My dad died of lung cancer in December.  We all knew his time was up but then 4 weeks later my mom had a heart attack and died suddenly.  I wrote a blog on my page regarding the details.

How do I grieve my dad and mom?  

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I'm so sorry.

I'm very sorry, Mike.  That's a lot to deal with in a short time.  Your blog was wonderfully written, I hope the writing of it helped you.  There's just no set way to grieve, unfortunately we all just have to find our way somehow.  I lost my beloved mom in July 2011, and my other half, my husband in June 2012.  My whole life changed and I'm trying to find my way, still, and not always doing real well.  My thoughts and my wishes & hope for peace in your heart.....

Mike, I am so sorry for your losses.  That must seem overwhelming at times. I lost my last parent in November.  Give yourself time to feel all your feelings and know that whatever you feel is okay.  Keep telling stories and saying their names.  My Dad had been sick for a long time so I felt relieved that he wasn't gasping for every breath anymore.  but I still missed him and missed his physical presence.  This last weekend, I cried massive amounts of tears.  I thought I had cried them all but I felt a lot better after.  I will pray for you.



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