Hi, My name is Drue and I am only 30 yrs old my husband was 31. I am much to young to have lost my sweet husband Daniel, that I waited my whole life to find. Daniel and I were married March 14th 2009. Only 4 months of marriage and then he was gone. Daniel's death was so sudden. One day he was having fun and loving his life and the next day he was gone. Daniel passed away July 3rd 2009. My life is so empty without him. He was my favorite person, best friend, and soul mate. I wish that we could have had children. He wanted to be a daddy so bad. I spend alot of time with his family. Anyone else do this? They are the only thing that I have left of him. I go and sit at his grave everyday and cry. We had such a bright future and so much to look forward to and now the future just looks blank. I'm glad I found this site and support group. I will be praying for all of us as we continue to grieve and move forward in our lives.

Drue Johns

I love you Daniel with all my "little" heart forever!!!! Miss you so much!

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Hi Karen, I am so sorry that you are having to live my sad story. It is so hard to have just started your life together and to have it all stripped away in a blink of an eye. I think about how Ive got our cake from our wedding and how we will not get to share it on our 1st wedding anniversary and all the Auburn football games that we loved to go to. All the little things that we loved to do together are now not enjoyable without him. It will be 3 months on saturday since he has been gone and each passing day is still so difficult. HIs headstone came in this week. It is bittersweet. Im glad to see it here, but it's like it is all becoming so final. It is beautiful and has one of our wedding pictures etched on the front. He would have loved it. I will pray for you and your healing. Where do you live Karen? How long has your husband been gone? Is it getting any easier for you? I would love to chat more I just feel we have alot we could share with each other.

Drue Johns
I miss you so much Daniel my sweet sweet Husband. I love You Forever!!!

Karen said:
I am also a young widow who lost her husband three months after being married. Our stories are very similar. Here one day and gone the next. My husband was killed in a construction accident at work. I remember those days, weeks and months after. It truly is a fog. You think that's just an expression until you live it yourself. It's hard to have dreams...he was the key to unlock them all. We didn't get to have children either, I think of that all the time...everything you mentioned I've thought myself. I feel like grieving is a full time job...it never ends.



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