I was a Chaplain for a Hospice team called, Community Hospice of Victor Valley of Apple Valley, California for a period of seven years! In those seven years one major occurance truely effected me & it will always be with me like a impression left on my heart! I was assigned a patient in which I will call My Miracle Boy! I was informed of family dynamics, disease process, and the hope that could possibly be provided if a different approach was provided by simply thinking out of the box! My first thought was wow, what an opportunity that simply came knocking on my door! My second thought was, thank you God! Then the third though came . . . am I ready for this? I know in my heart that God simply will not give me more than I can handle but . . . sometimes don't you just kind of question things just a little? I sure do! So here the memory goes as it did in the year of 2005. When assisting a nurse in her duty to visit a 23 year old patient he said to me, "So who exacty are you?" As I took a breath being fully aware of the bad experiences this family had with Ministers I voiced,"I am a Chaplain that would love nothing more than to get to know you. I will not preach! Once you get to know me if you have any Spiritual questions of any kind then I may be able to assist you when you're ready. As you know I am a pianist, vocalist, composer, & producer therefore how about you & I look at some of your favorite C.D.'s ?" There was a brief moment of silence then it appeared as though the door of his heart was opening! There was so much joy within my soul to assist a fine young man with the pains he carried. We listen to song after song when I realize that this young man was telling me his life story through a collection of songs! Soon after our third visit he told me how he was sad about never being able to have a girlfriend or a wife & possibly a child. There was much more to his story as I waited patiently for about 3 months. I remember one day talking with God about My Miracle Boy saying, "Ok . . . time really is short what do I do? I want to do this exactly as you say Lord." I heard a still small voice tell me to take my favorite picture off my wall & give it to My Miracle Boy! I wrapped it up & gave it to my dear friend. He began to cry then dismissed his family from his bedroom as he was lying in a hospital bed on his side unable to move in any one direction. I explained the picture of Christ with a black lamb in his arms. I simply let him know that Jesus would have no more joy that seeing him in heaven if that's what he wanted. He listen as I explained how Christ died for all of us as his eyes were big and full of tears. So we prayed together although he could not talk well due to his disease process. Another two weeks went by. While providing support to My Miracle Boy as he was actively dying he would say, "O my . . . if you could see what I am seeing you would know that there is a heaven & it is much better than this place! Mom, Dad, please promiss me that you'll catch up with me in Heaven!" My Miracle Boy died at the age of 23 on a warm spring evening. Today I have the blessing of knowing his brother will catch up to him in heaven. Now it's a matter of continuing to pray for the rest of the family that I have not seen in such a long time. Isn't it such a blessing to be involved in something so big? Let's continue to think out of the box so others can receive their Victory therefore we can carry the Blessing of the Memory to share with others!

Pastor Barb

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