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yea, i know what you mean. i wished we could have jumped over these holidays. like i said, joe passed on the 14th and his birthday was the 29th. on his birthday, a few of us went to a ball park, his favorite place, and set off 27 balloons. it really was very nice and it helped. so we now have a new tradition. do you have a memorial site set up? let me know so i can visit it if you dont mind. if you want to check out joes, his name is Joe Thell.
go to Legacy .com and somewhere on the page, it will say something to the effect of, "Create a memorial Website" it is awesome. let me know if you have trouble and i will find a link. this should get you to my joes
There is nothing that compares with the loss of a child.In fact on the list of stressors it is off the scale as loss of a spouse is at the top.For support of parents there is Compassionate Friends who meet at 7:15pm the last Tuesday of the month at St. Matthias Episcopal Church 11300 Hugunot Road.There is a social with refrweshments following the support group at 8:30pm.Hope you attend!
Ok Everyone. Wish me luck. tonight is my first session with a grief group. I am a bit nervous. It will be 2 months the 14th since I lost my son Joe. Thanks for your support and comments. This really does help.
hi linda good luck on your grief group,not to worry if this is your first one it will make you cry.and it will make you feel better.i have been going to one for 2 years and everyone understands what you are going throu.take care and write and let us know how you did ok.kristi
Thanks kristi. It went ok. Informative. Just new to me,i guess. something to work with. i hope you are well. glad the holidays are over? i know i am. 2009 will be good.
thanks linda for replying back.yep i am glad to for the holidays to be over i was depressed i wouldnt get out of the house or anything.and than that was for christmas and than new years to.we dont do much for new years.but go to the casino.well i hope it works out for you to go to does me and i like going we have a small group but it is were i work and it is better you know the people if you live in a small town everyone knows everyone so they knew me.and i knew one other one.take care and keep in touch.kristi
This is the first time that I have come across this site. And after reading everyone's stories on here there is some comfort knowing that I am not alone. For many years my family has tried to help and they say that they know what I am going through and they have been great but...I have never been to a support group or anything to deal with my losses. When I was 11 my brother was killed the day after my birthday in a car accident and that has been 22 years now. When I was 18 I lost my first born son shortly after birth. After all these years it still hurts knowing that they should be here with us. I recently just lost my grandmother and she was 98. I was at her bedside when she passed and although her passing was hard, it was nice to actually have closure. Knowing that I spent her last days with her. I hope that in talking with some of you on here I can see how different people deal with the similar situations.
Tanya, It was nice to hear from you, and yes, this will be helpful for you. Your right, everyone has their own ways to cope. It is helpful to hear others feelings and ideas, because it makes us realize,we really are normal. I lost my son,will be 2 months tomorrow, and i go through mixed emotions. I have good days and bad. I truely miss him, and wish he were still here. I talk to him as I did before, and highlight on the things he loved, such as sports, family, etc. You will be fine now and we are all here to help in anyway. I am so happy to be a part of this community. Linda
Linda, I have the same mixed emotions. And to this day I have good days and I have bad days. Everyone has always said that in time it will get better. And it does to some extent. Birthdays are very difficult for me. My son would be turning 14 on February 25. I often wonder what he would be like, who would he look like. I have two daughters ages 11 and 8. I have always told them about their big brother I vowed that I would never hide any of that from them. For his birthday and other holidays we get balloons and tie little messages to them and my youngest daughter says that we are sending presents to heaven. What makes things a little easier for me is to talk about the people that I have lost. I can't dismiss them like they were never here. Other people in my family can't bring themselves to talk about them, but I find comfort in remembering them and talking about them. Thank you for the kind words and if you need someone tomorrow, I will be here. Tanya
I meant to mention to everyone who may not be familiar with the poem, "The Dash" it is beautiful, check it out. Just google, The dash and it should bring you to the site. enjoy


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