After many days of soul searching and prayer, I've come to the conclusion that this Valentine's Day is going to be a victory celebration for the many years God let me and my beloved husband celebrate together. Yes, there will be that touch of sadness that he's no longer with me in body but his spirit lives on with every beat of my heart. Because it will be on Sunday, I'll be in church a good portion of the day, this is just perfect for the first Valentine's day without him by my side. The day he went to Heaven was March 17. I'll also think of all of you and say a prayer that your precious memories will carry you through this and every day. Prayers and blessings!

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Bless you, Lois, It's obvious Mark was very selective in picking such a loving and understanding wife. Many prayers for you and your family.
Lois, brokenhearted, Terri, Irene, Thank you for the wonderful messages. It comforts my heart to hear from you. God bless you richly!
This will be my first Valentines without my love. I will spend this day in celebration of our love. As I've said before, he left this earth but gave his heart to me. I carry his heart next to mine.
I see a lot of us are spending our very first Valentine's Day without our beloved.
This is also my Wedding Anniversary, so even more difficult.
There is just such a void, that is so still and quiet, it is absolutely horrible and Dennis dies suddenly, it was not expected at all, which makes it even worse.
I did find a card that he gave me and it says, I give you Roses everyday, which is so so sweet. I have stuffed animals and lots of jewelry, but just to know he will never be here again is more than I can handle right now. The void is still there and nothing can replace him.
His Spirit lives on in my heart, that is so beautiful and true, Thank you.

Linda said:
This will be my first Valentines without my love. I will spend this day in celebration of our love. As I've said before, he left this earth but gave his heart to me. I carry his heart next to mine.

Thank you for your words of wisdom.

We are at the same point in our journey. My Tom left me on March 16th. I cannot believe we are almost at his one year Angel Day or Angelversary. It's been such a long year of sadness and loneliness, yet it's gone by so fast, too. I have been dreading this weekend for months. At this time last year we were spending the weekend away together in a little cottage. That was a rare occurrence, but it was a wonderfully, perfect weekend. Little did we know that would be the last of the special get aways we would ever have. Two and a half weeks later he would be in a snowmobile accident and die from his injuries 11 days after that. The hardest part is the doctors insisted he would be fine; all he needed was time to heal. He was awake, talking, eating, joking around with everyone for the 11 days we were in the hospital. It all happened so fast and so unexpectedly. I never saw it coming. I had originally wanted to spend this weekend at the same cottage we stayed in last year, but decided I really didn't want to drive there alone, but didn't want anyone to go with me either. So, instead I decided I wanted to spend this weekend home alone, by myself to wallow in my own self pity. I wanted to give myself a big old pity party, eat raspberry tarts (the favorite treat we both loved for all special occasions), watch Ghost Story, the first movie that we ever went to see together...way back when, and just remember. I still want to do all of that, but your comment made me want to count tomorrow as a victory as well. You are absolutely right in saying "his spirit lives on with every beat of my heart". And more than anything I want to honor Tom, the man he was, the life he lived, and the love he shared.

Thank you for reminding me what is really important. As hard as it is to be alone and miss him so much, I have to carry forward for him. He would want it no other way.

Peace and comfort to you,

Marlena (and Tom)
Always and Forever
Marlena, God bless you, yes Tom would want you to carry on. Enjoy those raspberry tarts, the Ghost story movie or do whatever helps you keep Tom's wonderful memory alive. No One can erase those beautiful, precious memories. May you be comforted and strengthened knowing you had such a special wonderful love. My prayers for you, Ann


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