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yes i cant put a cross either,but if they die on the hwy or something they will let you do that,what is the differece right?yep susan,when my son died this girl spread all around town that she was pregant with my sons child,and to tell you the truth i dont think he would of i tought my kids keep your pants up till your 18 because we cant afford to support a baby and you cant my first one is good everette was good,now i have my 12 year old to worry about.susan can i ask you again what happened because i looked back on this page and i cant for the life of me remember what happened to your son,if i can ask again please?yes it is hard thats why i go to support group it helps,see the kids mom keeps in touch with me and they are going someplace tomorrow and the kids aunt was a real hatefull person when the kid was in court because i asked the mom why.and she said i never should of asked the mom that.its my right to i wasnt anyof her business why i asked that right?it still is hard for me as time goes when may comes i will need all the support i can my son is supposed to of graduate in 2009.they the senrior class planted a tree in his memory.i liked it but when i looked around there were sad faces on the kids and some were even crying,even me of course.the kid that killed him is graduating this year it will be hard but i am going to go support that class because they support us to.thanks for taking the time and write back if you would like to oklkristi (everette paul amrstrong 9/12/90 to 10/7/06).is your son on the legacy page to write in the guest book

I didn't know how he died until Friday and I got his death certifcate in the mail from the conner office 3months later.
Accident mixed alcohol and medication. Acute Ethanol and mixed drug toxicity. Party with his friends, left him on the sofa a sleep. I wake and found him dead. But, it was and accident.
that is sad,sorry..i forgot since my son died i lost my mind especially when the holidays come around my mind just doesnt seem to want to be here.alcohol and medication do not mix we just had a guy die in town like that.and he was a drunk needless to say.but it is terrible took that long for me to if they died of a old age i wonder if they take that long.who knows i never had a parent die yet so i have no idea.thanks susan for the imforamation.kristi
It a new way of party. the kids bring medication to a party and everyone has different stuff and they mixed together with beer and alcohol. and they think it funny. it new dare game. it make no sense to me. All age groups are invovled on this now.
that is sad.i hope they learned there lesson from it thou.not to mix.
My mother passed away this March after a lengthy illness and i miss her so very very much. My youngest sister Tina was killed tragically in a car accident 5 years ago and left 2 young boys and in August of this year my precious granddaughter died unexpectedly at just 6 weeks old! My heart is so broken over my losses. They say time heals all wounds but for me my grieve is so overwhelming and depression has set in for me. I live far away from my father and my remaining sister and its very hard on me. I dont have any friends at all where I live and just having someone who can give me a little strength and guidance would make me feel a little better.
I understand were you at. I lost my husband June 1995. I lost my mom in Jan.2001 and three months {April 2001} later my dad died, { Nov 2005} My baby sister had a stroke and left her in the bed. My kids and I took my sister in and taking care of her. And then August 13, 2008 my son Daniel dieds unexpected. I couldn;t get out of bed for weeks. I didn;t answer my phone. And I still had to take care of my sister. And as I would bath her I would cry.Just talk to any body that will listern. Talk to the picture if you have too. Their is know right or wrong way to grieve. It yourway. It how you as a person feel. Write the way you feel down on paper.Get a note book and write down things that are important to you. It does matter if it make sense are not because right now nothing make sense.Just remember that it on your time that makes thing heal. plant a tree or plant a flower just plant something in their honor. I planted a tree in back yard for all my close friend member that had passed away. And then every christmas that someone pass I get a tree ormantment in their honor and I say a little prayer for them and then I take the tree down I put them back in their box and tell them how much I love them. And every year they are always with us. The strength and guidance come with in us, and you will feel better. I'm not going to tell us that you are not going to have bad days, and anger days you will but they will get better. And then one day we will all be together again.
Susan Wright {Daniel Lee Wright 09/12/1984 to 08/13/2008}
Dear Susan,
Thank you so much for your advice and my sincere condolences on your losses. I have spoken with a grief counselor and he says the first year is always the toughest to get through. Mom has been gone 8 months and my sweet granddaughter 3 months. My daughter was so distraught. She is young. She will be 18 in a month. I have another granddaughter who just turned 2. I love her dearly.Honestly, i never given a thought to write my emotions down but that sounds like a very good way of expressing my grief and sorrow. My sister Tina's death was such a shock. She was only 35. I really pray that time will heal me and thank you so much for listening to me
Sherry Phelps (Mary Chambers-mother,Jacklynn Nicole Smith-granddaughter, Tina Chambers Klingensmith-sister)
sorry to hear about all your losses.couldnt you move closer to your father and your sister if you dont have any friends were you live?do you work?thats how my friends are friends from work i moved up here 11 years ago and i had so much support from all the co workers and all the people in town and the people i never knew sent there dont know who your friends are until they really come out in the woodworks.we had over a 1000 people at my sons funeral.well i hope you find strength and stuff to go on even at all your losses.i never lost a young one like you have so i dont know how to deal with it.sorry.kristi
Dear Kristi,
I wish i could move back home to Virginia to be with my father and sister. But my children are here where I live and my ex husband and i have been divorced 10 years. My friends were back home in Va. When i moved here to Ky over 20 years ago to get married it was tough being away from home. My mother, sister, and grandbaby meant so much to me and their losses are very hard to cope. My mom has been gone for 8 months and my granddaughter 3 months and my sister 5 years. Thank you so much Kristi for responding back. It meant so much to me. Please take care.
Sherry Phelps
Please would someone email me back.This is about my niece who just lost her 14 year old son,to a hit and run driver. She is in so much pain,and it seems we as your family,can't stop the grief. If some one out there has lost a child please email me back. I want someone who I can give my nieces's email to,so that they may be able to email her and help her.and let her know thats other have gone through this. Sincerely Bonnie
hi bonnie i lost my 16 year old son his friend shot him it has been 2 years and the pain does not go away but the support groups do help.but my email address is what is her name can i ask?it is hard till you go throu loosing a child you loose your mind and everything.but anyways i will write back to her or you if you want me to it probly hurts you to.kristi


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