Feb. 7 will be a year that I lost my husband. I feel lost without him. I know that he wants me to live and be happy, but it has been a rough year for me. I'm so thankful that I had him in my life for almost 5 years. Although, it was a short time, I have a lifetime of wonderful memories. To everyone that has lost your spouse, keep your head up and know that he or she is watching over you. Everyone be blessed. Please keep me in prayer as Sunday 2/7 is approaching.

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Dear Pamela, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I lost my wonderful husband of 32 years on 4/9/09 this has been a hard year for me also all the first
that we have to go though and all the times without him but what keeps me going is tha I do feel he is watching over me

I to wish blessing to all that have lost there love one and I hope that you can all feel them near to you Prayers for us all
Time pass with the blink of the eye but the heart stays still. My husband, Steve died May 17,2009 and it so empty without him. I am moving forward in someways but both my life and I am no longer the same. Only the bereavement counselors and my therapist understand how my life and I am different I am. I look at life different than before. My thoughts are different and I question everything. An answer brings about another question. I have read more books since my husband died that ever in my life. I care nothing about TV anymore. I listen to music or read or on the internet. Life is pointless now. Before I know it my year anniversary will be here and I will still be in disbelief. I miss having him to crawl up next too or just here a voice in the house. Little things that others take for grant I miss. We never went out as a couple and I thought this would not bother me but I was wrong. Everywhere is an reminder of things I have lost. Having to file single now was the latest reality. Uncle Sam takes more when you are single than married. I will be thinking of you Feb 7.
Dear Pamela, Will be keeping you in prayer, not just on Feb. 7 but very often as I pray for all my grief support friends. March 17 is coming up for me when my husband moved into Heaven after nearly 52 years of a wonderful marriage. I think God brought us all together to hold each other up in prayer and in shared words. I've felt a lot of peace sharing with friends on this site and know you will too. Blessings to you and all who share this concern.
Hey Pamela and all those who are bereaving a loss,
I lost my husband on 8 Mar 2009, one day after my 39th birthday and one week before our 8th anniversary. He went for a drive on Sun afternoon and never came back. He passed away in a horrible car crash. We have two daughters now 4 and 7 years old. I feel my life is in transit between two worlds, the world we had together and some new world that I am yet to discover. We are carrying on as the kids have their life in full swing and I have to be there to support, love and cherish them twice as much. I understand how you are feeling now a year was about/has just passed. I see my husband in my dreams every night now that it is close to one year and I am very sensitive and emotional. I do not want to re-live the trauma again though. I am so sorry for your loss and those who share this space in a similar situation. I pray that we will have the strength to carry on and that one day we will reach the shore of our new world. Perhaps we will meet our beloved there and things will be as good as it was and even better. LOVE ALWAYS.


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