Hello everyone,
I know you don't see me on here much but I see and read every post that is made on here.oup and my profile is my lovely bride Kris. Tomorrow marks 5 years since her passing, eight weeks short of our first wedding anniversary.
Remember her tomorrow, she is why you are here.

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Thank you for starting this site. It helped me so much. When I thought I just couldn't live with the grief your members lifted me up and gave me hope that it will get better. It's been a year now. It still hurts everyday but at least I want to live now and not give up.
Steve, thank you for reminding us how fortunate we have been because of your loss. This site, and all of the people here riding the same roller coaster held me together in the beginning. I realized I was not alone. I was not insane. Eventually, in the process of grieving, not only was I being helped, but I was helping others. It has been 3 years and 6 months since Dave passed on. I am stronger than I was. I am making a new life. Every day, I think of him. I miss him, but the pain is not as consuming.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

I am so sorry for your loss. She will definitely be thought of. I lost my husband April 9th of this year from a heart attack. He was just 44. When I first found this group, I was so glad to realize that I was not going crazy. I knew other people experienced loss, but I wondered why I was so devastated, other people didn't seem to react as badly as I was. From here I learned that everyone and every loss is different. And we all go through it at our own pace. No time limit. I remember that every time I think I am doing OK and then break down into a sobbing mess for no reason. Thank you for bringing together a lot of people who need each other to get through this.


I definitely  will take the time to think about your beautiful wife Kris. Thank you for the 1000 people or more you helped on here. Your site saved my life and gave me friends as well.

Steve,  This type of an anniversary take us back to the day we want to forget, the day we wished never happened.  And five years ago when your journey began I am sure you never realized how many would be joining  you on this journey called grief.    I extend my condolences and my appreciation to you for starting this site.   Today is about you do something special for you.  Hugs, Jane P.

Sorry for your loss & thank you for this wonderful site, since I was not able to find a bereavement group in my area that accommodates my schedule, this has been a life saver, I lost my husband 4 months ago & this site helps me to see I am not the only one going thru this terrible journey that we all must face at sometime in our lives, thank you again & will say a prayer for you & Kris today.




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