i would like to know if anyone on this website feels like i do you see i have not cooked for myself except maybe 3 times since george passed.13 months) ago i have not gone grocery shopping the way i used to when he was here with me. i have hardly nothing in my freezer. i really do not care if i eat or do not eat ( i am not starving) when asked why my fridge is empty i say because i do not want to cook anything am i right

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I had stopped eating fast food after John started having heart problems,so I have always preferred my own cooking to eating out.He used to laugh at the amount of food i cooked for just the 2 of us.After he passed away,I basically nibbled on stuff-even going as far as ordering Pizza Hut and eating Taco Bell.But i know from experience,nutrition plays a BIG part in the grief process.You must nourish your body so your mind can heal.What I did was make a specific list of what I`d would like to eat for dinner that night-which forced me to go to the grocery store.Came home and put some relaxing music on and started cooking.Yes there were tears and it took a long time to prepare it but when it was done,I sat down at the table, lit a candle and attempted to enjoy my meal.I know it sounds silly for one person to go to all that trouble but again,it was a babystep forward.It helps your mind think of something besides the pain for a little while.Peace to all.
I am the same way to an extent. I don't cook for myself and if I'm out somewhere where I'm supposed to eat, I only eat 2 or 3 bites and I'm done. THE difference IS My freezers are FILLED!!!! Because I never cook. My refrigerator is filled with things for the grandchildren. We are going on vacation to camp in July. I'm going to clean out my freezers and supply all the food! There will be 21 of us. That should clean out the freezer in the fridge and then there's the chest freezer in the basement. NOW...the deal will be...I supply the food....they cook it!!!!!:) It's going to be extremely hard to go there without my Harry. I just pray I can get through it for the week.
I use to cook for my husband, we both had different taste. I ate with him only cooked two different things. Now fixing for just me I say why bother? I don't eat healthy, I like snacking and there lies the problem. I'm gaining weight so bad, Doctor is upset with me. I buy frozen pizza, fix them Now cooking just makes me upset. Dishes, there are only one cup, one fork. My fridge is empty, freezer has ice cream only. I say I feel like you do, why bother? Am I happy this way? No, I want to cook but for someone, not myself.
my husband passed away almost 3 months ago since then I have no desire to cook either. I've lost 40 lbs, not a bad thing, but it's because I only eat when the hunger pangs are really bothersome. there is no joy cooking for one and eating alone I can understand how you feel.
I have to cook most of the time my husband an Italian loved fresh, not processed food, so even though my children like MacDonalds, they also like good food. I loved to cook for my Baby Fernando but now. My children hate if I leave things as before I was a clean tidy fanatic but now I really do not care. My house is tidy but not as before, the floor is moped (quick) the carpet hoovered, the toilests cleaned every day, dishes in the dishwasher (thank god). Anything else no. I hate ioning the clothes washing on certain days now. I AM A ROBOT ZOMBIE.


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