It's only been two weeks since I lost my husband to suicide so I'm really struggling with the loneliness. I have family and friends for support but it's not the same as being with my soulmate. I don't want to be a burden to anyone so I have a tendency not to call them. I really need to hear that others are feeling the same way. And any suggestions you have would be very helpful. Thank you all.

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Helen I am so sorry for your loss. I agree, the same question I had asked, as Dennis was only 51 and died on 1-14-10. Yes, people do shy away because they feel awkward and do not know how to act or what to say. I have no children and only have been trying to talk to widows, as they are the only ones who can understand this kind of pain. NO one else really knows how to react, I mean they mean well, but the, "What did he die from", question, is so so stupid, I feel like screaming, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE HOW HE DIED, but I realize that people just do not know what to say to you, and they try to understand, but they cannot. My best advice is to hook up with other widows, or try to find a bereavement group to work through the grief.
My husband and I just bought a house. He loved our house so much. With the recession and everything, he was worried that we will fall behind on bills one day. But he kept telling me that no matter what, we would not lose our dream home. When he died, I was worried about the house too. God really work in mysterious ways. My parents are having issues with their loan mods. They got frustrated and thought about selling their house. So I asked them if they could move in with me. They're helping me with the mortgage now so I don't have to give up our house. When they say things happens for a reason, I believe that. You lost your home for a reason. You were meant to be placed in a better home. Maybe now. Maybe later. But one day, you will understand.

Marie Farmer said:
Hello lonely, I am Marie Farmer, and my husband passed away 3 months ago. It has not been an easy road to travel these last 3 months. Because He died October 28, 2009, and the Mortgage Company send me papers to move out of our home the last of November. I had to be out by the 10th of December or let them have everything. I not only lost my husband, I lost our home too. But, things do get a little bit easier as time goes by. I have bad days and good days, but I do miss Sam everyday. Some days are harder than others. There are even times when I can feel his presents at times. But, you know something I still love him just as much maybe even more, and I know that in time this too will get better. But I will never ever forget my Husband Sam he will always be in my heart. With Valentine's Day coming up it is a very hard time for me because it was a big day for us. But I have his ashes and I will spend the day with him overall. I am here anytime you need to talk or you can e-mail me at "" anytime. Just keep your faith and this too will come to pass. A friend rerunn2002.


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