnt of asked for a better father for my son im sure you feel the same way. i live everyday for my son and hes the only reason i get out of bed and do things he needs me and so does your lil man, we need to stay strong for them, i dont understand why this happened but its not fair. hang in there hugs stacey 

It's comforting to have widows the same age as me to talk to. My friends are amazing and so supportive that I can't even consider myself a single mom...but they just will never be able to fully relate to us. Is there anything you want to talk about?

i know what you mean i dont consider myself single yet, i still feel married and i cant take my rings off yet. legally my marriage ended but for me it hasn't yet. my friends are also amazing but don't know exactly what im going through so im glad someone finally talked on the young widows forum. i feel so alone yet im not because of my son, i talk to my friends and family often but its not the same as when my hubby was here. work and the baby has been keeping me busy i just really miss talking to him even if he didnt listen to me all the time. hows your lil man handling everything mine is doing okay just major temper tantrums lately eating like a cow all that fun stuff. 

I would like to share just a few suggestions that have helped me cope: Rely on friends (Proverbs 21:5); Take care of your Health; Be Patient with yourself (Phillipians 4:8&9); Get back into a regular routine; & Do not be overly anxious (Matthew 6:25-34). I have learned to use the Bible for comfort and strength; as well as to find satisfying answers to such questions as Why there is suffering? What happens at death? and What hope is there for our dead loved ones?  If I can help or share any more information please let me know. My prayers are with you!


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