I was just thinking of the good memories george and i had together i would love to hear from everyone that can give me there best memories. I can recall my best one was getting married to my beloved husband. i can say going to the shore every year and spending time with him and my family by the pool and having him playing with my grand daughter by the pool i can go on and on but these are a few

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My husband and I also fell in love at first sight...When I saw him I knew who he was,,I said to my friends that guy over there, "he is my husband"....And i was right. I have so many memories,,recent ones and long ago ones. That moment was one of the sweetest, he came into the room and saw me and just stared and smiled at me from a distance. We just kept looking and smiling, and finally he made his way over to me and bought drinks for me and my girlfriends.( which I liked)But it was clear that he was there for me. We danced , and were together ever since for the next 12 years, until his passing March 16.2010. He had ESRD, and was on dialysis for the last few yeras, but the love never waned , really,it got deeper. There were severe issues; our lives were no longer simple , but had many challenges. It may sound corny, but unconditional love really does make it all okay. I loved him when he was well, when he became sick, and in his passing I still love him so....At times the pain is unbelievable, and I am grateful to whomever started this topic, tonight is the first time I have smiled through the tears, when thinking of him. BIG THANKS!!!!!!!!!!
Really nice Linda...I,as a woman that did not birth any children,I really get the part about his children becoming yours,,,,NICE !!!!!
My favorite memory of my husband was on a day we were driving home from another round of chemo. He pulled off at a rest stop and we went in to grab some coffee. When we walked in we realized they were playing our song "Amazed" by Lonestar. Without any hesitation he grabbed my hands and pulled me close - we danced right there in the lobby as if we were the only two in the building.
i have alot of wonderful memories, but i am also like a couple of others that have said it really hurts deeply to think about the memories.i hope in time it wont.i remember my husband telling me that the first time he ever heard me speak which was at a divorce recovery group, he knew i was the woman he needed in his life.my words touched his heart and could truly feel my pain.i immediately felt a strong sense of peace just being around him and i truly believe we were ment to be together.he was their for me when noone else was, and he always tried to protect me and watch over me as much as he could. we used to enjoy just sitting and talking with one another.alot of people would compliment us on being such an inspiration to them.


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