I had a dream last night.  Now I have cried most of the day.  While I was dreaming I felt happy again.  My husband had been found and he hadn't died after all. My heart soared.  All of our love was even more intense.  It felt so real, even though I knew it was a dream, I never wanted to wake up for it to end. I just kept falling back to sleep on purpose to continue the happiness.  However when I woke up the emptiness and aloneness were overwhelming.  I'm not sure if I can live anymore so unhappy without him.  We were just so close for so many years I don't want to, or feel I even can, find other things to fill my days other than almost complete lifelessness. Has this happened to anyone else and how do you deal with this when it happens without so much grief?

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Thank you so much Margarita,

You are so kind to share your insights on dreams. I haven't had a dream about him again. I still miss him so much. You seem like you have a lot of faith. Thanks for sharing some with me. You can email me too at vowensby@charter.net whenever you want.

margarita chacon said:
hi vicky i lost my husband to a motorcycle accident 2 years ago at first went he died i dream of him every day i my dream we travel the it stop then i have nights tha t itts like a dream but they look real i could see him and feel him then thy stop one night there was something wrong in my bathroom like a loud noise and in my dream he told me to wake up it was so real then for a few month month now no more dream until las week for one entire week i had dreams of him but you now i was told went you have dreams with your love ones that had pass is because they are trying to tell you some and is truth on monday mornig got a call that my ex daugther in law had a car accident and was in life support just last nite was taken from life support and has pass vicky please dont cry your husband is still with you and will alway take care of you even if he is not here with you to me is a blessing went i dream of my husband and i see hes okay. if you need some one to talk to iam here my email is maggiech1@hotmail.com


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