I found this and I thought it might be helpful for all of us. Let me know what you think about it.

When our spouses die.doc

I hope everyone enjoys their day and can find one positive thing to do today.

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I absolutely love this article. Like I stated earlier, I shared it with my Widow Support Group at my workplace and it has/is helping other women like us come to terms with the tragedy they have just experienced. I also sent this to my inlaws! Actually, I refer to them as "outlaws" because they have been less then pleasant to deal with since Douglas died. One sister-in-law called me immediately and was crying. She had "no idea" of what I was actually feeling or going through. Her one comment that sticks in my mind is this: "You and Douglas had such a spiritual connection that I envy because, although I am married, I never have experienced the kind of love with my spouse that you and my brother shared." That statement I will carry with me forever. Someone actually understands the love Douglas and I shared (and still do, on a different level now). Whenever I get confused about the emotions I am experiencing I read this article. It reassures me that I am not crazy and what I am going through is normal for now. I am traveling a path of "new" normal to find some kind of normal -- is that weird or what??? So, I thank you again for sharing this. It is taped to my bathroom mirror, my computer monitor at work, and I carry it in my wallet. I never know when I am going to need that "gentle" reminder that all is "normal" and the urge to bonk the person next to me is most inappropriate! Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We all deserve that and our loved ones would want us to have that as well.




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