Its been 6 years, 10 days since I lost my husband. I was mad, tried to make him the bad guy for leaving me, thought of every bad moment in our life to make the hurt go away. I miss him, just a much as the first day he left.

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My husband died Nov 2, 2009. Although I've know for 3 1/2 yrs this was comming (Pancriatic Cancer), I was still not prepared. I stayed in denial and now I am in a numb stage. Back at work now, but the tears still happen when I least expect it. I don't feel in control of me. We were married 39 years and he was and is my best friend.
Dear Teresa: Jan 14 will mark 4 years the love of my life left this world. I too miss him this very minute as much as I missed him that first night I had to sleep without him. Continue reaching out for him, he's there listening and like my Joe he's hurting in the witness of your pain. Anger is but one of the lay-overs in this U G L Y business called the grief path. AND we ALL make it down that path in our own time and in our own way, but we DO make it down that path.

Hang in there Teresa...we're all here for you, you can lean on us!



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