So, has anyone had any signs from the deceased loved one? I would really love to hear what your signs were, as I believe I have had a few of my own.

Sign 1: The day of the funeral (I believe thats when it was, could have been the day after, it was all a blur) I was driving to my mom's house and my fiance and I saw the most perfect rainbow right by my mothers house.

Sign 2: A few days after the first rainbow, me and my fiance were heading to my college for my class and we saw a double rainbow! I had never even seen that before. 

Sign 3: The day of my fathers funeral, my mother gave me a watch. It belonged to my grandfather (dads father) who passed when i was young. The watch was given to my father by his mother. When my father passed, my mother gave it to me. The batteries had been dead in it for a long time. The watch is really old, so it has the option to change the day of the week and the day (Mon 10) and you can put it in spanish too. When i got it, it was set to VIE 10(not sure on number). I never touched it. I went into the shower the other day, and when I came out and went to put the watch back on, it was set to SAT 21 ( sat was the day of the week he died, and the 21st was the day after the funeral). I thought, maybe it just changed on accident, so I decided to see if that  was a possibility. However, the only way to change the day is rotate left and the day of the week rotates right. It had to make a complete rotation and stop one day before the original setting to be set at SAT. So I feel that was a sign. Not to mention, since the watch is so old, its hard to change anything on it.

Please share with me your signs, or feelings on signs, or even your opinion of what i described above.

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The first time was a day after my dad passed . We went to the funeral home, I couldn't breathe. I walked in and I had to walk back out. I asked my dad to give me the strength to be strong for my mom and siblings. I went back in and I was able to hear everything and not break down.Then , we had to figure out a way to pay for his cremation. I was calling a lot of places and asking businesses for donations. That day that I was running around , I saw clouds that were shaped like hearts.. everywhere. My younger sister had dreams of my dad but I still hadn't. I was starting to get upset but then I realized that the only reason why I hadn't dreamt of my dad was that I was not ready. Until this month, I had a rough time during the holidays . New Years was hard , but I was trying to be strong for my mom. I talked to her about how I think that my dad would want us to look forward to a new year of beginnings and that didn't mean that we couldn't miss him. 2 days later I dreamt of my dad. I was at the place I got my first job, that he took me to. He was just sitting down and he looked up at me and just smiled. He didn't talk or anything.. just smiled. That made me so happy because all he had to do was smile and I knew that he was okay and proud of me for being strong for my mom. I was on cloud nine for days. I haven't dreamt of my daddy since then .. I really hope he comes to my dreams again.
I have had a sign.  I am recently purchasing a house and a few weekends ago me, my mom, my fiance and his parents went over to this house.  My fiance was showing his parents the pole barn and my mom and i stayed in the truck.  It was dark and gloomy but when i turned to talk to my mom the sun peeped through just a bit and was shining on the house and then it was gone.  i believe it was my dad saying he approved of the house

I had a tulip plant that mom gave me one Easter it was in my garage for about 2 years. It started growing leaves, no flower but leaves all of a sudden in November. I thought the plant had died. I took that as a sign from my mother.


My sister had a dream she said my mother was smiling and my sister said " you saw him didn't you" and she had the biggest smile my sister said.


I get these thoughts all the time don't know where they come from just out of the blue so I take them as signs from my mom and dad. Just yesterday this thought came to me while I was lying in bed, it was a thought from my dad, he was saying, it is so beautiful here, you have to see it. It was so weird that this came to my mind out of the blue.


I do believe that we get signs and I try to make myself aware all the time and I am sure that they are being sent from our loved ones. I truely believe this.

I believe in signs.....  my father passed away on December 30th, 2010.  the day he passed away i went to the funeral home to wait for my brother to show up.  in the parking lot i lost it and i heard the church bells playing     Go tell it on the mountian   well i just stopped crying that instant.  the sunday prior to his death we had attended the vetrans chapel at the hospital where he was a patient and they had a guest singer at the service and she sang that song and later at the conclusion of the service we sang that same song.....  well weeks have passed since then and i have drove by that funeral home many times since and realized there is no church near there that could of been ringing their bells.....

the day after his funeral i went to his frave and upon leave the national cemetary is see a perfect row of twelve deer just standing there as if to say.... he is at peace.

today i was having a moment and decided to go through his bible.  a page was marked with a marker so i opened it... it was the identification bracelet he had worn for short time when he was admitted.  he kept it when he got another one because it had his military picture on it.  on the other side of it in marker he had written....Family  i will always be in your hearts and love you __ so does God.


you have no idea how i needed to hear that  :)   so yes i believe in signs and welcome them.

I have no doubt that they try to communicate with us.  My Mum passed Memorial Day, May 31, 2010, the saddest day of my life.

The week after her funeral, I went into take a nap.   I heard something in the master bathroom, which I can see from my bed.  I saw my Mum come out of the bathroom, without her walker, and walk down the hall.   I got up and looked down the hall, no Mum.

There have been other signs, but this one has been the most poignant to me.

Yes, they are around us, and yes, they try to tell us they're okay.



I live in Texas where the heat lasts well into October. My Dad's funeral was Oct. 21st, and it was a hot day, as we were seated and waiting on the priest to start the service a breeze, nothing heavy just a small cool pass came thru on a day with no breeze. It gave me a peaceful feeling that Dad was telling me he was o.k.. I wasn't going to ask anyone if they felt it but later that night my husband asked he I felt the breeze. He said the same thing that I was thinking, this thought helps me sometimes when I am having a tough day.
Hello Jessica, As a child our family lived on the bay we raised mallard ducks.  I live 20miles away as always thinking of mom and dad and the life time of adventures!  On her 8th month anniversary of her departure I was at her house! As a child i would always pray and talk to God at the end of the dock, now going there to talk to my parents. When I came home an hour later a flock of mallards landed in my front yard!  One female duck was in the back yard. Looking at the ducks from my window the female duck never took her eyes off of me!  They came back for a week I truely feel it was a sign from my mom and dad that they are all right and sent me this sign to assure me they were with many family and friends!  God is so Great!

Sign 1: My father passed away on December 8, 2010. We're a big Irsh family so the night he passed on we went to a local bar and had ourselves an Irish Wake. As we got out of the car to walk up to my house at 2 am we were greeted by a beautiful and sweet dog who appeared out of no where. He didn't have a collar and It was too cold to turn him away so we let him inside for the night... he cuddled with me all night. The next day I located the owners and made sure to thank them for the comfort their dog gave my family on the hardest night we have ever had. I truly believe that my father sent this sweet Irish setter (the same type of dog he had as a child) to let us know that everything is going to be ok and not to be sad.

Sign2: The next day at the funeral home we were once again greeted by another sign, a double rainbow in the sky!!


I've never been a person of faith but after this i am 100% sure that there is more after our earthly life ends. This helps me carry on each day without my dear father next to me

I know I've had messages , there is no other explanation. Sure there is things I don't understand, like why some people never have a message or a sign.Why others are so strong that there's no doudt.Some people are so desperate and same to need it to just  keep living threw the loss. Are the signs there and they just are so lost they aren't letting it registering . For me I've lost 3 icons in my life in a matter of 2 years. My 35 yr old son my frist born . Then my last grandparent , my 93 yr old Nannie, now on March 14 at 6:35 my 73  yr old mother left . My grandmother I don't feel I ever have heard  from she was so tried and gald to leave this world behind. She had more people on the other side. Thirteen brothers and sisters and only 2 were still here. And to lose a 35 year old great grandson she could not understand. She repeatedly said I've lived my life and every day I live with pills and pain why would God take him so young.She was gald to leave this world and never looked back.We talked her last weeks about what she was seeing, like her father just standing in the distance watching her. Or my son passing threw the room , that was hard t,that was hard to know he was there and I could not touch or talk to him.And I remember so clearly the night she left when I got to the hosiptal, she kept talking about how cold she was and I told her what a good nannie she was , she had that far away look and with in mintes she left .But she waited for me to get there ahd when I knew I had to sat down . I didn't realize till later how when I got to the end of the bed it was like I walked around someone.I know in my heart Richard told her to wait I was on my way and he was standing at the end of that bed to help her leave. And she left and didn't look back.She had lived and done all she needed to ,there was no were here left she needed to go .But for a 35 year old that still had dreams and hadn't done all he'd planned on he didn't leave as quick. He came back for a while he knew we weren't ready for him to leave. My family had never lost anyone so young, there is no way to make sense of such a terrible loss .He will never be a grandfather. We were only getting closer thr generation gap had closed.But he was needed on the other side .My biggest thought when he frist left over over and over.That I didn't tell any one one was how I would never hear him say mom again. How it touched my heart and there was a sound to it that the other childrens didn't have.And the about 2 wks. after he left , I was getting dressed to leave putting on my shoes and as clear as I'd ever heard it ,he said mom.Of course it brought me to my feet. It melted my heart and filled my being . I knew then he knew my thoughts.About a month later I was haveing a very bad Sunday ,he had asked me to make home made caremel popcorn and had serious regrets that day about waiting and not going ahead and makeing it.I felt so bad that day that night we were haveing a fellowship dinner at church and I stayed at home.The lady next door went and when she came back She dropped in and said I brought you a goody bag. She handed to me and I started checking out what she'd brought me and there at the bottom was a baggie with homemade carmel popcorn. There are more but the have gotten less  but I thank him for everyone and I tell him every day I love him. And I am so gald to have the time we've had. 

I was blessed with 2 beautiful signs the day of my mother's funeral last Friday. At the gravesite, we released 4 doves. 1 to represent my mother's spirit returning to Heaven and 3 to represent the Holy Trinity. When my mother's dove met up in the sky with the trinity doves, a sudden rush of wind swirled around us all and the only way to describe it is that it felt like the breath of God breathing His peace and comfort over us. Later that afternoon, I went for a walk through the woods, praying for knowledge to know that I would make it through this. My mother always bought me things with butterflies on them and had told me many times that everytime she saw a butterfly, she thought of me. As I prayed, 3 butterflies darted out of the woods and flew circles around me for about a dozen yards. I've been to butterfly gardens and seen them out in my mom's yard before, but never have I even heard of butterflies doing something like that. As I walked back to the house, they stayed about 3 feet from me until I reached the yard, always flying level with my left hand, the hand my mother always held. I know in my heart it was her way of telling me that I'm strong enough to bear this and that she's always holding my hand, even though I can't see her anymore.
My first sign happened as I was driving to the funeral home.  My mom passed away just before Mothers Day in 2009. I already had bought her one of those musical cards they have out.  It was to the tune.."She's Some Kinda Wonderful"..I put the card in the casket w/ her.. One the way as I got in the car..That song, which is an "oldie" does not come on the radio often.  But sure enough..there it was.. I bald like a baby.. And, yes a tad late to my mom's funeral..I know she's laughing as she would always say.."you'll be late for your own funeral"...God Bless.
I guess it has been my only sign maybe just the only one that ive noticed but my dad passed away 15yrs ago and when he did the main thing i would cry about is not being able to say good bye to him and that i loved him, well the day after or maybe even a few days after i found myself in a dream walking down a familiar street seeing an old man walking towards me then seeing a shadow walk into that old man and then turn into my dad and he walked up to me and said i love you liss (his name he called me) and i said i love you too and he said i love you again and walked away across the street and disappeared. Crazy story but i think that was him trying to give me closure??? It still hurts sooo much everyday : (


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