Not sure how much more I can take a lost my husband a couple of months ago we had recently sold our house and chose to live in our RV until we could find a smaller house that fit us and we were happy with as our forever home two weeks after moving into RV my husband passed away I wasn’t prepared for this my pipes froze their power outages and now the shore power to my RV is no longer working so I’m living in the dark emotionally and physically and everybody that says if you need anything let me know I have such a hard time asking for help I’m so independent and then when I finally ask all I get is oh that sounds like a problem I would buy a house but I feel determined to stick this out because this was his and I dream

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Hopefully you get the water and power issues resolved quickly!  Since you are mobile, perhaps you can get to someplace with temperate weather?  At least that way you would be in less danger of freezing.

How long were you two planning to RV?  Is your search for a smaller place in one area in particular, or is the idea to travel around the country?

This grief journey is tough, and the path for each of us is different; but it seems there isn't much that someone on this site doesn't share with you. Draw on the group to help you cope. I was in a total fog for the longest time. I am fortunate that our kids live nearby and remain in constant touch. Also I stumbled onto Bereaved Spouses, which showed me I wasn't alone - the folks here know first-hand what it is like to have your world collapse. Sharing helps.


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