Yesturday I recieved a letter in the mail with no signature or return address. In this letter it accused me of killing Malcolm by being so concerned cause I wanted him home for my birthday. Telling me I was nothing to him and calling me all kinds of names. I know who sent then letter (ex-girlfriend) for she is a horrible person yet we tolorated her cause Malcolm and I were raising her son so we could keep him from all her abuse.Why are people so cruel and mean? What happens to people that they want to hurt others to make themselves feel better? I know in my heart that Malcolm loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I also know that I did NOT cause his death. It hurts so much for people to treat me the way they are. WHY????????????????? If our loved ones were watching over us then how could MY Malcolm allow this to happen? Allow people to treat me in such a cruel manner? I just want the vultures to leave me well enough alone. Everything seems so bad right no. It's not enough I lost MY Malcolm that I have to tolorate the meanness of people?

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I'm sorry you're having to deal with this on top of your grieveing for losing Malcolm. He was in a relationship with you and not her and he loved you and not her. It sounds like she's jealous of your relationship with him and maybe she feels guilty about their past relationship?

I'm thinking of you and hoping that the vultures leave you alone :)
I'm so sorry to hear this...but people are evil so often. My husband was an alcoholic LONG before I ever met him. I didn't get married til I was 33 and he was any rate...we were together thru happy and sad and abusive times until I could take no more in summer '04. He had been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and he already had diabetes. We separated but in Feb. 05 he pleaded to come home because our cat was very ill. I agreed. 3 days later I found my husband dead in the living room. His whole family, except one son, BLAMED ME FOR KILLING HIM! It was so horrible. I loved him and tried to help him and the main culprit (except my evil mother in law) was my STEP DAUGHTER, whom we had custody of and I RAISED!
You know what is the truth and so does God.
Just try (and it's hard) to let it all go....
If you ever need to chat I'm
It has been almost 5 years and I am not healed. I dream about him nearly
EVERY night. But I did everything I could. He didn't want to be helped.
Take care of have to put yourself first now.
Death and grief is like alcohol, it can expose wounds, break open scabs, and highlight the inner truths that we are too ashamed to expose under "normal" circumstances. My husband's family as well as my son became very nasty towards me after my husband's death. It is sad that out of a loss, certain people would rather create negativity than find hope and peace. I just have to remind myself that they are expressing how they feel, heightened to the extreme, but it is how they feel nonetheless and I don't need anyone that is anything less than supportive and loving in my life, whether or not they are 'family'. You DONT have to tolerate it, so don't. You, like me, hold on to hope that certain people will turn around and change if you keep giving the other cheek, but all that will do is cause them to keep hurting you more and more.


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