Our little doggy, Koapaka had to be put down early this morning. He had a heart murmur and his poor little heart just gave out. He has been in and out of the hospital since Bo's passing. I think his heart was broken like mine is. He is now in Bo's arms. Now I will truly sleep alone :*(

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Sorry for your loss.I know how much comfort our pets bring.He'll be in good hands now!
Thank you so much, kathleen.
My heart goes out to you I know the hurt when you lose a pet. They become part of the family. When we lose them it hurts too. He was a cute little guy. Are you thinking of getting a new puppy? Sometimes that makes the loss a little easier. You will know what is right for you.
Connie, this is the third pet that we had to put down. No, I am not going to get another dog. It is to hard when they leave us. Have been crying all night and morning. I will miss that little guy so much!
So sorry for your second loss. I know our animals are also part of the family too and it is hard to lose them as well. It should be comforting to know that he IS with Bo.
ohh so sorry for your loss. they are part of our family and it does hurt when we loose them sorry again
My hubby loved his chi Darcy. Somehow he won my Fernando's heart. Darcy always looks at me somethimes and I take him to the grave and he whimpers at first once he is near my Angel he stops!
Awwww, he is so cute! I fell in love with my Koapaka (brave) the minute they put him in my arms like a baby. He was a Christmas gift from my husband, but he was a daddy's boy.
So sorry for yet another loss. There is nothing really more to say. I guess Bo needed him up there with him. Hugs to you.Basia
I've been reading all your posts everyone...and crying and celebrating along side all of you. We ALL are hurting and sad. Since my sweet Joe's passing 4 years ago, I've put down both our beautiful blonde cockerspaniels and just last week my Dad passed. This life isn't always easy. But it's all we've got. Perhaps this quote that I've got taped to my computer will help you as it's helped me "To whom much is given, much is required." GBU BoLynn, as you've so aptly put = Koapaka is with his Daddy and they are BOTH holding you in their arms. AND IMHO...another pet DOES help the loneliness...there are so many out there needing someone's love and nurturing!
I am soo sorry for your loss... i know how you feel.. i had to give my cats away- which were my husband and my babies before we had kids... i had to give them away less than 3 months after losing my husband bc i was forced to move in with my parents and my dad is allergic to them... I am so sorry though for your loss and at least he is now able to be with his daddy...


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