I was just thinking of the good memories george and i had together i would love to hear from everyone that can give me there best memories. I can recall my best one was getting married to my beloved husband. i can say going to the shore every year and spending time with him and my family by the pool and having him playing with my grand daughter by the pool i can go on and on but these are a few

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Randolph, May God Bless your wife for donating her organs. My husband received a heart transplant 10 years ago and thanks to that kind family we had him for 10 more years. My children and I have all signed to be organ donors. I am not sure what they can use from me but if there is anything they are welcome to take it. Organ donation is a great thing and it gives people a second chance at life. My sincere thanks to your wife and to you also.
Connie, even if you dont have major organs, they use muscle, bone, and tissues and corneas. I didnt know this. And yes, the corneas will make a blind person see, wow. They will be nearsided but they will see. I am so proud of my wife. Hug to you and to all.
Randolph, Thanks for your note. I have signed the organ donor card and anyone can have whatever is usable. My children have all also signed organ donor cards. It was unbelievable how well my husband did after the transplant. He got his heart on a Tuesday night. He would not have lived to the weekend the way he was. I had him for almost 10 years after. The heart that he got was the only good organ he had at the end. His kidneys failed and through the dialysis, he contacted Sepsis and that is what he died from. The heart kept going really well until the very, very end. All the anti-rejection drugs did affect all the other organs though. But 10 years was much more than he would have had without the new heart. I ask God to bless the donor family every day. We had them to thank for his life.
Connie, my wife's best friend, who set us up on a blind, double date and it was me and her forever, had a double lung transplant down in Indy and is very thankful for donors. She told me that I had to go to a yearly activity event that they hold for all the recipients and it is called "A Celebration of Life". She says you wont believe how grateful these people are, to have a new lease on life.
Am very sad now, sadder than normal. Hug to you and to all.
my best memory is the day we met it was love at first sight the day we married the day his sons became mine the birth of our grandchildern icould go on andon these are what ilive on now lindarunion.
Every memory I have just brings pain. I know I should think of the good times and remember the happy times but no matter what , it just brings on pain.
..it is the same for me-every memory hurts, causes new trauma actually, to remember events-both special &/or everyday, once taken for granted, now suspended in time, encapsulated, never to occur again.
pippa: memories are special because it is between 2 people that loved each other. sure it does hurt and the hurt will never go away but the memories will always be with you. keep the memories in your heart there is angels watching over all of us. bless you & your memories
My name is Dorcas, I lost my husband almost a year ago. It will be a year come July 4, 2010. He died July/2009.The holidays,birthday and anniversary have been tough. Really the only thing that keeps me going are my children and the memories we have of my husband and their father. I remember when we would go to the movies and out to eat as a family. If we could not afford to go out we would just rent movies and sometimes go get a blizzard from dairy queens. I really miss those times but, like I tell myself and my children all we have are the memories.
I really cherished the time spent with my husband, Byron .We had so many good memories,,,but the one that I find myself missing each day when I pull into the driveway is the time we would just sit in the car and listen to a song on the radio, we sang in the car a lot.If a particulary good song was playing we would wait it out. If it was danceable, we would "shoulder dance", and if it was a ballad we would hold hands and smooch. He's been gone three months today, and the pain seems to to have revved up again.Our little daily car date was definitely one of my favorite memories, albeit a teary one,,,yet still sweet.,/.
Connie , my husband was also on dialysis and died form Sepsis, he was 51 years old.


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