My husband passed away Aug.29th, 2009 after fighting with throat cancer. We were married 8 years but we knew each other for 28 years. John Mello Sr. was a wonderful head strong person, but had a wonderful heart. And when this man loved you boy you were in for a wonderful time of your life. It wasnt always easy, our relationship but we made it through. When the cancer came into our life it changed it forever. Unfortunately with death comes alot of pain that is unexpected from the in law side. I was told i didnt take care of him well enough, that i moved the funeral up a few days to get remarried, and that i changed his will in order to keep everything just to mention a few lies. I was heartbroken of losing my love of my life, my soul mate and to hear these things being told well my heart sank. I had always been very proud to be part of this proudful family, and come to find out i was horribly mistaken of their true nature. My children and i couldnt even mourn johns death properly. During the funeral which i paid with our money, i was never approached with sympathy as the wife. I pray that this never happens to anyone. Thank God i have my God and my faith in him and in him i will find my peace.

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Hi Lupe,

How are you? Hope feeling better, because you did everything you could for your husband, and God see that. Unfortunately, have a lot selfish people in this world, they just think about they own problems, and are unable to give back OR recognize what another people have done for them.I feel sorry for this kind people
they are empty, have no God in their hearts. You did your part as his wife, doesn't matter what people think, important what is in your heart, and God always make justice. I advice you to stay away from those negative people in your life. they are bad influence to you and your kids, you do not need them period. Who needs someone selfish like that? You would be better alone honey! Trust me.You and kids will be much happier. Remember everything goes around, comes around.
Trust God, he knows the truth.
Take care, God bless you & your kids:)
Oh boy do I know the same identical for me after 25 years of marriage from his siblings and aunt his parents were dead he was 54 passed away on 5-25-09


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