Hi all...I just wanted to write to see if anyone else has experienced seeing and orb on a photo.  On Dec 11th I gave my middle daughter a Sweet Sixteen birthday party that I planned and put together in 3 weeks.  She is a "princess" and always wanted to have a big sweet sixteen with the gown and tiara and when her dad died on June 18th she didnt want it anymore.  She said she couldnt have a party without daddy.  As her birthday approached and I was trying to fugure out something special for us to do I knew in my heart that she still wanted the party and scrambled to plan it.  Well I think that Frank helped because everything fell into place which was a miracle being the holidays and all. Well, most traditional Sweet 16 parties the girl does a candle ceremony and Hayley didnt want to do that without her father so my son and younger daughter went up with her ant lit her candles for her.  Well the photo of them lighting the candles has a circle over their heads with a very distinct face in the circle with a smile.  Everyone tells me it is Frank smiling at them.  Is is wishful thinking????  A few things have happened that tells me he is here and I sure hope this picture is him too.

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Dear Suzanne, thanks for replying.  I believe it was from a link on this site actually. (There are other subjects to check out on the main pages).  Billy's parents had written about their son and said they started experiencing these "orbs" in the pictures etc. 9 months after his accident.  They then started to document these happenings and from the site you will notice that they take great comfort from this and isn't that the most important thing?  I think so.  It is not to worry about is it "right or wrong" but if something brings comfort to you in your grieving, then I consider that a good thing.  There are so many aspects to spirituality and belief systems, and if you can draw solace from one of them, I say go ahead.  I understand, some people are skeptical, I have one daughter who is actually!  That is okay with me though..:)

There are also a lot of great books out there too to help along the journey to healing.  I am sorry that you have to move, but I do like your thought of taking pictures of your home and pictures of your husband, I am going to try that too!


Take good care.


Suzanne said:

Dear Carol,

I am totally amazed that you know about this website.  Somehow the other night I came across another website in which I requested a book by someone who I started responding with and she gave me a link to this very site.  I wasn't sure whether to believe in this subject material or not but the other night this person says she believes in this.  I wasn't going to tell anyone thinking everyone may think I'm crazy but I was actually considering getting a disposable camera and taking pictures of my husband's pictures because someone else told me maybe if I took pictures of my apartment (that I have to leave) at least I'll have these to remember my husband. (I don't want to move but I am being made to.)  If you don't mind my asking, how did you come across this site.  It really is fascinating.  I am blown away by this.  I don't think this is just a coincidence.  There is so much awful stuff on the web, I think this is just another example of things (like the internet) can be bad, but can be good also.   I'm so glad you shared this website and your thoughts. Thank you.

God bless,




I have been keeping you in my prayers.  Take care,


Thank you Carol.  I will definately check this site out.  Love Renee

Carol Kayser said:

Dear Renee, that is a beautiful picture of your family, a Sweet Sixteen princess indeed, her father is so proud of her and he is right beside her, watching over her and your family.  I do believe there are orbs, I have experienced something similar from my husband.  While in church and having lit a candle for him, he came to me in an orb, smiling.  I wish I could have taken a picture! Our loved ones are with us constantly, they are our guardian angels, loving and protecting us.  There is a poem by a scottish minister written hundreds of years ago...part of it goes like this "Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight?  I am waiting for you, for an interval, somewhere very near, just around the corner.  All is well". 

Henry Scott Holland, Canon of St. Pauls Cathederal, 1847-1918.

Also, there is a website, the link is www.oursonbilly.com which directly talks about orbs in pictures, from their son, who passed away in 2004.  It is quite amazing, and worth a visit.


I hope you find this helpful and God Bless.

That is an amazing picture - I have seen these in pictures I have taken but never could make out a face. I can see what you are talking about though regarding the face in this picture.  It is amazing!  I have had many unique experiences since my husband died - I really think God must allow them to still reach out to us even though we cannot see them.  I am sad to see your children are so young and without their father.  I have three children as well but they are grown.  I commend you for carrying on and going forward with honoring your daughter. 

Keep up the good work Renee!

I sincerely believe he is there celebrating with you.  I, too, have experienced "visits" from my husband; nothing is more comforting than knowing he is still around.  That is an amazing photo!
My son of forty was bipolar depressed and committed suicide on Dec. 16th, 2010. His memorial was Jan. 4th, 2011. I remember screaming when I received the phone call which every parent dreads. I was in shock. Then reality set in with the tears flowing. To make a long story short, my twin sister and I took photos of the memorial set up before the service began and there were orbs in her photo which I had never experienced before and it surprised me. One orb was beautiful with rings in it and was on the left headed for the statue with a dove of peace and the orb had something that looked like an eye. The urn had an orb in front of it and there was one orb on the far right. I felt it was a message that my son was taken into the light and was in peace now. She took hers with a digital camera. I took my photo with a throw away camera and it had seven orbs in it entwined with each other and was in motion it looked liked. Never seen anything like it. Looks like they were radiating love to all present. I am a believer in orbs from Heaven now. One photo, the one my sister took, is on my desktop and it blesses me everyday. Am proud to have these photos.


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