On October 29, 2005 I lost my precious husband to a hunting accident. His sister's husband shot him. It took me almost four years to heal and would never have let go if not for Michael. Michael and I were high school sweet hearts who got back together after 30 years. We lived together for one year and last Saturday, the happiest day of my life, we were married. On Sunday night while rushing to our sailboat in a terrible storm, he drove his little ford ranger under a tree fallen across the road. I was killed instantly. I don't know how or what I feel. My insides have been ripped out twice now.

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Kimberley, I am very sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing the pics with us they are beautiful. I don't have any words of comfort or wisdom for you. I am here for you in your pain. My husband left me on Dec 23/09 and I am still trying to come to grips with that. Why God does what he does, nobody knows except him. Yours in pain.
Words fail me, you are in my prayers. I agree how does this happen?
Hi Kim,
My heart goes out to you. I can not imagine the pain you are going through right now. To have lost two husbands so close together and under these circumstances. Take it slow and be kind to yourself right now, one day at a time and sometimes one hour at a time. Let family help you get through this as they can.

I don't know how long you were married to your first husband. I was married to my first husband for 16 years before his death. About 4 years after he died I met a wonderful man and we were married 3 months later. He died this past Feb. 7th, after we were married for 24 years. I am just devastated. They were both good men and I have been blessed to be married to them. However, I don't think I can bare this pain yet again, so though I am only 64 years old, I will never marry again.

How do things like this happen twice? Only God knows the answer to that. I take comfort in the hope that we will be togerher again some day. Take care of yourself and may God keep you close. Mary
Kimberly, My heart goes out to you. I am not able to deal with losing my husband but to go through this twice is too much for one person to live through. I lost my husband almost 8 months ago and the pain is still unbearable. I feel as though someone ripped my heart right from my chest. I could not live through this again I miss him so very much that I just wait for the day when we are reunited again. I feel like life is not worth living without him. Your pain must be so intense. I will remember you in my prayers. May God give you the strength that you need to heal. God Bless You.
Gosh Kimberley I don't know what to tell you. My mother in law died a week after my husband so I have two deaths to deal with at once. Perhaps the day will come where you can use your experience and help others deal with things. I am not religious so I will not preach but I freely communicate to everyone how I am feeling now and wait for the day to come where I can wake up and move on with my life. Hugs to you, you are in my thoughts.

There's a bereavement group starting in Red Bank at the VNA starting towards the end of this month, I hope to see you and some of the other members of this board there.
I cannot even imagine going through something so painful twice. I wont even say I know how you feel. Because i dont. my prayers are with you.


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