I hope everyone can try to look forward to 2011. We are on a new path that none of us would have hoped for but it is what it is. We must continue honoring our loved ones by carrying on their legacy's and move forward. We have loved and been loved by some wonderful terrific people that would want us to find blessings each day as we open our eyes. Let's try to do that in their memories, okay. We know that we won't suffer the loss of our spouses in 2011 because we have already had to do that. Understand I mean the actual dying itself. Some of us (myself included) won't suffer the death of parents because we have done that too and for some children. I will most likely suffer the loss of my dear brother this year but he is being so strong in his pain and anguish that it reminds me so much of Bill and how he handled his situation that I will try to honor him in this also. So now, lets know that some good things will happen this year. We will move forward, actually find ourselves laughing sometimes, find ourselves being joyful about something, do good for others. It can happen, it will happen. Just open yourselves up and let the sunshine come in. You know your spouses would want this. Bill's only regret about dying was leaving me to suffer this pain (he lost his first wife after 57 years of marriage). We only had 4 1/2 years. But he kept telling me, go out with your friends, have a good time, remember our good times, and don't sit around and be sad. Don't sit around and be sad. I can't be in peace if you do that and I will know.

So friends, lets move on out and make someone happy. Okay, 2011 will be a good year, got that...................Hugs and blessing to you all..

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Bless you Kathy, I wish the best for you in 2011. You are getting the positive thoughts and that is good. I have realzed also that Brad cannot be in peace if he knows I am not trying to be happy. I have so many good memories to keep me going and thinking positive. Don't feel bad if you go backwards once in awhile, its normal and you will again go forward. I'm here for you. 2011 will be a good year for all of us


You are doing so good and being so positive. I'm proud of you my friend.  Yes, I agree it is very important to find joy in each day and as you suggest helping others if a good way to feel good about ourselves. I try and to that with my family and friends. Our spouses will be at peace when we decide to go on and not just be sad and negataive all the time.  We will be with them when God decides it is our time, and not before. In the meantime, life goes on, and so must we.  Happy New Year to you and God Bless you!

Kathy,  Thank you. I can picture Jim reading all the positive postings and saying "See, pay attention".  I will try hard to be more positive about life, just give me a nudge if I start to backslide a bit. Hope 2011 will be more peaceful and positive for all of us. Hugs to all.
Kathy, thank you. Your positive attitude is so inspiring to me. I am going to try very hard to start the year off with a positive outlook. I know that Waymon does not want me to be sad for the rest of my life so I am going to try to make him proud of me.  I wish you and everyone on here happiness in 2011 and may God bless each of you.
I got a blessing when I opened my facebook this morning that I want to share. My daughter was listing all the bad things (lots of deaths) that happened in 2010 and wishing for so much better for 2011 when she came back and remembered extra good that came too. Because both my husband and stepdaughter died just 3 months of each other it was difficult but my daughter felt blessed that she was able to travel from California and spend a whole month with daddy and I before he passed and then she and I were able to fly to Las Vegas together and spent a week with her sister. That gave a trinkle to my eye because I know it really was a blessing for all of us to have those last moments. While we were in Las Vegas, my daughter realized her fathers sister lived there and invited us to spend the nights at her place to give us some "away" time. She had a great tme reconnecting with her aunt and uncle and low and behold, just 2 months later, the  uncle passed away too. It really goes to show you can be a blessing for others and you never know what might be around that next corner. My daughter has been a blessing to me changing her whole life and moving to South Carolina to help me but she is loving it too. Much less hectic than Los Angeles and lots of family time with other relatives she hadn't seen in years. We are now spending extra time with my stepdad in Alabama, and my brother in Pennsylvania who are both in very very poor health and feel blessed to have this time too. Count your blessings everyone. They are out there.. for sure.. Hugs

Kathy thank you for that! Truely, I love you for being so geniunely positive/hopeful. I need this so badly for myself & those close to me. I have been off work, in bed & crying/wailing for the past 2 days. I can't control it. I feel as if I should have a grip on this by now. I feel so weak & discombobulated. I don't think I've ever used that word before, but it seems to perfectly discribe me now... Anyway, in spite of my feelings, the poor weather & the stress, I am moving forward in what I hope will be a positive direction. I just signed up for next semester classes. I welcome prayers that I will be able to focus/concentrate & pass with flying colors! I had to withdrawal from a class last semester because my mind turned to jello. Hmmm, also I'm attempting to tie up loose ends regarding legal & financial issues. I really appreciate your advice to socialize which does not come easy to me- Larry was the outgoing one. It will take alot of effort to go it alone, but I will try. I am sorry that your brother is so ill. I continue to pray for you & yours.  Christy

I appreciate Kathy's forecast for 2011, but want to suggest for those of you, like myself, that can't deal with facing a "new year," that we should continue to focus on our "present." As someone said in another post, the anticipation of facing an uncertain event can be more harmful or difficult than the event itself. I personally agree with that  and know that for myself it is much more managable to deal with the here & now rather than the maybes, what ifs, & hows, of the days, months & years that might lie ahead. So here's to the best day today that we can make it for ourselves or someone else-Happy New Day!


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