Hi. I am new here so I am not sure all or even what to say. My husband of 47 years died after 18 months of treatment for brain cancer. We were told,after his brain surgery that he had GBM and there was no cure. We tried everything but nothing helped and he fought so hard. We did hospice and he passed away at home with his family around him. My problem is that my mind knows he has passed but my heart will not agree. The hurt I am feeling is like nothing I have ever felt before and I have lost both my parents and two siblings so grief is not new to me but this is more than I can take. It is such a deep and painful hurt that cuts right to the heart and leaves me so sad and depressed. When I look at his picture I just want to crawl in and be with him, just to have him in my arms again. Does it ever get better? I hope so because to live like this would not be living.

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Hi Bonnie, I am so sorry, it has been a very difficult time for you.  As stated by so many, the healing process take time and everyone deal with the loss of a love one differently.  Bonnie, death is not normal for any of us - therefore, we reject the fact that our loved one is no longer with us in this life.  I see, you do have a belief in God; therefore, we know our love one is not suffering.  Our mate is compared to the better other half of ourselves, so we miss that part of us that was whole with  our love one. 

What is amazing - is that, we have memories.  Beautiful memories that we can embraced to the fullest as time remembered can not be erased.  We will never forget any of our love one - Time will heal the shock of them not being here but we will never stop loving them in our heart or will we ever forget them.

Feel free to reach out to any of us here at this forum.  We express our deepest feelings associated with the loss of a love one.   Take your time healing .....it is a process.  A process unique to all of us.  



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