About a week ago, I was having such a hard time, worrying so much about my personal problems that I have to solve without my husband. I was stressed, sad, and a big problem to solve regarding money matter. That afternoon I was taking a nap in the sofa in the family room. Suddenly I heard a voice whispering in my ears saying" I LOVE YOU HONEY........YOU ARE MY HONEY" I woke up and I knew it was my husband John who just passed away October 26,2009 three months ago. He used to call me honey. The voice was so alive....but soft. In that same day I got a check in the mail which I was expecting since his death (took so long) It helped me take care of my problem.
I am not used to dream about him. That just happened. I know now that he is with me, watching me over as my 'Angel'
Thank You Honey.......I love you too!!!!

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Hi,Look at page two and you will see a post by Irene Parker--Do they come to you in your dreams.We all want a dream like yours.
I don't have dreams, but this morning when I got up, the chair he used to sit at at breakfast was pulled out, and I know it was pushed in last night, how uncanny is that.
My husband been gone for 9 months some night I wake up I can feel him next to me. Also one night I dream we were in a room and he was standing next to me telling me he had to go and I was yelling at him not to go and I just wanted to hold him one more time.


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