Lost my Mother in June of this year. She has the agressive form of ALS. she was gone in a year and six months from the dx just like the neurologist said could be. were together every minute after the dx. i have dreams about her. Still, i cannot cope some days. tried to find a group through ALS ASSOCIATION wesite. the reply came back: no results found for your area". so i do not reach out to them.

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Roger, hang in there.  I lost mom in September 2012.  There is this constant empty feeling in my heart.  I long for the telephone calls everyday, and now there is nothing.  I know it feels right now for you, a tough struggle, I was there, and it sucks.  As time moves on, very, very, slowly, one will find that new normal.  However, it is never going to be the same for any of us who have lost loved ones.  Take care

roger said:

lost my mother in may Christmas   and newyears day were very bad like every day is. I was in bed at 9pm newyears eve .Iam so sick and depressed and who knows what else. Its only 7 month how is it going to be in a year or 2 I don't want to be here I hate this so called life I don't have a life anymore. I don't know how yous good people handle this anyway everybody takecare

love the analogy of the vase. Very apt.

Danny T said:

As you can see, you are definitely in the thoughts and prayers of many as you endure this very painful time. I was just reading over that same Watchtower article today looking for some relief. My grandfather passed away Sunday and my heart is struggling. My grandmother passed several years ago, I lived with them for some time during my childhood. My earliest & fondest memories were with them. Losing my grandfather now has reopened the wounds and I feel a hole in my life. An empty space somewhere that I can't quite identify. I recalled a scripture that has brought me some comfort in the past and it helped:

"Jehovah is close to the brokenhearted; He saves those who are crushed in spirit." -Psalms 34:18

Someone once brought out the difference between "broken" and "crushed" in reference to this scripture. When a vase is dropped and broken, it can possibly be repaired or glued back together, but when a vase is placed in the middle of the highway and ran over by an 18 wheeler, it is crushed, and cannot be repaired or glued back together. It is the same with our hearts, we need God near us when we are "broken hearted", but when our heart is "crushed", only he can save us. It is impossible for us to pick up the pieces and put ourselves back together alone.

While I am struggling through my pain as grief begins to set in, I cannot imagine how you must feel inside right now. I hope these scriptures and articles can help ease some of the weight of your pain, and if you can, try to pray to God whenever you feel it overwhelming you. He always listens.

Take care


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