I sure hope I quit thinking about the day of the week, date of the month.  Friday had been 30 days since my life changed forever.  Today has been 4 weeks since God called my best friend home.  Then if that was not enough.  It's been 14 days since he called my Mom, who had been living with us for 9 months. 

I feel so alone... No hobbies, family or a friend I'm able to just open up to all the way with.

I'm thankful our children are not little ones but wish one of them lived at home. 

I'm just needing a love one to give me a hug like he did but they have not.

I don't need a man because he will never be the man he was.  I just need someone to talk to.

Planning on taking a break from the house I use to Love to come home to but really a mess.

I'm scared of everyting and after this short time, I'm more confused than ever.







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30 days is barely starting this ride you're on. I think there will be more bad ones in the short term, you may still be in shock. Just remember to hold on to the good days to store up for the bad days.

Store up ?? wish I wish I could.. His family business and his family is tearing me down.. SHOCK.. yeah I'm there.  I don't sleep, eat or really function right now.. I just pray God gets me thru another day. 


You will have better days, or at least less worse days. Use those days to recharge your batteries. I'm 3.5 months in and barely function. I just hope and pray I get through another day at times. I can tell somewhat when a real bad day is approaching, not that I can do anything about it. You have to find someone you can talk to either IRL or online. 

I'm so sorry for you. It is over 5 months since my husband died suddenly from a heart attack at 55 years old. I think I'm still in shock. Can't believe he's not coming back. I truly believe the only thing that has gotten me to this point is prayer. I have cried myself to sleep more often than not but I do go to sleep. I also take Tylenol pm very frequently.  I can't tell you it gets easier. I guess it's just adjusting and knowing that everything is so very different now. I know how you feel about getting a hug. I get hugs from mine and John's family and they are all so supportive but know one can ever hug me like John and I think I'm the one that stiffens up because I don't want anyone to hug me like him.

I will keep you in my prayers. Keep posting it really helps to post and read other posts. Unfortunately, we're all in this together.

Hugs and prayers.

Thanks Nancy..  I pray all the time... I just wish I had a family member or are a blood relative I could talk to..  So scared to get out and do something else than what I'm doing.... We were always together and he shared all of them with me but now they too are all fading away..  I don't trust anyone..  Not to hug me or talk to me..  

please !!!! keep me in your prayer's...


What a awful place for any us.

Thanks for sharing your experience. 

Got 3 Lawyers lined uo to do a consult with.

Jane Policcio said:

B, I am in my 8th month and I cannot believe how time passed because I am still in limbo. I too am going through stuff that hurts to think these are the same people I opened our home to and celebrated so many holidays. They can now place me in an entirely different category and treat me as an outsider.

I do not know the circumstances surrounding your husband's family but I do know where there is money involved, no matter the amount, the greed in others shines brightly. I strongly suggest you hire an attorney and if you cannot afford one make the fees part of the settlement. You get something the atty. gets paid all of this is negotiable. You are not in the correct frame of mind to even be thinking of legal ramifications.  You truly do not need this added to what you are going through but here you are smack in the middle of it.  

It is so new for you but please stay strong. Since you are not in the right frame of mind try and secure an attorney who can and will have your best interest at hand.  

I know the lonely feeling and the hatred expressed by the same people you thought cared about you but with one dieing breath changed. I have no children and my immediate family passed within months of my husband so I am alone. But with a good attorney and a good financial advisor I am getting things settled one day at a time.  Tomorrow seems to always come regardless if I am ready or not.  So stay strong, keep your head up and smile.  People always wonder what is hiding behind a smiling face!  Hugs Jane P.


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