My husband passed away March 26, 2010.  He was  my best friend & a great husband & father  &  we have 4  children. Married 56 years .  It is very lonely without  him since all my children live out of town. I  am alone &  i have a hrad time some days   thinking of the time  we spent together & now he is gone  & i am alone.  No one knows  what it is to loose a mate after over 56 years with them.

  My friend dent me this site she found on line & i  thought i would try it  to see if it would help me  since i am alone now.


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tyresaadair said:
charolette,My name is Tyresa I'm sorry for your loss.I lost my husband of half your time,26yrs.He died aug24,2010.The pain for me is still new.The loss I feel Is there with every waking moment and even when I go to bed.I can not imagine the bond you two must have formed in those years.Twice what I had.I envy those who had more years together with their spouses.My Joe started his spiral down hill 16 yrs ago.It has been a LONG rollercoster ride with his health issues. I feel cheated in some ways.He was 51,I'm 44.Our kids were small when he got sickly.We just had our twins ,a month later we were told If he had not come into to the dr that day ;he would have been dead.That's when we learned of the diabetes.It's also when our rollercoster ride began and never stopped.I long for some happier times with him.We were so young to be dealing with these issues.When our twins learned to talk ,walk etc.we were hundreds of miles away.In one hospital or another.So for me I'm glad he is not suffering anymore.I wanted so many more years with him.It sounds like you had a good marriage,In this day and age that's saying alot.You and I have alot to be grateful for .We honored our marriage vows.Stood by our spouses.
Hi Charlotte, I am so sorry for your loss. No I can't imagine what it would be like after 56 years. I was with mine for 39 years and he passed away on August 23, 2010, but I do know that after 39 years it has be devastating. My husband was disabled for many years but in his last year he was almost always home bound. I have had a hard time dealing with not having someone to take care of. I am blessed that my daughter and her husband live with me and I am not alone. I am so glad I found this site and can talk to people who truly understand how hard this is. But i am thankful to God for my daughter, son-in-law and the fact that I am in good health. I hope and pray that God will bring you some peace and comfort and know that everyone on this site are here for you.
Welcome Charlotte, I am so sorry for your loss but stay with us and we will listen when you have to let feelings out, cry when you cry and will always be here for you. I lost my husband Brad 14 months ago. We met later so we were together for 15 yrs, married for 10. I treasure every moment we had together. He was my true best friend. We were together 24/7/365 and the day he left it happened so suddenly. I am drawing my strength from him as he taught me to be strong and the only way I am surviving this life is through that strength and the wonderful people on this site. We are the only ones that understand as we all have and are still going through this. The only advice I can give you at this point is let the tears come as often as you need to. They are healing. After 14 months I still have my "meltdowns" and am depressed, but somehow I make it through. Any time you need to vent just come to this site. We will help you, and as Randy says, and you will see it alot on here is...Hugs to you, hugs are good, hugs are real. I'm praying for you.


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