I wish LouAnn was still here.I wish that my pal and confidant was here. I wish that I could have the meals that only she could make and that I will never eat again.I wish for her way of knowing the mood I was in and the way she could tell if my back was really hurting.I wish for the caring and understanding that always was there and is now gone.I wish for the friends and family who disappeared when she died suddenly.I wish that I could smile and laugh and have some contentment.I wish to have some enjoyment once again. I wish that I could be the man and human being I once was.I wish that all of the deaths that have happened to me in the last 17 months didnt happen.I wish that I could "strut my stuff",be happy, show off and be myself.I wish that I could find a reason,a purpose and a meaning now in life.I wish that peolple would give "two hoots" about me and what its like now to be alone and empty.I wish that there was that touching and holding and talking and that some one who had the same thought that you had at the same time.I miss going anywhere without company riding along with me.I miss these and many more that there are.I wish I could be more positive.I wish my heart,soul and sprit was back and intact. Guess I am feeling down.

 I wish I could hold each and everyone of  you and tell you "its okay.its ok". I thank so much for this site. I thank you all for being here to share all of our problems. Our ups and downs. Our good and bad things. Just to listen and not judgemental and critisize

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Thank you Virginia. You are so very sweet. It is a very hard time for me right now but I will get through it, I always do.
Randolph, don't you will make me cry all over again. I wish your LouAnn was here, Basia's Terry was here, Fernandohulya's Barb's, Connie, Marlene, Mary and my husband was here and everybody else's partner too. I would never be able to share a cup of tea with my husband again. He will never see me off to work again and days when I am sad he will never ask me what's wrong. He will never guide with parenting our kids again. I miss him like hell and hurt for all of us too. We all have so much pain and each other to share it. If I didn't have all of you I would have gone crazy by now. Like you always say, 'Hugs to you, hugs are good'.


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